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Chapter 28



“I thought you said Bo was coming today?” Stephanie twists her blonde hair between her fingers as she smacks on her gum.

“Yeah, that’s what she told me at least,” I play with my food and push the tray aside.

“Guys! Holy shit guys!” Adrian comes running into the cafeteria, a frantic look on his face. When his eyes land on me, I see the amount of worry that is in them, “Bo was arrested,” He whispers, “I guess she’s like a total drug lord who’s killed over thirty people.”

“That’s pathetic Adrian, even for you,” Madeline says, rolling her eyes as she scrolls on her phone.

“No, I’m serious, it was all over the news this morning,” Adrian puts his phone on the table and presses play on a video. The audio is low enough so the people at our table are the only ones to hear it.

“Late last night, the teenager that’s caused havoc across the state of Michigan has finally been arrested. Gianna Bassett or commonly known as Bo Lockett was arrested on multiple counts of murder and drug-dealing charges around 10 pm on Sunday,” My mind is racing. How the hell did the cops find her? I press pause on the video.

“Dude! What the hell?” Mason looks at me with wide eyes, “You were getting all cute and cuddly with her but little did you know she’s a fucking murderer!”

Her reputation is ruined now, everyone thinks she a murderous drug dealer, but little do they know she didn’t do any of it, none of it’s her fault, “She didn’t do it.”

Everyone around the table looks at me incredulously, like I’m some alien. Madeline recovers fast enough to start telling me off, “She didn’t do it?! Lukas, are you an idiot or something? They showed her mugshot, she obviously did something.”

“At my house, she told me what really happened, she didn’t do it,” I stand up from my seat and pick up my backpack. I walk past Adrian but he stops me once I leave the cafeteria.

“What did she tell you?” He follows me to the library and the both of us walk to the back, where nobody ever is.

“I promised her I wouldn’t say anything,” Adrian rolls his eyes and leans back in his chair, “What? It’s a promise!”

“Okay, but the fact that she got arrested for murder isn’t rattling your promise cage is stupid. What the hell did she tell you, Lukas?”

“Bo was a foster kid, she went from home to home and then she met this guy named David. David was the one who was the dealer and murder but he framed Bo. She didn’t do anything, he took her hair and shot people with a gun she touched.”

“That’s so far-fetched, ‘I was framed’ is the most controversial thing a guilty person says,” I’m obviously not getting anywhere with him, “Did she tell you anything else?”

“No,” Is my simple response, if he doesn’t believe me then why indulge in any more conversation with him?

The bell rings and then a voice comes after it, “All students please proceed to your classroom. We are doing a locker and backpack check for everyone’s safety. Also, can we please have Lukas Carson, Adrian Hernandez, Sage Dalton, Stephanie Gilmore, Madeline Parisi, Aaron James, and Mason Parisi come to the front office?”

I sigh and pull the hem of my shirt down, “They probably have cops here Lukas and I’m not going down just because of your crush on Bo.”

We both walk to the front office together and are asked to leave our backpacks outside. I am greeted by all the familiar faces of my friends, all of them have a sense of fear, even more so Sage.

“Can you all join me in my office? We have some authorities we need you to speak with,” We all pile into the room and are met with people in fancy suits.

“I’m Agent Kelso, this is Agent Ryan, we’re from the FBI.”

“The Federal Bureau of Investigation?” Mason asks and the two of them nod.

“We’ve heard that you were good friends with Gianna? Or Bo is what you called her,” The seven of us nod and the woman continues, “Well, if you haven’t heard already, she’s been arrested for a felony she committed a couple years back. At the age of fourteen, she killed a man in cold blood and that’s when her murder rampage started. From then on she continued to kill another twenty-six people, there are a couple murders that are unsolved but we are pretty sure Gianna also committed those too.”

Sage raises her hand and then begins to speak, “I’ve been friends with Bo for years Agent Kelso, she’s never had homicidal tendencies,” Her eyes express sheer worry, “She was secretive about her life and she never told anyone anything about her but I’ve never noticed anything out of the ordinary.”

“She must’ve confided in someone, there’s no way Gianna was able to keep all of this baggage under wraps for four years,” Agent Ryan’s eyes land on me and he narrows them, “What about you? How did you know Gianna?”

“I met her in Spanish class this year,” I reply, fiddling with my fingers under the table.

He sits in front of me and stares intensely, “Is that it? I’ve heard from students and staff that you and Gianna spent a lot of time together. During lunch, skipping school together a lot of the time.”

“Yeah, we hung out, doesn’t mean I know anything about this.”

“I’m finding that a little hard to believe Lukas, you see, I have picture and video evidence of you and Bo together last night at approximately 9 pm getting McDonald’s, am I wrong?” I shake my head, “I thought so, so from 9 pm to 10 pm where were you?”

Just before I answer, my father barges into the principal’s office, “If you have any more questions for my son, you can speak to my lawyer,” My Dad grabs me by my shirt and pulls me out of the chair I’m sitting in, “Let’s go Lukas,” On the way out, I pick up my backpack.

Once we get in the car, my father sighs, “Lukas, you brought a murderer into our church, you brought a murderer into our home! Did you know anything about this?”

I don’t answer and I feel the frustration building in the small space of the Lexus.

“Did you?!” He yells, gripping onto the collar of my shirt.

“No! I didn’t know, I didn’t know Bo hurt anyone.” I utter, buckling myself in once my dad lets me go.

“She killed so many people Lukas, do you not know how merciless she must be?” The way people have been talking about Bo bothers the hell out of me. They don’t understand her so they find every excuse to put their two cents in.

Bo is so sincere, I know that she was telling me the truth but deep in my heart, I can’t help but feel a little bit of doubt.

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