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Chapter 2

I open the door to my apartment and set my backpack down on the floor. I have work in a few hours and I’m really trying to not be late today.

My clean shower awaits me as I turn on the bathroom light. I look in the mirror and my brown hair is a curly mess. My clothes hit the floor, one by one once I decide I should get ready to take a nice, warm shower.

The water comes out hot but after a few adjustments, the temperature is perfect. I hop in and take a quick shower, only conditioning my hair and washing away the school day.

My rug catches the water droplets that fall from my body. The towel I wrap around my body gets the rest. I grab my brush from the sink and begin to brush out the tangles that were created by the shower. Once I’m done, I turn on the fan and enter my bedroom where I set out my work outfit. The black blouse and pencil skirt are what I wear to work most nights.

I completely dry off and get dressed in my clothes. I go back into the bathroom, blow dry my hair, and then style it with bobby pins.

A knock sounds from the lounging area and I leave the suffocating bathroom. The cold air of the front-room makes me shiver, I unlock and open the front door.

“Hey, you ready to go?” My co-worker/neighbor Adam, asks, jingling his house keys.

“Yeah, just give me a second. I need to find my shoes.” I open the closet in the hallway and my black wedges sit right below my hanging black winter coat. I grab both, my phone, and car keys before running outside. I set the heels on the floor and put them on with the help of Adam’s shoulder. My jacket comes next and then we walk underneath the stairs and to the parking lot where my sad Nissan sits in its usual parking spot.

I hand the keys to Adam and he unlocks it. I get in the passenger side and we go on the ten-minute drive to the fancy restaurant, we work at, Aqua.

I have no idea how an 18-year-old girl like me could get a job as a waitress at a very successful restaurant. But I did and I’m fairly happy about it. The tips are wonderful but the guests are snobby bastards.

“How was school?” Adam asks, breaking the silence. Adam is 23 years old and works as the bartender. He acts as if he’s my older brother and protects me whenever a jackass customer tries to hit on me. The women, though, the women enjoy him. His dark brown hair and crystal blue eyes give them a reason to keep coming back. Which is why the company keeps him around.

“It was fine, how was your day?” He slows the car down once we hit a red light.

“It was okay. I ran a few errands, made out with a girl at the park, and then went to a rooftop grill for lunch.”

“Sounds like an eventful day,” A laugh escapes my lips and I look out the window.

“What’re you laughing at?”

“The fact that you throw in the fact that you made out with a girl at the park like that was the most important part of your day.” Adam shrugs and presses on the gas pedal as the cars in front of him do.

“It seemed like a nice touch to my day.” I roll my eyes playfully and keep my smile to myself. Adam’s player ways are what keeps him interesting and his stories even more interesting. We pull into the large parking lot and select a spot in the employees only area. I open the glove compartment and grab my black apron. Once we get out, I wrap it around my waist and tie it off.

“Looks like we have five minutes to spare,” Adam says, leading the way to the back door. He unlocks the door with his key and then holds it open for me. I silently thank him and once we get into the chaotic kitchen, I take off my jacket.

“I’ll see you later Adam!” I shout over the clanging of pans and plates. He nods and waves. I clock in, hang up my jacket in the closet and take a look at the section I have tonight.

My boss walks by in his formal suit, “Hey Bo, it’s a full house tonight so make sure you’re looking good!” I nod and make my way over to my section of the restaurant. Before I get to my table, I stop and get two cups of water and the straws.

There is a couple seated already, waiting for my service.

“Welcome to Aqua, my name is Bo and I’ll be your server tonight,” I smile sweetly even though I don’t feel that way. That’s why being a people person is always the best for this job, unfortunately for me, I’m only a people person when I force myself to be. I set the waters down and slide the two straws on the table.

“My granddaughter’s name is Bo, such a beautiful name,” I genuinely smile, nobody has ever complimented my name before. Except for Lukas, but he was telling a white lie to spare my feelings.

“Can I start you off with some drinks?” I ask, pulling my happy face pen from my pocket along with the check.

“Uh, yes. I’d like a raspberry ice tea with a sliced lemon.” The woman replies, looking at her menu still.

Her husband stares at the menu for a second and then says, “I’d like a Budweiser, biggest glass you have.” I nod and write down the orders.

“I’ll be back in a minute with your drinks,” I smile, turning away from them and walking across the building to the bar.

“Looks like you already have to talk with me,” Adam smiles, wiping down the spilled alcohol.

“Just give me a pilsner of Budweiser and you better have it ready before I get back.” I point my finger at him and wave at Henry who’s working the other side of the bar.

I speed my way through getting her a raspberry tea with a lemon and his beer.

“You know, I’ll never know how you carry those things so exotically,” Adam comments before I leave. I approach the table with their drinks in hand and set down only one straw.

“How about those food orders?” I collect my pen and check pad again. Just like last time, they check the name of the meal again and list it for me. Just as I take their meal down, three more tables of mine are filled with people.

This really is going to be a busy night.

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