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Chapter 30

We all sit in Mason’s room as he pulls up a window on his laptop.

“You have to give me a couple hours to initially get into the database, I have to find a backdoor so I don’t trip any alarms.”

“Well kid, while you do that, Lukas and I are going to see what we can dig up on the murders,” Adrian pats Mason on the shoulder and pulls his laptop from his backpack. He looks at me and asks, “So, what did Bo tell you about the murders?”

“She didn’t really tell me much, just that all this happened a couple towns over. Oakland, I think,” He nods and types in ‘Oakland murders’. Tons of links pop up about Bo being arrested for the Oakland killings and one of the last links on the page has the names of all the victims.

“Hey Mase, I got all the names of the victims, think you can do anything with them?”

Mason’s eyes stay glued on his screen but he nods slightly, “Send them to me in an email later, but before you do let me encrypt it. If the FBI looks into us and sees that we’re sharing info on the victims it won’t look good for us.”

“Where’s Madeline?” I ask, standing up from Mason’s bed.

“I think I saw her in the courtyard,” Adrian says, typing things into his laptop.

“I’m gonna go check up on her and see if she knows anything about who’s selling shit on the streets.”

Adrian raises his eyebrows at me and adjusts his hat, “Why do you think she knows?”

“She’s the one who calls for pickups on the party drugs,” I say, pulling my phone from my pocket. My phone makes a clicking noise when it unlocks and I open up my text messages, “I’m texting her to meet me in the garage,” I mumble as I open the bedroom door.

My feet carry me through the long hallway and I find the stairs that lead down to the second floor of the house. I make my way to the garage and when I arrive, Madeline is already sitting in her Corvette.

“What did you want to talk to me about?” I hop over the car door and sit in the passenger seat.

“Where do you get your party drugs from?”

“You mean the Molly?” I nod and she rolls her eyes, “What the hell are you planning on doing Lukas?”

“Nothing, I just want to know where you get your stuff from,” I look at her in the eyes and I can tell she’s been drinking, her cheeks a tinged a light red and her eyes are glossy.

“What is it for?” She opens her water bottle to take a drink and the smell of strong liquor seeps out from the previously enclosed space.

“Listen to me Maddy,” I notice her pupils dilate the second I say the nickname I used to call her, “I just want to know where you get them from,” My fingers find their way to her blonde hair and I brush it away from her face. Her pupils grow bigger and I see her lip twitch slightly.

She swallows roughly and then looks down at her fingers,“There’s this guy, Raphael, he has connections to this cartel that supplies him with the best of the best. I have a number for one of his men if you want it?”

Madeline bites her lip as my other hand pulls her phone from her purse.

“Is it alright if I take your phone all together? I have some other things I need from it,” She nods and I let her hair go, “Thank you, Madeline,” I get out of the car and leave her alone in the garage. I feel bad for using her but it was the only way she was going to give up the information I needed.

“How’d it go?” Adrian asks as I come back into the room.

“She told me there’s this guy named Raphael who has connections to a cartel that supplies him with the best drugs. The only number she has is to one of his men but I’m pretty sure where his men are, he is.” Mason turns around in his chair and hooks up his sister’s phone to his desktop.

“Don’t your parents wonder why you had a laptop and three desktop computers?” Adrian asks as Mason begins typing skillfully on his keyboard.

“They bought me it so why would they?” He replies as he pulls up files on one of his screens. On another, he pulls up a map and on the third, he pulls up the same window he has on his laptop screen. Adrian and I confusedly stare at the screens and I hear Mason sigh, “Right now I’m setting an invisible tracker on this guy’s phone. It’s off right now but the second it turns on it’ll show on this map and document it in my files.” The only sound in the room is the clicking of his keys and then it stops, “What the hell?” Mason beckons us over and points at the screen, “Madeline’s been talking with someone about Bo. These messages are deleted from her phone but I was able to pull them up with a little bit of digging. On November 12th Madeline got a text message saying ‘her real name is Gianna, if you don’t believe me look her up’ and here’s a link that takes us to,” Mason drags his words as we wait the split second it takes for the page to load, “An article with a mugshot.”

“Bo told me that they arrested her before and went through the process but they let her go,” I shrug after taking a quick look at the mugshot and then sitting down on his blue beanbag chair.

“Okay, but who is this person and how did they know all this stuff about Bo?”

Adrian snaps his fingers after the room goes silent, “What about that asshat neighbor she had, Adam? He sold us those drugs and then threatened to kill us and our families if we didn’t pay him extra.”

Mason raises an eyebrow, “Do you think he’s been a falcon for whoever set up Bo?”

I shake my head and start squeezing the beanbag, “Those guys are the eyes and ears on the street. They make sure they get info about the cops and shit, not a girl who’s trying to finish high school.”

“Lukas, a drug lord can do whatever the hell they want, so if they order someone to follow and frame a girl they’re gonna do it,” Mase narrows his eyes at me like I’m stupid and turns back to face his desktop, “Anyway, I’m almost into the database, it’s gonna take me ten minutes, tops,” I lean back on the chair as my phone starts to buzz in my pocket. I slide it out and look at the caller ID to see my sister is calling.

I slide the answer button and press the warm glass to my ear, “Hey, what’s up?”

“Hey, I was just calling to check up on you. I heard what happened with your girlfriend,” She sounds so concerned about me, something I haven’t heard from her in a little while.

“I’m okay, it’s a little crazy that all this is going on but what happens-happens, am I right?”

“Luke, are you okay? Since when did something like this just ‘happen’?” Melody has always been the motherly type, she used to check up on me 24/7 when I had my night terrors and she even sent me packages full of stuff almost every week.

“Mel, I’m fine, everything is fine. You take care of yourself, your husband, and your soon to be baby and I’ll take care of myself. I’m turning eighteen in a couple weeks and I need to learn how to handle things on my own.”

Melody sighs and the line is silent for a second, “I just wanted to make sure you’re alright Luke, this is a lot to be going through.”

“I’m alright Mel, I have to go but I’ll call you later.” We say our ‘I love you’s’ and then she hangs up.

“You’re not gonna tell your sister that you and your friends are possibly going to get arrested for hacking into the FBI database and looking at classified information?” Adrian looks at me with a slight smile on his face and I punch his leg, “Ow! I was kidding!” He rubs the spot where I hit him and then Mason turns around in his swivel chair to look that us.

“If you two idiots are done fighting, I believe you’d like to see this,” I stand up from the beanbag and look at the screen that is labeled ‘Federal Bureau of Investigation’, “You’d think that they’d make it harder to hack into their shit but it took me less than four hours to do it.”

“Are we really going to do this?” Adrian asks me. Telling from the look in his eyes I can see he’s worried but I nod my head.

“We’re doing this, I’m already in,” Mason says as he begins typing.

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