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Chapter 32


“How’s the search been?” I ask Mason who’s been typing away on his computer for the last few days like his life depended on it.

“I haven’t found squat on Bo, the most I could find under her real name was her birth certificate but it isn’t signed by anyone. It also says she was in foster care but I can’t access those files and if I want to try and crack the coding on it, it’ll take days,” He turns around to look at me, “Is there any way you can contact Bo and ask her if she knows her birth mother’s name?”

“No, she’s in jail remember?”

Mason rolls his eyes, “Can’t she make calls?” I shrug my shoulders and sit down on his bed, “Let’s see how she’s doing in there,” Mason mumbles, turning back to the computer. In a few seconds, he starts to read out loud a document he found, “This was put in today. It says that Bo was granted to stay at home under twenty-four-hour surveillance and house arrest. She’s allowed three visitors per day but only for an hour.”

“This will help us out!” Mason raises his hand up in the air and gives me a high-five, “It says she’s being released at 10 AM tomorrow.”

My phone starts buzzing over and over and over again with notifications. I pick it up and unlock it just to see people already talking about Bo being let out of jail after being taken in for murder. People are planning a protest outside the jail and city hall tomorrow.

“Mason, we have to pick her up from the jail. They’re planning on holding protests outside when she gets out.”

“Already? They barely processed this half an hour ago!”

I shrug and open another notification from Snapchat that shows a picture of Bo with her eyeballs scratched out, “Dude, some of these people are psycho,” I show him the photo before it disappears and he gives me a worried look.

“I’m gonna call the jail and make sure they know that we’re gonna be there with her,” I nod and look at Adrian who’s knocked out on the bed. His phone is buzzing too but it doesn’t bother him one bit.

“Yes, hello, can I speak with the prison warden please?” Mason stands from his chair and walks out of his bedroom, the door clicking quietly as he closes it.

I look back down at my phone and continue scrolling through the crude messages that are being spread about Bo. With every message, I get even more upset. All these people just go with the information they’re given, every time they look at Bo they’ll think of her as a psycho murderer.

I scoot up on the bed and lay down next to Adrian. His back faces me and I take a deep breath before closing my eyes.

“I don’t know about this anymore Mason,” I hear Adrian’s voice say, “We’ve hacked into the FBI’s database for literally no reason! All this information means nothing and what we’re doing can land us in jail for a long time.”

“Adrian, we can’t get cold feet now. We already promised Lukas that we would help him, help Bo. And plus, my software makes us completely undetectable, there’s no way in hell the FBI will know that we hacked into their stuff.”

“Fine, but the second things start turning to shit I’m out,” I take this as my time to start stirring in the bed and pretend like I haven’t been awake this entire time. I sit up slowly and rub my eyes, “Look who’s awake, you’ve been asleep for hours dude.”

I stretch my limbs and groan quietly, “So what did the warden say?”

“Right, she said that it’s alright that we pick up Bo but she’s going to have an ankle monitor and two policemen with her.”

“I’m gonna have to bring my Mom’s van then. There won’t be enough room for everyone in Aiden’s truck.”

“And my truck dead-ass smells like weed so not happening,” I raise my eyebrows and nod.

“It was surprisingly easy to get her to help us out,” Mason says sitting down on the bed, “I think I’m on a knock out for a little bit,” He lays down just as I get up off his bed. I go into the bathroom and take out my spare toothbrush and scrub away the nasty taste in my mouth.

“So dude, Mason told me that Bo’s coming home?” I nod and look at Adrian through the mirror. His eyes look at me worriedly, an emotion I’ve been seeing a lot of from him.

“Yeah, she is. Mason thinks it’ll help us in our investigation cause if Bo knows her birth mom’s name then we can probably dig up more information about Bo herself.”

“Not bad,” He hits his fingers on the bathroom counter and looks into the bedroom at Mason who’s fast asleep, “I’m gonna go chat with Madeline for a little bit,” He looks up at me with his colored eyes and I know he’s not going to talk with her, more or less fuck her.

The two of them have had an on and off friends with benefits relationship since they met. Obviously, Mason doesn’t know about it and none of us plan on telling him. That guy has a switch and the second it’s on, he’ll kill someone.

I nod and he pats me on the back before leaving the room. I shake my head and finish brushing my teeth before going back into the room. My fingers get tangled in my hair and I run them through it. For the last few days, us guys have been worrying less about ourselves and more about Bo.

I think Mason hasn’t showered since Monday and it’d practically Thursday. The time right now is 2 AM, what a great time to wake up, am I right?

I’m suddenly struck by inspiration and I feel like cooking the guys and I breakfast would lighten our spirits. I walk downstairs and into the kitchen where I start on cooking our breakfast.

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