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Chapter 33


“What’s that smell?” Adrian walks into the kitchen and takes a piece of bacon from the plate where they’re laid out.

“Why do you ask what the smell is if you already know?” I scoop up twelve pieces of bacon and set them on the plate. Adrian takes another and then throws a few more on his plate.

“I’m making conversation Lukas and thanks dude, breakfast after sex is something a lot of people don’t get,” I scoff and pour the last of the pancake batter in the pan, “Anyway, we’re dropping by your house to get your Mom’s van and then heading over to the jail to get Bo?”

“That’s the plan,” A sigh escapes my lips and I wait for the pancake to start getting air bubbles, “So what’re you and Madeline?”

“Nothing, we’re the same as we’ve always been,” His plate clatters on the table and I roll my eyes at his insensitivity towards all of the staff on the second floor who are sleeping, “I don’t get the point of having four floors.”

“They have the top floor for the rich people, second floor for the staff and garage, third floor for their indoor pool and arcade, and then the basement for tornadoes,” Adrian scoffs and shakes his head, “My house is three stories and I think that’s enough.”

“Okay? Mason and Madeline are just lucky enough to have rich parents who buy them whatever the hell they want when they want it.”

I finish with the pancakes and place them on top of the other ones, “Breakfast is served,” I bow and grab myself a plate.

Adrian tosses the wrapper to a straw in the front seat, “What if she’s actually guilty and she kills everyone in the car?”

“Then I guess we’re murdered,” I shrug, turning into the pickup area of the jail where a crowd of people has gathered.

“I’m gonna go and talk to the guards,” Mason hops out of the van and leaves Adrian and me alone.

“Look at the signs these people have. ‘Freeing a murderer makes you a murderer’,” I roll my eyes at the increasing amount of people who are here protesting Bo’s release, “How do you feel about this Lukas? Everyone thinks your girl is a murderer, she’s so dainty though.”

A commotion starts and I see almost ten guards come from the gates that start to open. Mason leads them to the van but the crowd also follows, people surround us and begin banging on the windows, screaming at us that we’re murderers. One officer gets into the van, then I finally see her, Bo’s brown curls are in a messy bun and she looks sickly. It’s hard for me to tear my eyes away from her but I do.

“Hey Lukas, Adrian. Thank you for coming and getting me,” She says softly, I look in the rearview mirror and she tucks a loose curl behind her ear.

I clear my throat and buckle my seatbelt, “We ready to go?” Mason nods and I try to make my way through the crowd of people. I honk as I go, basically telling them to move or get run over. I see the reluctance in the crowd as they part and watch us leave the jail.

The ride is silent until Bo speaks up, “So, you guys came and got me, how come?”

“We didn’t want you going through that by yourself and we knew you didn’t have anyone else to come and take you home so we thought ‘why not’?” Mason answers before I get the chance to.

“Thank you again,” she says. I hear the metal of her handcuffs clink as she moves her hands across her lap.

“Not a problem,” Mason replies, smiling slightly as he looks back at her.

I look at her through the rearview mirror and take in her pale face. She was only in there for less than a week and I can tell that the life has been drained out of her.

“I’m going to stop by the Java café and get some coffee,” I say as I turn into the lot.

“We have twenty minutes until the ankle monitor is in full effect, so you may want to speed this up,” One of the officers hands me a twenty, “Get us both decafs, two sugars, no cream,” I hand Adrian the money and he gets out of the van to go and get everything.

“I’ll go with him so he doesn’t screw up the order,” Mason hops out of the van, which leaves just me, Bo, and her security.

“I’ve missed you,” I hear Bo say quietly and I look up in the rearview mirror again and she’s looking me straight in the eyes.

“I missed you too,” She turns her head and I see the tears build up in her eyes. Before they even get the chance to fall she blinks them away.

“How was it? In there?” As the words come tumbling out of my mouth I realize she probably doesn’t want to talk about it. I wouldn’t want to talk about it if I was her.

“I haven’t eaten in a couple days, the bad energy in the jail really does take a toll on your sanity, and I’m pretty sure there was one girl who wanted to fight me,” She fiddles with her fingers and then she leans her head back on the seat, “I probably don’t have a job anymore, which means I won’t have an apartment. I have to see how much money I have left in the bank.”

“You can talk to Adam, see if you still have your job?”

“I’d rather not, I can only have three visitors a day and I want to spend today with you three,” I look down and try to hold back a smile. When I lift my head, Adrian and Mason are walking back to the van, both of them holding something different. Mason opens the passenger door and sits down in his seat before passing the coffee around. Adrian does the same, except with pastries.

“Holy crap,” Bo says with her mouth full, “This tastes like heaven.”

I turn on the car and see we have fifteen minutes to get back to Bo’s apartment. I take this as an opportunity to take the freeway and get back in less than five minutes.

When we get out of the van, the officers escort Bo, chains and all, to her front door where it was unlocked. When she gets in the ankle bracelet makes a beeping noise and were informed that it’s activated.

Mason shuts the front door as everyone takes a seat, ”So if it’s alright we have to talk to Bo in private.” The policemen nod and take their coffees and pastries out onto the patio.

We all sit down on the couch and Bo sighs, resting her elbows on her knees, “Let me guess, you guys want to know what happened?”

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