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Chapter 34

“It all started when I was born,” She begins, taking a deep breath as her fingers gently tuck a strand of curly hair behind her ear.

The air in the room is still and quiet as we wait for her to continue, “I don’t know a lot and I haven’t even tried looked for my birth mother because I figured she’d just given me up but when my lawyer showed me my files, I saw documentation about her, like her name,” She sits back and rubs her hands up and down her thighs, “Veronica Wilson.”

“Her last name is different than yours, are you sure that’s your mother?” Mason asks her, raising an eyebrow. He lowers his voice and leans closer to Bo, “When I searched you in the database there was nothing on your birth certificate.”

She nods, “I’m pretty sure, it said ‘biological mother’ next to the name, but someone had to know her name. I guess she left me before signing anything,” Bo looks lost in thought for a second and then shakes her head, “Anyway, I asked her about Veronica and she told me that all she knew was that someone had found her and brought her to the hospital.”

Adrian stops her storytelling, “Found her? What does that mean?” All she does is shrug, so he furrows his eyebrows in response, “So what else happened?”

“After I wasn’t claimed for two weeks at the hospital, the nurses decided to put me into foster care until someone decided to come and pick me up. Since nobody did, it lead to me being placed into over one hundred foster homes including the one with David where I was framed for murders, questioned by the city police, and let go. And now, here I am, a soon to be convicted felon trying to finish high school.”

The room is silent as everyone tries to process everything Bo just said. Even I’m still trying to process everything and I’ve known about this longer.

“I’m just trying to understand the reason why they let you go if they thought you were a suspect. Wouldn’t the evidence at the crime scene be enough to keep you there for further questioning?” Mason scratches his head and runs his fingers through his hair in thought.

“That doesn’t make any sense, if there was enough evidence at the crime scene to bring you in then they should have kept you there under suspicion,” I add, tracing the stitches on the couch cushion, “What’re the names of the cops that interrogated you?”

“It was four years ago, I don’t think I remember.”

“Just try Bo, we need this,” Mason pleads, running his fingers through his hair again, a clear sign that he’s getting stressed out.

She rubs her temples and I see her eyebrows slightly lower, “Detectives Reece and Klemper.”

I stand up from my seat and everyone else follows, “Alright, Mason and I are going to go back to his house and see what we can find about the policemen you talked to, Adrian do you think you can go to the library and see if you can find some newspaper articles about Veronica around 1999?”

“Yeah, I’ll see what I can do,” He looks at Bo, “Can I borrow your car?”

“The police took my keys out of the house when they arrested me,” After a second she snaps her fingers, “I totally forgot! I keep my spare key lodged under the hood of my car if you look on the left side, close to the windshield you’ll see it.” Adrian nods and both him and Mason leave the apartment.

“We’re all trying really hard to fight for you Bo,” As she takes a step closer to me her chains clink together. We both look down at them at the same time and I hear her laugh quietly.

“Thank you for everything you guys are doing for me, it means a lot,” I grab her hand and I feel the roughness that used to be so soft. She automatically comes closer and I feel her other hand grab my shirt. My lips inch closer to her face and I plant a short-lived kiss onto her forehead.

“We’re going to get you out of this,” I whisper as the patio doors open.

“Visiting time is up, please take your things and go,” One of the officers opens the front door and I nod. I wave goodbye to Bo and pick up my phone from the table.

“I’ll see you tomorrow?” I ask her and she nods sadly as I walk out of the front door. The door shuts behind me and I make my way to the parking lot where Adrian and Mason are talking. Adrian sits in Bo’s car with the engine running as Mason leans on the outside.

“Did you guys kiss yet?” Adrian asks with a cheesy smile on his face.

I purposely ignore his question,“You know what you’re doing right?” I ask him as he rests his hand on the steering wheel.

“Yes, I’m going to library to find records of Victoria Wilson from 1999.”

Mason face palms, “Adrian, it’s Veronica.”

“Right, Veronica, I got this guys. Don’t worry about me,” His usual smile brightens up his face and I can tell he wants to laugh.

“You’re an idiot but I love you,” I pat the hood of the car, “Call us when you find something.” Adrian nods and we part ways. Mason and I walk over to the van and hop in.

“Are you sure we can trust him with a task as simple as that?” Mason asks me as he pulls away from the apartments.

“We can only hope,” I laugh, “Hopefully if he needs help he’ll call first before doing what he normally does.”

“His brilliant plan of sitting there until he remembers?” I nod and Mason shakes his head, “Sometimes it surprises me that he’s made it this far.”

“I think his teachers are surprised too,” I laugh and turn up the radio, an extremely overplayed song comes on and the both of us begin singing it as we approach the driveway of his house.

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