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Chapter 37


“How many times have we talked about this Lukas? Why don’t we tell her already?” Adrian’s gritted teeth and countless hand gestures just proves to me that he’s trying to hold in his anger.

“Look, Adrian, you might have this guy wrong. He’s good friends with Bo and I’m not gonna ruin that for her if you want to then go right ahead.”

Adrian let’s out an aggravated sigh and pulls on his hair, “I’m not gonna get a guy wrong who threatened my family!”

I tilt my head and try to think back to when all this happened, “He’s the guy who threatened to kill them?” I remember Adrian telling me that he got into a bit of trouble with a plug. The guy ended up calling his boss, who called his boss, who called his boss who met Adrian personally and told him if he didn’t give him the money and extra then his family will have to pay.

“I wouldn’t forget those cold eyes,” I can see him practically shutter, “ever,” He screws his eyes shut and lays his head back on the wall.

“Then we have to tell Bo who he is,” I put my hands on my hips and shake my head.

“I want to be the one to tell her and she only has one more visitor permitted so just go and I’ll be the one to tell her tomorrow,” I look at him questioningly but he smiles slightly and pushes me in the direction of Bo’s apartment, “It’s about time you kiss her anyway.”

I can’t help but smile, “Why do you want me to kiss her so badly?”

“Like I said before, it’s true love Lukas,” I roll my eyes and continue on my walk to her apartment.

I knock on the door and Mason opens it, “You’ve been gone for fifteen minutes,” Mason whispers, “I haven’t told her what we found yet, I think she deserves to hear it from both of us,” I nod and Mason lets me by him. Bo sits on the couch with a large tan sweater and a pair of black leggings. As she gets up I notice the tight pants hug her beautiful figure and can’t help but stare.

I’m knocked out of my four-second trance when I realize Bo is just standing there awkwardly waiting for me to hug her. I do, and the feeling of the soft woolen sweater touching my neck makes me smile. Her curly hair sits on top of her head in a messy bun and she smiles weakly.

I can tell that everything that’s been going on is stressing her out. She takes my hand and leads Mason and I go the patio where her office is. She asks him if he can go inside so we can talk and he nods, getting up from looking at nothing and going inside.

Snow is falling but doesn’t stick to the ground in a heap, only some snow collects but melts altogether after a few minutes.

“So can we get this over and done with?” Bo asks, tucking a loose strand of hair before crossing her legs. Her facial expression is bored but I know she cares to find out more about herself.

“Well, we had Adrian go to the library and try to find information on your birth mother, which he did. There’s a possibility that she’s dead but none of us know if that’s true,” Mason rushes when he realizes what he might have just told her, “From the beginning, your mother was a hooker like you expected. The only thing that Adrian could dig up on her from the newspapers was multiple arrests for prostitution and battery.”

“You could’ve easily found that in the database,” Bo whispers intensely and Mason shakes his head.

“They did have a couple etchings about your mom but not as much as Adrian found.”

“He also found a newspaper article about your mother being found in an alley and being brought in by a ‘Good Samaritan’. It was literally called, ‘Good Samaritan saves a nearly dead woman in labor’ which seemed a little intense but you know how journalists are,” I explain, sitting back in the slightly dusty patio chair. Bo hugs her leg and nods, she rests her chin on her knee, waiting to hear more.

“We also found that you were taken away from your mother because they had found needle marks in her arm and drug particles in her hair, so she didn’t leave you, they took you away from her,” Mason reassures her, “I was going to bring printouts of everything but I don’t think that would be a good idea with your officers being here twenty-four seven.”

“I get it,” Bo mumbles, looking down at the floor. The concrete beneath us is clear of any snow and slightly dirty but it’s clear she never comes out here, “Is there anything else before I tell you what I found out?”

Mason and I both tilt our heads, looking at her confusedly, how would she find anything out from behind four walls?

Mason nods and then shrugs one shoulder, “It could be nothing, but we think there’s more to the story than anyone else knows. Even you,” He says to her, he lowers his voice and looks over the short fence to make sure nobody’s listening, “When I was looking at the database I found some encrypted videos of interviews with the cops who brought you into the station when you were fourteen. The whole thing was of them denying that they knew anything about you and the detectives from the FBI that were interviewing them was basically threatening one of the cop’s life.”

“That’s basically what I wanted to talk to you guys about, or at least half of it,” Bo sits up in her seat, tucking the same strand of hair behind her ear as she did earlier. She looks at me and I can’t help but feel a little self-conscious. I haven’t been feeling that way recently but with me getting more distant from Bo in the last week I can feel myself going back to the way I used to be. I don’t like that me, “Today I was talking with Chester, my officer, and he was telling me that when I was fourteen he worked at the station they brought me into and he saw them question me but now there’s no documentation about it.”

“Well there was documentation but I don’t think it’s with the community police, it’s only with the FBI,” I say, correcting her last statement, “The report said that you were blamed for killing your foster brother but you said he snuck out and never came back and that he had pictures of ‘flower’ on his phone,” Bo shakes her head and starts biting her nails.

“No, no, that’s not what happened,” I notice her shift uncomfortably in the chair and both Mason and I look at each other.

“Well if that’s not what happened then we think that there might be something bigger going on here,” Mason runs his fingers through his slightly tangled hair and looks at me again, this time it’s sheer worry.

“Okay, thank you but I don’t think I can hear anymore. I need a few days to process all of this so if you guys could do me a favor and not come over for a little while that’d be great,” Bo gets up from her seat and walks inside.

“Is she ok?” Mason asks me but I shrug, “Whatever I just told her obviously shook her up a little. Do you think she’s lying?”

I shake my head no and stand up, “I believe her when she says she didn’t do it. There’s no way she could’ve done it,” I hold a serious ground and Mason nods after a few seconds of studying me.

When we go into Bo’s house her officer is just chilling on the sofa watching tv.

“Leaving so soon?” He asks, pausing the show he’s watching to look at us.

“Uh, yeah, Bo’s tired so we’re just gonna go,” Chester nods and sets his arm on the couch.

“What good friends you are,” He smiles slightly and the both of us leave the apartment. The feeling I get talking to that guy is no good and I can tell Mason feels it too because the second the door closes he turns to me with the most incredulous look on his face.

“That guy is the definition of creepy,” Adrian unlocks the truck and the three of us hop in, “Are you sure we should be leaving Bo alone with him?”

“Who?” Adrian asks as he starts the engine.

“The officer that stays with her,” I answer before responding to Mason, “Tell me about it and there’s nothing we can do, we were gonna have to leave in fifteen minutes anyway,” I buckle my seat belt and wait patiently to get home.

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