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Chapter 38

“Care to tell me anything about school?” My mother asks me as she folds her laundry. I sit on the couch across from her and shake my head, “Lukas, we haven’t had a good conversation in the last two weeks. Is everything ok? Are you having your night terrors again?”

“No, I’m not having any night terrors mom,” I snap and once I do I immediately feel bad, “Sorry, I’m just a little stressed lately.”

She nods knowingly and sets down an unfolded shirt, “Is it about Bo? Or Gianna or whatever her name is?”

“What would make you think that?”

My mom rolls her eyes and crosses her arms, “You think I don’t notice things, but I do. You started acting differently the day you found out she got arrested Lukas,” She sighs walking around the ironing board and sitting on the couch next to me, “You’ve been gone nearly every day and when I try to talk to you, you just brush me off and say you’re busy. I want you to talk to me when things aren’t going good okay?”

“Yeah, I will,” The lie seeps right through my teeth but I’m only doing it to protect her. She smiles weakly and pulls me into a long, well-needed hug, “So how’ve you been? How’s Mel?”

“Melody’s doing really good, I just talked to her earlier today actually,” I nod but I can sense she wants to tell me more, “Your uh, your father and I are getting divorced.”

I’m a little taken aback by her statement, but I recover fast enough to notice the tears about to fall from her eyes, “Why, what happened?” I know my dad is the most hard-headed Christian man in the world and my mother is the sweetest passive-aggressive woman ever but why is there a divorce happening? My parents firmly believe in the no divorce unless adultery is committed, unless... adultery was committed.

“I caught your father cheating on me with a woman from our church,” She cries, pulling me in for another hug, “My heart feels so heavy Lukas and I don’t want him in my life anymore. He’s moving out tomorrow morning, it’s your choice to be with him or me.”

“I want to stay here with you Mom,” I reassure her and she nods, wiping the tears from under her eyes.

“I can’t believe after almost twenty-eight years of marriage he would do something like this,” My mom shakes her head in disgust and gets up from the couch, “Thank you for talking with me Lukas but I think I should finish the laundry before your father gets home.”

“You’re still going to do his laundry even after all that?” I stand from my spot and watch her as she folds one of his shirts.

“He may have cheated on me but divorce is consequence enough,” She says, placing the folded shirt onto a pile. I sigh and shake my head at how nice my mother is, she’s quick to forgive but will never forget.

“I’ll see you later Mom, I’m gonna go out for a little bit,” I hear her shout things after me but once I close the door it’s too later to hear what she’s said.

Adrian sits in the driveway with his truck’s engine running on a low, quiet hum. It’s almost comforting to hear as I get into the passenger seat.

“What took you so long? I almost finished a game of checkers while you were gone,” He shows me his phone and sure enough there’s a checker game going on.

“My mom wanted to talk to me about a couple of things,” I look in the rearview mirror and see my house getting smaller and smaller behind us.

“So what’re we gonna do? Cause Mason’s back at his house with his nose buried in his keyboard,” We continue down the road for a few minutes before I respond.

“Why don’t the two of us go to dinner and try to put some of the pieces together?”

Adrian smiles slightly and bats his eyelashes, “Like a daaate?” His girly high-pitched voice is incredibly unsettling as we stop at a red light.

“No, no date,” I laugh, looking out the window to see Bo standing on the street corner, “Wait, is that Bo?” I have to do a double-take to realize that this is Bo sporting a leather jacket, ripped jeans and high boots. I roll down the window and yell at her, “Bo! What’re you going out of the house!” She looks at me and for a second it seems like she doesn’t recognize me but then recognition is clear on her features.

“Hey!” Bo runs up to the car and gets into the backseat, “How did you guys find me?”

“We were just thinking of going to dinner but why are you out of the house?” I look in the rearview mirror again but she just looks a little confused.

“I’m out of the house because I like to go on late night walks,” She reassures me, patting my shoulder a little harder than she normally does.

“Well, do you want to grab a bite to eat before you go back to the apartment?” Adrian asks her, turning around and looking at her before facing the road again.

“Yeah sure, sounds good,” Bo sits back in her seat and we take her to a low-profile, hole in the wall restaurant.

“How’d you even get out with Chester being there twenty-four seven? I know you said Chester’s been cool lately but what if he wakes up and finds you gone? Will he be cool then?”

“I’ll get back before he wakes up, don’t worry about me guys,” Bo flips her hair behind her and smiles. Her smile seems unsure but its wiped from my mind when Adrian turns the engine off.

The three of us get out of the truck and enter the small building with high hopes we’ll be able to put things together now with a little bit of Bo’s help.

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