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Chapter 39

“I thought you said you wanted us to leave you alone for a few days?” Adrian asks, looking at his menu.

“Oh yeah, I was just upset for a little while but I think right now I’m ok. Just don’t come by tomorrow cause I already told Chester you guys aren’t coming,” I nod in response and she smiles slightly, “These waffles look so good,” Her statement disturbs Adrian after a few seconds and he looks at her with a puzzled look before replacing it with a blank stare.

He looks at me slowly and shakes his head but I don’t understand what his problem is.

The waitress comes by and takes our purses and menus. Bo sits there, collecting sugar packets and jelly’s so she can stack them on top of each other. Adrian, on the other hand, is typing profusely on his phone.

“So Adrian and I wanted to put together some things about your mom, if you could help us,” Adrian’s eyes widen and he starts typing even faster on his phone.

Her eyes turn soft for a few seconds, “You know my mother?” I tilt my head a little but then she recovers, “I mean of course you know of my mother, uh, can you refresh me on what I told you? My mind is still a little foggy from earlier today.”

“Uh, actually we can’t,” Adrian interrupts, “Look I’m sorry Bo but my grandma just had a heart attack and I have to go,” Adrian eyes well-up with tears and I feel a state of panic arise in me.

“I’ll drop you off at home but Lukas and I got to go, cause y’know, we’re cousins,” Bo nods and gets up from her seat. The panic settles and I look at him weird once I realize what he said.

“What’re yo-,” Adrian cuts me off by pushing us out the door.

“Here, thank God your apartment is around the corner,” Adrian speeds to the apartments close to the restaurant but not Bo’s apartments, “I’m so sorry we have to take off on you like this,” Adrian says but before Bo could respond he floors the gas and we’re already down the street from her.

“What the hell was that Adrian?” I yell, watching as the meter goes higher and higher the longer he holds the gas.

“Are you a fucking idiot? That wasn’t Bo!” I furrow my eyebrows and he let’s go of the gas but the truck doesn’t slow, like an idiot, he slams on his breaks and the truck comes to a screeching stop, “You don’t pay attention to details do you, Lukas? You just look and see Bo, not some crazy girl who looks like her. Not that long ago Bo told me she hates waffles with a passion, that girl was about to have sex with those waffles in the picture.”

“Bo could change her mind about the waffles, why are you acting like this Adrian?”

“You’ve got to be kidding me, Bo is on twenty-four seven house arrest with an ankle monitor. If she leaves the premises of the house that shit will go off and she’ll have cops on her ass in a hot minute. This crazy broad was across town.”

“Now that you say it, that does make sense. I didn’t think of that,” Adrian rolls his eyes, incredibly annoyed by my incapability to see what the hell has been going on in the last forty minutes, “And she agreed that we were cousins and that those apartments are where she lives.”

“Yeah Lukas, so if that wasn’t Bo then who the hell is that?”

“I didn’t know Adrian could connect dots like that so easily,” Mason says, flashing a quick smile, “So what you’re saying is Bo has an evil twin?”

“Or Bo is the evil twin,” Adrian points out, raising one of his thick eyebrows.

“Nothing in the database says anything about Bo having a biological sister. A twin at that,” The sound of Mason’s keys clacking as he types on his keyboard is ferocious. He clicks on tons of things and continues typing but when he leans back in defeat; both Adrian and I are shocked, “This girl is completely off the grid, there’s no birth certificate, she wasn’t born at any hospital, this girl isn’t even a blip on the radar.”

“That doesn’t make any sense, how could Bo be born in a hospital but her sister wasn’t?” We sit in silence for a few minutes, “Anybody got any theories?” Adrian asks, slouching forward, “I have one but I want to hear yours first.”

I don’t have any theories, “She had the other baby somewhere else?”

“Well no shit Sherlock,” He turns to Mason with an expectant look on his face.

“Lukas’ guess is as good as mine,” Adrian rolls his eyes and I can see him mentally slapping us.

“Why am I the smart one today?” He groans, “Think about all the evidence we’ve gathered in the last two weeks. Bo’s Mom, Bo’s case, the shit the police and FBI have been hiding, the drugs, Bo’s side of the story, and all we have left is to talk to David and plug him into the story somehow.”

I’m still drawing a blank and the both of us wait for Adrian to talk more, “You’ve got to be kidding,” Adrian grabs a piece of paper from the desk along with a pencil, “I’ll draw it out for you,” He starts to explain as he sketches out the web, “Bo’s Mom was or is a prostitute right? Every time she got bailed out of jail it was by an unknown source, in cash. In this area, unless the pimps really like the girl they won’t bail her out the day she gets in. Maybe a few weeks after if that. When she had a streak of getting arrested and bailed out you would think she would keep going at it, but then she disappears for over three years.”

“Now my theory is the way everything is connected is, keep up with me here, the drugs come in with Bo’s mother. She’s a prostitute she’s obviously gonna do drugs, who does she get the drugs from? A drug pumper on the streets, good job class,” Mason and I look at each other and I think I can actually see the rusty gears starting to turn in Adrian’s head, “Where does the drug pumper lead to? Who’s the biggest boss of the drugs on the streets, boys?”

“A drug lord?” Mason answers and Adrian nods, writing drug lord at the top of the page.

“How do you think all of this stuff goes away so easily? How do you think that girl stayed off the grid her entire life? So let’s keep going, the drug lord loved Bo’s Mom so much that he decided he wanted to keep her, make her his in his own way, by trying to make the heir of the drug lord throne. Instead of having a boy though, she comes back having twin girls, but I can only get the feeling that he didn’t know there was a second one cause he would’ve kept both.”

“Bo’s Mom obviously had more than one baby that night and when it’s twins unless there are some technical difficulties they’re delivered at least ten minutes apart. So maybe they brought her to the alley to have the baby and when the one came out they left her for dead until someone found her and brought her to the hospital which was right around the corner, by the way, where Bo was born.”

“Adrian, this is one cool theory but I think it’s a little far-fetched,” Mason says, furrowing his eyebrows as Adrian draws all the connections on the paper.

“I’m not finished,” Adrian says, “Now let’s skip forward fourteen years onto the story Lukas has provided us with, Bo had claimed that David was a drug pusher who tried to frame her for all those murders but what if he wasn’t trying to frame Bo? What if he knew Bo’s sister and was trying to frame her? But the plan backfired and because Bo’s, well everything, is in the system because of the foster care, she went down. Fast forward to now and bam, here we are,” Adrian sits back in his seat feeling accomplished.

“I’m not sure how I feel about this theory,” Mason says, “It could make sense but this all sounds a little crazy.”

“Watch when I’m exactly right. I already know I’m going to be right,” His self-confidence makes Mason and I crack a small smile.

The theory sounds epic as hell but in Adrian’s stoner mind it probably seems completely logical which it doesn’t. He went from drug pusher to drug lord in a skip and a jump.

Let’s hope his theory is wrong because if we are getting involved with a drug lord then our shit is toast.

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