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Chapter 40

“What’re we doing next? Just us telling Bo there’s more to the story shook her up, but what if she finds out she has a double?!” Adrian asks, leaning on the kitchen island.

“I think we need to find David before Bo’s twin does just in case she knows more than we do,” Mason says, crossing his arms. I raise an eyebrow and also lean on the island.

“How would she know any more than us? She didn’t even know squat about her own mother,” Adrian replies, lightly biting his lip as Madeline walks into the kitchen. I look at her for a second but then avert my eyes to Mason who I catch mid-eye roll.

“Who didn’t know about their mother?” Madeline grabs an apple from the bowl on the table and takes a bite out of it.

Mason’s face reveals no truth as he lies to Maddie, “Nobody, we’re talking about a TV show,” She looks at us suspiciously and takes another bite of the apple.

“Okay,” She drags on, “well Mom called and said her and dad won’t be home til late tomorrow.”

“For the first time in forever,” Mason mumbles under his breath, “Alright thanks for letting me know, see you later.” He dismisses her.

Madeline walks through the archway but turns around, “Are you gonna tell me what’s actually going on or am I gonna have to choke it out of all of you?”

“Nothing’s going on,” Adrian says cooly, running his fingers through his hair.

“That’s why you’ve all been cooped up in Mason’s room for the last two weeks? You don’t think I pay attention but you’re all acting weird.”

“Nothing is going on, even if there was something; it’s none of your business,” Madeline raises her eyebrows at Mason’s remark and crosses her arms.

“If I cant make you tell me then Mom and Dad probably will,” Madeline pulls out her phone and shows us her Dad’s contact.

Mason’s face falters and I see the shock in his eyes,“You’re bluffing.”

She smirks slightly and presses the call button on the screen, “You have approximately one minute before dad answers to agree to tell me the truth.”

“Nothing is going on Madeline,” Mason says, walking around the island to consult with his sister.

“I’m your twin Mason, I know when something up. Your left eye twitches when you lie,” She runs around to the island and looks at her phone, “You only have a few rings left,” Maddie taunts him, “Five, four, three, two, and.”

The ringing stops and it’s replaced by her father’s voice, “Hello?”

“Hi Daddy it’s Madeline,” She says sweetly, putting the phone on speaker, “There’s been something going on recently that I think you should know about.”

“What is it? Madeline this better be important, I have work to do.”

Mason gives her a look but she just smiles evilly, “Fine! I’ll tell you if you hang up,” He whispers intensely.

Both Adrian and I’s eyes nearly bulge out of our heads. Is he actually going to tell her?

“I wanted to tell you that I made captain of the cheer team!”

Their father’s overly monotone voice comes over the phone again and congratulates her. They hang up and Mason sighs.

He looks at the both of us and shrugs his shoulders, “I can’t keep it from her. She knows when I’m lying.”

“Is this really that important that you have to be all secretive about it?” Maddie rolls her eyes and sits down at the dining table.

“It’s a long story so prepare yourself,” I finally speak up, walking away from the island and to the table to sit across from her.

“It all started when Bo got arrested...”


“You guys are fucking crazy! You know that right? You actually hacked the FBI?!” Madeline paces the room, her fingers pressing a little too hard on her temples.

“Not to throw him under the bus but it was all Lukas’s idea and we couldn’t let him go at it alone. He’s our best friend and he truly believed Bo had nothing to do with the murders and from what we found she doesn’t,” Adrian explains, which makes me a smile a little bit. All this time we’ve spent together trying to help Bo has made me realize how down for the ride my friends are.

“This was your idea? Lukas, I thought you were the sensible one!” Maddie shakes her head, “All over some girl you barely met this year?”

“There’s something about her okay? I’ve never felt it with anybody else and I know she’s a good person. She’s not capable of all of that,” Sighing, Madeline takes her place at the table, “If you’d actually take the time to talk to her and get to know her, you’d understand what kind of person she is. All you’ve done since the beginning was judge her.”

She sits silently, arms folded and facial expression as stressed as I’ve ever seen it, “Fine, when can I see her?”

“You can come with Adrian and me on Monday,” I offer her but she shakes her head after a minute of considering it.

“I want to see her alone,” Madeline says nervously, running her hands on her pants a couple times as she gets up, “I have to sleep on this, I’ll see you guys tomorrow.”

We all watch her as she leaves the room and look at each other. Mason exasperates loudly and rubs his eyes. I look up at the clock on the wall and it reads two in the morning.

“I think I’m gonna head home,” Adrian yawns, stretching his arms as he gets up, “You need a ride home?” He asks me as he grabs his keys off the rack.

“Yeah,” I say, standing up and doing a quick handshake with Mason, “I’ll see you Monday.”

“Alright, I’ll let you know what Madeline says,” Adrian and I both nod and leave the house.

“Do you think Madeline will be able to keep her mouth shut?” Adrian asks me as we get into his truck.

“She kind of has to, if she goes to the police she’d get us all arrested and maybe even herself,” I shrug and watch as we pass by a couple street lights and eventually turn onto my street, “But I don’t know, Madeline is pretty unpredictable sometimes.”

“That girl is one big firecracker that can explode at any moment,” Adrian throws the truck in park and leans his head back on the seat, “Who would’ve thought that three teenaged boys would be breaking the law to save their friend.”

“Yeah,” I chuckle, “who would’ve thought.”

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