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Chapter 42


This 24/7 house arrest thing is getting old really fast. It seems like the best thing to any high school student but being alone all the time and doing nothing personally drives me crazy. I’ve been exposed to crazy things in my day, even at the age of 18 I’ve had those experiences but house arrest, I’ve got to say is one of the worst.

A knock sounds at my bedroom door and when I answer it, Chester stands at my door with all his belongings in hand.

“They took me off duty so you’re going to have a new officer. She’s in the living room if you want to meet her,” His head hangs low as I follow him into the living room, “This is officer Carol, she’ll be your home officer for the rest of your time spent under house arrest.”

“Nice to meet you, Officer,” I extend my hand to shake hers but she just gives me a dirty look. I put my hand back down to my side and stuff them in my back pockets.

“I don’t shake hands with a murderer,” She practically spits in my face, “You will listen to every command I have, you will do what I tell you to do, and you will have me present during every visitation,” Carol paces back and forth like a drill sergeant and stops dead in her tracks, “You will also refer to me as Officer or Ma’am, no in-between.”

“Yes ma’am,” I say, sitting on the couch, crossing my legs under me.

“Did I say you can sit down?” She asks, pulling me back up to my feet, “Now you may sit down,” Carol smiles in a fake manner and turns to Chester who looks at her like she’s a crazy woman.

“You don’t need to be so tough on her Carol, she’s just a kid.”

Carol scoffs, “Just a kid? She’s an adult Chester, she killed over forty people. I just don’t understand why she’s under house arrest and not on death row.”

Chester sets his things down on the floor and crosses his arms, “It’s because they don’t have affirmative evidence against her. They can’t just go by evidence that was gathered four years ago from a crime scene that wasn’t even investigated properly.”

“Are you telling me you’re siding with this piece of garbage?” Carol asks, poking Chester’s chest, “Because if you are I’m going to have to question your authority Officer and report you to one of the detectives.”

He opens his mouth to say something but quickly shuts it when he realizes he has nothing to spin back on her. I quietly sigh and put my head down on my knees. This woman could make my life hell if she wanted to. Not that it isn’t already, but she’ll just add to it.

“I think you should be going now, Chester,” Her venomous tone causes the room to grow tense with every passing second. Chester picks up his things again and exits my apartment all in one swift motion.

I feel my eyes start to sting. The only person I’ve been spending my days with, that I could talk to for a little while is leaving me. I thought this would be good but nothing is ever good for too long in my life. Never.

I blink back my tears and bite my lip to distract myself. She escorts Chester out and locks the door behind him.

Carol turns around and narrows her eyes at me, “I’ve read your case file, Gianna. You may seem innocent but I’ve been working this field for years and the most obvious suspect is always the culprit.”

“How can you suspect something of me when I haven’t had any other offenses my whole life?”

“Evidence proves it all,” She argues, her tone growing angrier.

I cross my arms like my legs are and glare back at her, “Evidence that none of you have. The evidence you think you have isn’t even viable in this investigation. The reason I’m under house arrest and not in prison is that I’m a suspect who is thought to be a flight risk. And since I’m a suspect in a murder investigation I’m not allowed to be around general population.”

Carol eyes me silently as she seems like she’s trying to come up with something to tell me. Instead, she slightly nods her head and walks into the hall and to what I assume is my bathroom.

I smile to myself, knowing I won that conversation. Everything I was spewing was facts. This entire investigation is bullshit because of some evidence that they were supposed to throw away four years ago after they interrogated me. One person dies and all of sudden I’m to blame.

A knock sounds at my front door and I sit on my couch, patiently waiting for Carol to get out of the bathroom and answer the door. A few minutes later, the knocking sounds again and Carol finally comes out of the bathroom.

“Why didn’t you say someone was here?” She asks me irritability as she opens the door, “Name?” She asks before stepping back and showing Lukas standing at the door.

“Lukas Carson,” He replies, obviously a little taken aback by the new face in my apartment.

“What’s your business here Lukas?” Carol asks him, putting her hands on her hips, raising an eyebrow as he furrows his.

“To visit my friend,” His eyes make contact with mine and I see the relief in his eyes, “How’ve things been?”

“Whatever, how about you? How’s the outside world?” He sits across from me and looks at Carol like he’s expecting her to leave. I lean in and whisper, “She’s not going anywhere.”

Lukas’ eyes widen and he sits back, staying silent for a second, “Things have been okay, everything is boring without you.”

I smile a little bit at his words, “So, what’s new?” He tilts his head a little bit and smiles, “What?” I laugh, covering my face.

“Do you know what day it is?” He asks, a mischievous look on his face. I shake my head and he playfully rolls his eyes, “It’s Monday, December 25th.”

At first, the date means nothing to me but then the meaning hits me like a ton of bricks, “Oh my gosh! It’s Christmas!”

“Yeah, I brought you something but I left it in the car just in case I couldn’t bring it in,” He looks at Carol and she leans against the wall next to the front door.

“That’s fine but I have to check it out before giving it to her.”

“I’ll get it before I leave but I’ll tell you what’s in just in case,” He says, leaning in close, “It’s a necklace. Pretty nice one too.”

My jaw drops and I have a little trouble keeping it up, “No you didn’t,” I squeal, “Lukas no! No, you shouldn’t have, you really shouldn’t have.”

“I’ll do whatever I want with the money I earn. So you’re taking my gift when I give it to you.”

“Oh wow,” I sigh, trying to calm myself down. I haven’t had a Christmas present in a long time. Not since... ever actually.

The thought Lukas put into the present and even Christmas makes me feel special. I’ve never had a Christmas, even though I’m locked up in my house during it, it still makes me feel happy.

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