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Chapter 44


Instead of celebrating Christmas at my house this year, everyone is going to Mason’s. When I say, everyone, I mean the whole group from school. Maddie, Mason, Levi, Sage, Adrian, Stephanie, and Aaron. Since 4 out of 8 of us don’t know about Bo’s situation, we have to keep it on low tabs throughout the night.

I slow down at the red light and then to look at Madeline who’s staring blankly at the car in front of us.

“Are you okay?” I speak up, trying to get her attention but we sit in silence, her eyes still trained on the car. When the light changes to green, my foot lightly presses the gas and we continue down the street.

“I get why you love her,” I hear her mumble and when I look over, tears are getting ready to spill.


She looks at me, her eyes soft and pure as the tears begin to fall, “She’s such an amazing person. Bo’s beautiful and smart and kind. I really tried to hate her for taking you away from me but she’s so much better than anyone else you can get in this godforsaken town.”

“So you don’t think she did it?” I ask, pulling into the driveway of her house.

“No, I don’t,” Maddie’s weak smile makes me feel bad for her.

The rest of her words are starting to hit me, really hard. She thinks Bo took me away from her? I know she has a thing for me but I didn’t think it was enough for her to hate something.

I just don’t understand how someone as beautiful as Madeline would feel any type of way for me. I’m not even worth her time but she takes all of it for me.

“You’re beautiful in your own ways Madeline. The way you stand up for your friends when they need you, take matters into your hands and handle things with precision, and don’t make me start on your eyes. Your eyes are amazing, the little specks of yellow make them glow in the sunlight and it’s pretty mesmerizing.”

She laughs to herself and shakes her head, “Don’t say things like that to me, Lukas, I won’t be able to hear it without taking every word to heart.”

“Oh, sorry,” The atmosphere in the car grows awkward because of my not knowing what to do but is interrupted by someone knocking on my window. I roll it down and Stephanie stands outside and waves excitedly.

“Oh my gosh, hi guys! I bought the beer so be prepared to have some fun,” She shows us the 32 pack in her hand and dances away. Right behind her is Aaron who’s mouthing ‘she’s drunk.’

“Alright, well I’m gonna go inside,” Madeline says, popping open the van’s door and getting out.

I do the same and follow her into the house where Mason is in the living room, chilling on the couch with Adrian and Sage.

“We’re staying the night right?” Steph asks, plopping herself down onto the couch on the other side of the room.

“Yeah,” Madeline replies, grabbing enough beers to pass out to those of us who didn’t have one. I take mine and bust the cap off with the bottle opener on the wall.

“Goody! I’ve missed this, all of us being together and actually enjoying it.”

“Right,” Sage laughs, leaning on Adrian’s shoulder. He smiles slightly and leans his head on top of hers, “When are we passing out the presents? I left mine in my car.”

“I left mine in the van too,” I add, sitting on the floor. The beer has a citrusy taste to it and I’m actually liking it. I’m not much of a beer drinker, I like the liquors but this one isn’t bad.

“Not until later,” Mason says, turning to me. His eyes make quick contact with mine and then motions to the backyard. I nod, knowing exactly what he means and all of us get off the couches and floor to go to the back. Adrian pulls out pre-rolled blunts and passes one out to each of us.

“This is my Christmas present to all of you. Merry Bluntmas.”

Sage snorts and shakes her head, “I’ve never smoked before.”

“I’ll show you, don’t worry about it,” Even though it’s dark out I can still see him wink at her, “I only have one lighter so if anyone has one please speak up now.”

“I got one,” Levi says, coming from inside the house.

“Where did he come from?” Stephanie asks, gaping at Levi as he approaches us.

“He’s been here,” Adrian laughs, “Since Sage is new to this, Id like to give her the honors of taking the first hit,” He sparks it for her and has her take a long drag, followed by the signature inhale.

We all get to lighting our own and Mason brings out his big speaker to start playing some music. After a couple hits, Sage is high.

She giggles uncontrollably, “Adrian, I wanna try to shotgun,” Sage pulls him close by the collar of his jacket and instead of actually shotgunning, they start making out.

“Get a room,” Levi complains, covering his eyes lazily. Mason leans back in his chair, a small smile playing on his features but when he leans back too far, he loses his footing and the chair starts falling backward.

He tries to catch himself but instead he looks like the wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man. I chuckle at my own joke and the second Mason hits the ground, everyone stops what they’re doing and starts laughing.

“How the hell did that even happen?” Mason says in between breaths, laughing at his own self.

“You-uh, you leaned back to far,” I say, catching my breath. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. It feels good. You know what else feels good? A massage, I think I want a massage now, “Can someone give me a massage? I want one.”

“I got you,” Madeline comes behind me and starts giving me probably one of the best massages I’ve ever had in my entire life. I moan quietly as she hits the spot, “You like that?” She laughs, continuing to rub out the knot.

“Yeah,” I choke out, “Can I get another beer? I’m getting cottonmouth,” Levi tosses me one from the pack and I barely catch it.

“Guys, this is the funnest Christmas I’ve ever had,” Sage says, slightly slurring her words, “I mean most fun.”

“Cmon Sage lets go get the presents,” Madeline reaches her hand out to her and she takes it. The two girls start to walk away and Stephanie joins them in the trip which leaves all the guys alone.

“Do you think I’m gonna get some tonight?” Adrian asks once the girls are out of sight.

“I thought Lukas was about to get some, the way she had you moaning over there I thought she was doing more than massaging you,” Aaron says, fanning himself with his t-shirt, “Ooh la la.”

“Shut up man, even if she wanted to I wouldn’t fuck Maddie,” I sit back in my seat and slide down a little bit.

“Yeah, you better not,” Mason says sternly, crossing his arms across his chest.

“Well guys, I kinda have a feeling the girls are going to take a little while, so let’s smoke this last blunt and then go inside.” Adrian pulls a big wrapper out of his pocket and then shows us what’s on the inside.

“That thing is thicker than my thumb,” Levi says, almost astounded at the sight.

“It took some work but I got it to look pretty good,” He sparks it and the five of us burn it out in a matter of minutes, “Okay, I’m high now,” Adrian laughs, standing up from his seat and nearly falling over.

“Mister jelly for legs over here,” Aaron laughs, standing up himself and instead of nearly falling, he actually fell back into his chair.

“And you’re the one talking,” Mason joins in on the laughter, shaking his head at our friend who’s a complete idiot.

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