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Chapter 45

We all walk inside just to see the girls struggling to carry all of the presents at once.

“What are you guys doing?” Adrian furrows his eyebrows, his eyes glowing a deep red. Probably the same and the rest of us guys. The girls, their eyes are all lightly tinted red.

“We’re bringing in the presents, duh,” Stephanie says, attempting to roll her eyes as she drops the presents in the middle of the living room.

“Right,” Aaron grabs her by the waist and leads her to the couch to sit.

We all sit in the same places as we did before, except Madeline sits, passing the presents out to everyone.

“Lukas, me, Steph, Levi, Lukas, Adrian, Sage, Sage,” Every box she reads, she says out loud, throwing the boxes in their direction. We all get an equal amount of presents and the newest to the group gets to open their’s first. Which of course is Sage.

She tears open her first present and it’s a box of condoms. Adrian grabs the box, “These will come in handy for tonight,” He winks at her and I see the blush start to creep onto her cheeks. The rest of her presents are things like those scent boxes and lots of lotions and perfumes.

Next is Aaron, he gets socks, an instruction manual for sex positions, a new Rolex, and some more interesting things that I didn’t really pay attention to.

Eventually, it came to me and I carefully take off the wrapping paper, trying to preserve it. I like preserving wrapping paper, it’s just my thing.

After taking three minutes to open my present, I finally see that it’s a full package of Clive Christian products. I already know who this gift is from, it’s weird to think most of my friends are the richest people who can get the things they want. The next present is simple clothes. It comes with a Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirt and shirts. The other things were all small presents except the last one, which was from Madeline. The box holds a scrapbook with a group picture we all took in middle school.

“It took me some time but I put together a scrapbook from when we were little up to now,” She takes the scrapbook from my hand and flips all the way to the back, “I left some spots open in the back so you and your girl can make some new memories and put them in here. I can’t help but smile and when I lean in for a hug, the sound of someone sobbing stops me.

Stephanie sits on Aaron’s lap, bawling her eyes out.

“What’s wrong?” Madeline looks at her, a worried expression on her face.

I can barely understand her as she talks but I’m able to put her sentence together after a few seconds of thinking, “We’re all such good friends.”

“We are,” Aaron says, rubbing her back as a way to comfort her, “We’ve all lived in this town since we were born, it’s hard not to be with each other.”

Steph rubs her eyes and cuddles up on Aaron’s chest. We all look at each other like she’s crazy and silently watch as she sobs. My attention is quickly taken away when the doorbell rings. I look at the clock and it reads 3:14 AM. My eyebrows furrow and I get up to answer the door just as the person rings the doorbell like six more times.

I open it and Adam stands there, his arms crossed like he’s mad. My arm reacts on its own and goes to slam the door but he forces his way into the house.

“Lukas, who is it?” Adrian and Mason come from the living room and it takes the both of them a second but they soon recognize him.

“I need to tell you something about Gianna,” Adam says quietly, clearly hearing our loud guests in the next room, “I need to talk to you guys, privately.”

I hesitantly shut the front door as Mason leads him upstairs. I follow after Adrian and we all go into Mason’s Dad’s study.

“You better make this quick,” Adrian glowers, his mood set by the night; killed.

“Look, we can settle this later. Right now I’m talking about Gianna,” Adam dismisses Adrian’s anger and begins to address what he came here for, “She has a twin sister, practically an evil twin.”

“We know already,” Mason says, “She found us.”

“What? No, no, guys that’s not good,” He scoots to the edge of the chair and leans in, “You need to tell me everything that happened; everything.”

“We were driving, saw her on the sidewalk, so we picked her up and took her to breakfast,” Adam gets up from his chair and sighs, “Where are you going?”

“You guys are idiots,” Adam says, leading us out of the house, “What car did you pick her up in?”

“My truck,” Adrian deadpans, “why does this even matter?” He crosses his arms over his chest in defense and I notice the intensity of his clenched jaw.

“Unlock it and you’ll find out,” Adrian rolls his eyes but does as Adam says, “Don’t say a word when I open the door. Not one word.”

Adam opens the car door and reaches under the seat and pulls out a small block with wires attached to it. He puts his finger over his mouth to tell us to keep quiet and looks at the little device.

Mason takes it from his hands and smashes it on the ground until the plastic around it was gone and all that was left was wires.

“She’s been keeping track of you guys since she’s seen you. Probably every conversation you’ve had in this car she’s heard,” Mason rubs his temples and puts his hands up in the air.

“How do you know about Bo’s sister?” I ask, biting the inside of my cheek, how would he know about her and about the plant?

“It’s a long story alright? A story for another time.” He takes his phone out to see a text and then puts it back in his pocket, “I have to go, but if you guys want to talk you know where I live.”

Adam walks away and as soon as his car pulls off, Adrian lets out an aggravated sigh, “You guys have no idea how much I wanted to take his face and run it over with my truck.”

“How do we even know we can trust him? If he knows about Bo’s sister and her antics then how in the hell do we know he’s not trying to trick us into believing one thing instead of another?” My brain’s asking a million questions at once and I wish I had the answer to all of them.

“I don’t even know Lukas, but what I do know is that I need to smoke some more weed,” Adrian opens up his truck and pulls out a container of more weed and blunt wraps, “I’m trying to not remember tonight.”

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