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Chapter 47

I leave Bo’s house once the hour is up and I walk right across the corridor to Adam’s. I knock on the door and I’m greeted with Adam’s incredibly toned chest. I look down at my own chest and I can almost immediately spot all the differences between us. No wonder why Bo likes him better, why she would want to be with him.

My eyes are a boring brown, his are a crystal blue, his body is toned and muscular and mine is like a wet spaghetti noodle. That’s how I describe my body, a wet spaghetti noodle.

“Are you just gonna stand there staring at me like a creep or are you gonna come in?” His deep voice knocks me out of my thoughts and I step into his house. His looks exactly like Bo’s but different at the same time, “I’m gonna go get dressed and I’ll come back in a second.”

I nod and sit down on his couch, the material is soft and springy. Almost like a bouncy castle except in couch form. Adam comes back in a few minutes, dressed in a white t-shirt, brown leather jacket and black jeans that are ripped at the knee.

“So, you’ve obviously come to get some questions answered; how do you know about Gianna’s sister? How do you know about her meticulous plans? Just to name a few. Well, I’ll gratefully answer all of those questions after I’ve had a beer,” He gets up and goes into the kitchen, “Would you like one too?”

I shake my head in response and he shrugs, “More for me then I guess,” He takes a long drag of the bottle and sits down in front of me, “So, Lukas is it?”

“Look, I didn’t come here to get to know you, I came so you can tell me what the hell you know.”

“Hey, hey, hey, no need to get hostile. I’m here to help you and you’re little friends. I gather you haven’t told Gianna about her double yet, have you?” He eyes me suspiciously and nods once I don’t answer, “Thought so. Well, I think she should know soon don’t you think? Because if she’s already found you and your dipshit friends, then it’s only a matter of time before she finds Gianna, rendering she hasn’t already.”

I sit back and I feel like I’m supported by the couch, “Just answer the questions I have so I can leave. What’s her name, how do you know her, and are you with Bo or against her?”

“If you really want to know,” He finishes the beer and sets the empty bottle on his glass coffee table, “It comes with a price.”

“What kind of price?” I snap through gritted teeth.

His smile is almost malicious as he scoots to the edge of his seat, looking like a tiger who’s ready to pounce at their next meal. Like I’m his next meal.

Adam stands from his seat and sits on the coffee table in front of me, “Kiss me,” He says cooly, scooting the table forward so the two of us are closer.

“No way, I’m not gay man,” I try to push myself farther into the couch but that doesn’t get me away from him.

“Do you want to help Gianna or not?” His tone of voice is acrimonious, “Kiss me!” He yells in my face, “I saw the way you were looking at me earlier Lukas, I know you want to,” Adam forcefully grabs my face to make me look at him, “You sure do have pretty eyes Lukas, pretty brown eyes.”

“Will you tell me if I do it?” I force the words out of my throat, every bone, muscle, and joint in my body going weak, “Will you tell me if I do it?”

“I promise,” His hot breath engulfs my neck as his head rests on my shoulder.

“Fine,” I close my eyes, bracing for the kiss but instead, Adam just begins laughing. Laughing like a lunatic, I can hear the crazy in his booming laughter.

“You were going to kiss me for her? You’re one down ass kid you know that?” Adam takes a seat where he was before and sits back comfortably, “You know, I love Gianna too. There’s just something about her. It’s different from her sister and trust me, her sister is one fiery girl. I guess she’s angry at the world for all that’s it’s done unto her. But Gianna? She takes every hit and rolls with it. I don’t think I’ve ever heard her complain one time about how the world took her, chewed her up, and spit her right out time and time again.”

“Answer my questions so I can go,” I say calmly, one more irrelevant story from losing my shit.

“I’m getting to them, let me have my monologue,” He closes his eyes and sits back even farther in his seat, “Ahhh, Nicole Alvarez, the sexiest woman in all the Chicago area. That girl, let me just say, has the most flexible body. You can make her do anything and when I say anything, I mean anything.”

I bite my tongue to keep from saying anything and let him continue on with his story, “Nicole Alvarez, daughter of Joseph Alvarez. You may or may not know him. Taken by your lack of a response to his name I suppose you don’t know who he is. That, my good man, you can find out on your own time.”

“I know her because I’m very good friends with her Daddy and if he ever finds out that I spilled the beans about any of this, my and your head is,” Instead of saying it, he shows me by dragging his finger along his neck and making an annoying cutting sound, “So you better keep this between you and once again, your dipshit friends. And to answer your last question, if I wasn’t on Gianna’s side, then why would I be telling you information that could get us both killed? I love that girl with all my heart. Trust me, I do. I don’t want to see her in any more pain than she’s already endured in her life.”

He stuffs his hand in his couch and in one swift movement he’s pointing a gun at my face, “Now get the fuck out of my apartment or I will blow your face off. And don’t come back unless it’s something really important because I swear if one of you come to my apartment talking about some petty ass bullshit, I will not hesitate to blow your brains out.”

My heart sinks down to the bottom of my stomach as I stand up slowly off the couch and walk towards the front door, “Now if you tell Gianna anything about this, I will kill you and your entire family. I hear your sister is having a baby? I’ll kill it too.”

“How do you know about that?” I whip around and the cold metal of the gun is pressed to my forehead.

“I have my ways, now get out and don’t turn around again or I will pull the trigger.”

With that, I leave his apartment with my tail between my legs. I got the information I wanted but at a price that was almost too high for me to give. The second I get to the car, my body breaks down and I end up emptying the contents of my stomach in the bushes next to the parking lot.

I pull my phone out of my pocket and press the ‘stop recording’ button. The audio is saved in my phone’s files and I wipe my mouth from the excess vomit that’s dripping down my chin and onto my t-shirt’s neckline.

“Fucking bastard,” I mumble to myself as I pull out of the parking lot.

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