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Chapter 50

Adrian and I meet up out front of Mason’s house while we wait for the two of them to come down. Mason pops his head out of his bedroom window and waves us up to his room.

“Do you remember when I put a tracker on that phone? The drug dealers phone that Madeline was secretly talking to?” Mason’s keys on his keyboard click loudly as he types away at it, “Well the phone finally turned on and they’re on the move. There was an outgoing call that lasted five minutes and I got snippets of the conversation.”

He plays the audio file he’s downloaded on his phone, “Find...girl...she’s only...kid...Nicole...”

“You think they’re talking about Nicole? Has she gone rogue?” I ask, watching as the little dot begins moving up route 41, “Wait, Adrian, weren’t you just there?”

“Yeah, I was.” He furrows his eyebrows, “Mason when did the phone turn on?”

“Like at 5 or so, why?”

“I left at 4:48, so I literally left just in time,” Adrian turns his attention back to the map, “I went to the shack and there was nothing in it, it was like a weird little shed that’s hard to see from the road.”

“Okay, well if we don’t go now we’re going to be late for our flight. We can check up on this when we get back.”

Mason fully disconnects his computer from the FBI database and it kind of feels like a large weight that’s been lifted off my chest. Probably even our chests. With Mason’s computer constantly being in the database, we always had the small possibility that someone would notice the breach in the security and track us down.

Luckily, since Mase fully removed any trace of us using the database, we shouldn’t have a problem.

We all sit in the Uber, patiently waiting as we’re driven down to the airport. Once we get there, we check in our bags and head straight to our terminal. After thirty minutes of sitting, waiting for the airplane, we’re finally on our way to the state of New York in search of Bo’s mother.

The airplane ride only lasts two hours and we’re in New York in record time. The time is now 10 PM in Illinois, but here it’s 11. We all decide we should hit up a hotel before driving down to New York City.

“We’re staying at The Morgan State House, one of the most romantic and expensive hotels in all of Albany.” Madeline lowers her unneeded sunglasses and looks at Adrian with a crooked smile. He raises his eyebrows at her and it’s because recently, the two haven’t been doing their precious deeds. Adrian has been seeing Sage but I guess he’d drop her if he gets to be with Maddie, even just for a night, “Two-bedrooms have been reserved, so Adrian and I in one room and Lukas and Mason in the other!” We get into our taxi and they drive us twenty minutes to our destination.

“Whatever, I’m too tired to think right now,” Mason says, leaning his head back on the seat, I can see him start to drift off and I begin to do the same. By the time we make it to our hotel, Mason is knocked out cold and Adrian has to carry him up to our hotel room. Madeline has the bellboy handle our bags and I chuckle quietly at her responsible actions.

The second we step into the room we are accompanied by the rich smell of pine. The suite is old fashioned with floral couches and it gives me pleasant memories of my childhood. Mason’s thrown onto the guest bed and I get the king bed that’s on the other side of the room.

“Alright, meet in the lobby tomorrow at ten. No later,” I groan in agreement and kick my shoes off before sinking into the soft mattress of the king-sized heaven. If only I could have Bo with me right now, cuddled up next to me, this would be perfect.



I wake up to the sound of loud pounding on the door. I pick my shoe up off the floor and throw it at Mason.

“Open the door,” I say, shoving my face into my pillow.

“Whatever, lazy ass,” He grumbles getting up off of his bed to answer the door. I hear his feet dragging across the carpet and finally the clicking of the door opening. Mason exchanges a few words with whoever decided to bother us and soon it’s over, “We have half an hour to get ready and have our shit down in the lobby. So if you don’t get up now, hotel security is dragging your happy ass out.”

I shove my face even further into the pillow like it’s gonna get rid of all the possibilities of getting up. The instant pain of my shoe hitting my head, though, just proves that it won’t go away.

I sit up and roll off of the bed before grabbing a towel, “It better be a quick one,” Mason warns as I turn on the hot water.

My shower lasts five minutes, just so I could scrub my body and actually feel clean after sitting in an overused airplane for a few hours. I change into a pair of black jeans and a jean jacket to go on top of a cotton hoodie.

“You look comfortable,” Mason says sarcastically, “we literally have five minutes to go.”

I throw all my clothes back into the suitcase and the two of us do a once over to make sure we didn’t leave anything behind. We race down to the lobby and Adrian and Madeline are already there, checking us out of our suites.

“Thank you for staying at the Morgan State House Inn, we hope you’ve enjoyed your visit.”

The four of us walk out into the cool crisp air of Albany. The temperature change from the warm inside to the cold outside forces a shudder from my body.

The street is packed with cars and the sidewalk has the occasional pedstrian. We each attempt to catch a cab to New York City and soon enough, we’re on our way to find Bo’s long-lost mother.

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