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Chapter 51


I wake up extra early today, just so I can get ready the way I want to. The way I need to. I take a quick shower and when I’m done, I leave my hair to air dry.

I actually make an effort this time with my makeup, doing an elegant smokey eye and a tan shade to match it on my lips.

Before my hair fully dries, I put on a soft tan colored turtleneck. I slip on a skirt with six gold buttons on the front —it was one of my most recent purchases before I was put under house arrest— and I still have yet to wear it out. So why not today? I tuck my sweater into the skirt and make sure to level all the bumps it causes. The belt that comes with it only compliments my figure more as I tighten the faux-leather around my waist.

I put a black infinity scarf on over my turtleneck and slide one of my rings onto my middle finger, a small smile breaks onto my face once I look at myself in the mirror. This is the best I’ve looked in a long time. I grab my heels that I plan on wearing and walk out into the living room where Carol sits on my couch, doing nothing.

“You’re going to court for five minutes, not a beauty pageant,” I couldn’t tell if that was a compliment or an insult, but I’ll take it as a compliment.

“Thank you, I feel awfully pretty today anyways,” I look down at the ankle monitor and I groan, “I can’t wear these heels with this stupid monitor in the way.”

“Officers are coming to take in off in a few minutes, stop complaining,” and just like that, a knock sounds at my front door and two big men come in with bolt cutters.

“Ankle please,” The tallest man says, I raise my ankle up and in a matter of seconds, the ankle monitor is off my body. It’s a huge weight released, like I swear it’s five extra pounds to carry around, “Should we put handcuffs on her?”

“If she stops cooperating then yes,” Carol says as I put on my heels. We all walk outside and a van awaits us. I get in and sit in the way back and Carol sits in the seat in front of me, “Now, when we get there you’re going to have a talk with your lawyer. Decide what you’re going to plead and then take it to court.”

“Okay,” I look down at the old iPhone in my hands and decide now is a good time to text Lukas.

Hey, it’s Bo. I’m going to court right now to plead or something but yeah. Just wanted to let you know... and tell Adrian I said thanks for this phone :)

I hold the phone in my lap and we arrive at the courthouse in no time. The big building is almost as intimidating as it is in the movies but this isn’t my first time in one. It seemed even bigger when I was younger though.

When I was arriving, I was so caught up in the building that I didn’t see the crowd that was beginning to gather.

“Why can’t people mind their own damn business,” Carol grumbles, opening the van door, “I think it’s a good time for you to put these on,” She hands me a pair of pretty cute sunglasses and I shrug as I slide them onto my face.

“You’re garbage!” I hear someone yell as I get out of the van. All of the officers that came with me all block the people from touching me but their words are what hit me the hardest.

“Ignore them and keep your head down,” One of the big guys say, standing in front of me as we walk up the stairs of the courthouse. Camera flashes come from all directions and so many questions and insults are all thrown at me at one time.

“Did you really kill twenty-seven people?!”

“You’re a killer!”

“Fuck you, you whore! How dare you kill people, how dare you!” I make a mistake by looking up and spit flies and hits me directly in the face.

“Ew!” I immediately wipe it off my face.

“I told you not to look up, kid,” He laughs a little and I roll my eyes at how nasty people can be. Nobody has determined me guilty so I don’t get why they think I’m the killer.

After what feels like forever we’ve finally made it to the top and I’m being ushered inside the building.

“Give me my glasses back,” Carol holds her hand out and I do as told, “We’re gonna sit and wait here for your lawyer.”

“Lawyers,” A woman corrects her taking off her sunglasses and scarf, “I’m the Parisi family lawyer and this is the court-appointed,” She flips her raven like hair and a serious look rests on her pale features, “Let’s walk Gianna, we have no time and lots to chat about.”

I follow her down the hall and the three of us go into a room together.

“I assume you remember Jesse, she met with you while you were in prison,” I nod and cross my legs as she begins to talk, “My name is Sandra.”

Jesse butts in and scoots her chair closer to the table,“We talked to the prosecutor and he said he has a plea set and ready for you.”

“I’ve already said that I’m not pleading guilty for something I haven’t done.”

“Gianna, if you plead guilty to this plea bargain you’re not going for a long time. You’re only pleading guilty to the drug charges and he’ll drop the murders,” Sandra folds her arms on the table, writing things down as I talk.

“I’m not pleading guilty, tell me something else,” I cross my arms too and she nods.

Jesse leans forward and says, “If you plead not guilty, there is a chance this case will be brought to trial and if it does go to trial then it’s going to be emotional. There will be character witnesses, they’ll bring out evidence against you, they will try every trick in the book to get you to mess up and say the wrong thing. So when you’re out there, think before you speak and don’t get intimidated.”

“I always think before I speak,” I smile, leaning back in my chair comfortably, “I have nothing to worry about guys. I didn’t do anything so why should I be intimidated?”

“Don’t act too cocky either, the prosecutor will eat you for lunch if you act like that.”

“Right, don’t be intimidated but don’t be cocky either. What am I supposed to be? Neutral? Especially after some old man spat in my face, I know I’m not going to be neutral.”

Sandra rolls her eyes and keeps her calm composure,“We understand Gianna, just try and keep what you say to a minimum and let Jesse and I speak for you. We know what to say in the court of law and I’m pretty sure you don’t,” I open my mouth to say something but she cuts me off, “Law and Order doesn’t count. They don’t know what being in real court is like even if it hit them in the face.”

“Alright, fine. I’ll try to be as calm as possible,” Sandra nods, smiling slightly.

“Now let’s go, everyone should be going to the courtroom right about now,” We all stand and I follow the two women to the room where it all happens.

Let’s hope I get out of this alive.

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