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Chapter 57


I walk through my front door and am greeted by the scent of freshly made cookies. I hear giggling in the kitchen and I furrow my eyebrows in confusion. I follow the sound and the kitchen lights are brightly lit upon my mother and the last person I planned on seeing for the rest of my life.

“Amelia?” The sound of her name coming from my lips tears at my heart and the second she looks at me, her smile brightens.

“Lukas!” She runs over and pulls me into a tight hug, “It’s been so long, I’ve missed you so much.”

“Uh, what’re you doing here?” I clear my throat and my mom stands there with a real smile on her face.

She bats her long eyelashes at me, twisting her brunette hair between her fingers, “I’m visiting some family and I decided I was going to pay you guys a visit. Your mom told me you were in New York though?”

“Yeah, I was, but I’m back. Mom? Can I speak to you for a second?” My mother nods and follows me out of the kitchen. I pull her into my room and shut the door, “Are you kidding? You know what happened to me and her, why would you let her in?”

She pulls her cardigan across her chest and folds her arms over her chest, “Lukas, she seems like she’s changed! She apologized to me and said she was going to do anything to get back into our good graces. Please give her a chance before you decide anything further.”

“I can’t forgive her for anything she did. That’s not fair to me, not even close,” She groans silently and opens my bedroom door.

“Be nice,” She hisses as she leaves my room and to join Amelia back in the kitchen. I throw myself onto my bed and groan into my pillow.

That girl ruined my life three years ago, there’s no way I’m going to accept her back into my life. Especially not after what she did.

I grab my phone out of my pocket and dial Adrian’s number.

“Dude, I just dropped you off. You miss me already?”

“No, you won’t fucking believe who’s making cookies in the kitchen with my mom,” I take a fistful of my hair and tug at it.

Adrian snorts and starts laughing,“Betty Crocker?”

“No Adrian, Amelia,” The line goes silent and I don’t hear anything, “Hello?”

“You’re joking, right? Amelia is not at your house, didn’t she move to Australia or something?”

“She moved to Alaska and no I’m not joking. I get home, walk into the kitchen, and there Amelia is, making cookies with my mother!” I shut my door and start playing music to drown out my conversation, “Out of all the people in the world it had to be her. At this moment, I’m willing to have Nicole come and make cookies with my mom.”

“Get her out!” Adrian pushes, I hear his turn signal blinking on and off.

“My mom wants her here! All she knows is that Amelia did something I can’t forgive her for, she doesn’t know the extent of our breakup.”

“So you’re saying she doesn’t know the whole reason why you broke up? Or what happened after?”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying,” I sigh, running my hand through my hair to fix the mess.

“Well dude, Amelia is—I don’t even know what she is—just watch yourself. I have to go, Veronica is calling me already.” He hangs up the phone and I set mine on my bedside table.

I turn off my stereo and I can hear Amelia and my mom talking. How am I even going to do this? I sigh, fixing my hair in the mirror and walk out into the living room. They both sit there with coffee cups filled with tea and cookies on a small plate.

“So, Lukas, why was your trip to New York cut short?” Amelia takes a sip of her drink and I shrug my shoulders in response.

“I decided to come home. Adrian and I have some things to take care of here.”

“Adrian? You guys are still friends, that’s good,” Her blue eyes flicker down to her tea. Adrian was the one who ratted her out to me about everything she was doing behind my back.

“Yeah,” I reply hastily, leaning back in the chair. My mom gives me a look and I try to keep myself from rolling my eyes, “Why are you coming from Alaska?”

“I thought I already said, I’m visiting family.”

I take a cookie off the plate and bite into it, it’s soft and gooey, just the way I like it, “Right sorry, I wasn’t really paying attention earlier. I was a little shocked by your visit.”

“Yeah, I tried to reach you but I think you changed your number?”

“A couple times actually,” My tone sounds clipped but I don’t take notice of it. Hospitality is the last thing she deserves from me. She may have been the first girl I truly loved but that went away the second she decided to ruin it all.

“Oh,” She sets her cup down and rests her hands in her lap, “I think I should get going now, my aunt is probably worried why I’m out so late. It was nice spending time with you Mrs. Carson and I’m glad I caught you, Lukas. It’s been a long time.” Amelia smiles sweetly and stands up, her bag hanging from her shoulder.

“Lukas, walk her out, will you?” My mother says, more of a command than a request. I finish the cookie and I follow Amelia to the door.

Before I get the chance to open the front door, she turns around and I accidentally push her up against the wall.

She grabs the collar of my jacket and I freeze on the spot. I don’t have any more control of myself and she pulls my head down to her mouth.

“I know you want me,” Amelia’s lips softly graze the back of my ear, the place she knows drives me crazy and I try to find enough willpower to regain control of my body. Instead of pinning her to the wall, one of my hands reach for the doorknob and in one swift motion I pull the door open and push her outside.

“I’ll see you around Amelia,” Before she can say anything back, I shut the door in her face and lean against it.

“What in the world is wrong with you?” I whisper to myself as I walk into my bedroom, “Get your shit together.”

My mom appears in the doorway, her hand on her hip, “Lukas, I’m leaving for work a few minutes. I’m working a twelve so I might just sleep at the hospital and come home for a couple hours tomorrow before going back.”

“Sounds good,” I reply, laying my head on my pillows and drowning out the sounds of the outside world with my earphones.

Everybody needs an escape once in a while.

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