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Chapter 5


My break finally starts at 7, so I decide to sit with Adam at the bar.

“You can’t be over here, 21 and over only.” Adam teases me as he dries one of the glasses.

“I work here so I’m allowed.” I put my elbows up on the counter and sigh, “These kids from my school are coming here tonight, there is no way in hell I’m letting them see me.”

Adam raises a thick eyebrow, “Why not?”

“I’m not such a social butterfly at school, nobody knows my life.”

“What about that girl you talk about,” He snaps his fingers as if it’s gonna help him remember, “Paige?”

“It’s Sage and no, not her either. She doesn’t even know I live alone!”

“Then why don’t you tell her?” I groan in frustration. I hop off the stool and open the door to go behind the bar. I flick Adam upside the head and he winces, “You didn’t have to do that y’know!”

“It’s not that simple, I can’t just say ‘hey, I’ve been on my own since I was sixteen’ all of a sudden! That’s weird.”

“It’s only weird if you make it weird. And you could have raging parties, I’ll buy the alcohol.” I cross my arms, my heels make me taller than I actually am but without them, I’m a fair 5′6. Adam, on the other hand, is like 6′4. Even with these heels on he still towers over me.

“No. I’m not gonna party, I’m not trying to get kicked out of the only place I can afford at the moment.”

“Right, well our break is over. So you better hope your friends don’t get seated in your section.” He smiles evilly as I leave the bar.

Selena, another waitress stops me before I get back to my tables.

“Hey! Have you been walking around without a flower in your hair?” Selena’s red hair has a bright pink flower stuck on the side.

“Uh, yeah?” She takes a blue flower from her apron pocket and slides it over my other bobby pins.

“There, tonight is Hawaiian night after ten o’clock so get ready.” I look at the time on the wall and it’s about to turn 8 o’clock. I nod and smile as I walk away to my section. I look to see everyone is happily eating their food. I check in on each table to make sure they’re doing okay before going back to the kitchen to fill up some cups with water.

“Hey Bo, you have a group of eight in your section, you’re gonna need more water than that,” Jacklyn pats my back but I stop her before she walks away.

“Can you take these waters out to them and take their drink orders? I have to go clock back in, it totally slipped my mind,” She nods and takes the tray of waters with her when she leaves. I walk across the kitchen, careful for the staff who are running around and clock back in. I leave the back and approach my section again.

As I turn the corner, I spot eight familiar faces. I gasp and whip right back around the corner. The probability that those eight were sat in my section seemed low, but of course, the universe has to ruin my life. Also, Adam jinxed me.

Another table beacons me over so I oblige. I walk straight to their table and stand so nobody can recognize me from where I stand.

“Hey, my friend was wondering if he could get a piece of that ass,” I’m taken aback by his comment and then I recollect myself.

Remember, they’re only here for one night, it’s not gonna kill you to be nice.

“I’d like to respectfully decline that offer because if I don’t do it respectfully I might end up spitting in your face,” I say, calm as ever. The guy rolls his eyes and looks at his friend who has the same look on his face.

“Whatever you say, babe, we both already know you want a piece of this,” He lifts up his shirt to show off his 6-pack. Not that it impresses me. I stare, boredom clear in my face.

“Sorry, I got distracted by how inflated your ego is, it’s really flashy.” I turn and walk away from the two idiots and to the table across from them who still hasn’t ordered their food.

“Hi, are you guys ready to order yet or are you still looking?” The woman looks at her husband presumably and then nods, “Great, what can I get you?” I ask, taking out the check from their table and writing down everything they say, “I’ll be back soon with your orders,” I say before leaving the area and giving the paper to one of the kitchen staff.

I only have three tables filled at the moment and that’s by; Omega douchebags, the married couple, and the people I dread the most. They have their drinks so they’re okay for a little while. I get the orders and as I’m walking it over to the couple, a foot shoots out and trips me. Food flies up in the air and in an instant I feel the hot contents on my back. I look up and Lukas’ head snaps towards me. Reacting immediately, I crawl back behind the corner and sit for a second before standing up and walking to the bar.

My clothes are covered in sauces and I feel the tears begin to slip from my eyes. Adam sees me and rushes from behind the counter.

“What the hell happened Bo?!” I shake my head and push past him. I walk into the bathroom and look at myself in the mirror.

My hair is ruined by the fall and my black clothes are now white, red, and green. I take a shaky breath and begin to pull the noodles from my hair and throw them in the trash. Adam pushes open the bathroom door and his voice echoes throughout, “Jake said he’ll take over your section for you if you want to go home and get cleaned up.”

“Yeah,” I sniffle, “Can you come in here and help me please?” Without a word, Adam comes into the bathroom and fully takes in how messy I am. I step out of my heels and kick them aside, “I’m not trying to get squished noodles on my seats.”

“What happened?” He asks, softer this time as he pulls another noodle from my hair.

“Some jerks tried hitting on me but I rejected them so bad that they resulted in humiliation to get me back.” My eyes are a light pink and the color of my irises are popping.

“What a bunch of jackasses, do you want me to go kick their asses?” I feel the tense energy surrounding him but I shake my head.

“They’re assholes but they don’t deserve to get mutilated.” With that, Adam and I both begin to laugh.

“I think that’s the last of the noodle infestation, I’m not sure what you’re going to do about that saucy shirt, though.”

I turn around and start to unbutton his dress shirt, “Bo, you’re a great girl but I’m not gonna have sex with you right here,” I roll my eyes and fully open his shirt.

“Give me your undershirt,” I say, reaching my hand out.

“Really?” He asks and when I don’t respond, he sighs and takes off his shirt before removing his wife-beater. His body is pretty nice, I wouldn’t mind staring at it forever but I do have to get home before this tomato sauce dries.

I remove my shirt without a second thought but then I remember Adam is standing right here. A squeal escapes my lips and I gently push his shirtless body away.

“Turn around!” He smiles and does as told. I put his shirt on, but of course, it’s big on me. And by big, I mean BIG, “This doesn’t fit but I’ll only be here for five more minutes so it doesn’t really matter.” I give him a hug and he pats my back.

“You’re welcome,” he says before taking his dress shirt and putting it back on. I slide my feet back into my heels and I leave the bathroom.

I make a b-line for the kitchen and once I reach it, I clock out and take my jacket from the closet. My coat protects me from the cold temperatures as I walk outside.

My keys sit in my pocket and once I take them out, I unlock the car. I get in, start the car and reverse from the parking spot.

This day has absolutely, positively sucked ass.

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