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Chapter 59


“I don’t get why I’m back in here? Why can’t I go home?” My lawyers sit in front of me, concerned looks on their faces. Meanwhile, my hands are cuffed to a steel table.

“Your apartment is a crime scene Gianna," I furrow my eyebrows at Sandra’s comment. I open my mouth to say something but Sandra cuts me off, “Someone killed your in-home officer while you were away. Looks like it’s the same M.O. as all the other killings. One shot in the head and stuffing the bullet casing into her throat.”

“So, does that prove that I’m not the killer? I was away, why am I in here?”

“We know you’re not a killer but while your house is a crime scene you can’t stay there. So, you’re going to have to stay here.”

“Can I at least make a phone call?”

“Yes, you can use mine,” Sandra slides her phone over to me and dial Lukas’ number. I’m met with his voicemail and I sigh, waiting for it to beep.

“Hey, Lukas, I just wanted to let you know that there have been some issues and I’m back in jail. Carol was killed while I was getting my psych eval and I guess I have to stay here until my place isn’t a crime scene anymore. Come visit if you can,” I hang up and hand the phone back to Sandra.

“This person could be a copycat or the real deal, alright? We’ll have the detectives put this case at top priority. We promise you won’t be in here for long,” Sandra and Jesse stand up and leave the room. A security guard comes in and removes my handcuffs from the table and then cuffs them behind my back.

I’m taken back to my cell, my roommate is a new girl. About my age, maybe a little older.

“I’ve heard about you,” She says after a while, “Good girl gone bad. Or maybe she’s always been bad, eh?”

“What you’ve heard is wrong then,” I reply, throwing my orange up into the air and then catching it, “Let me tell you something though. Whatever you’re in for, don’t go around sharing it. Nothing good will come of it, trust me.”

“I already know what you’re in for. 27 murders, that seemingly turned 28 while you were gone. All those poor people, killed execution style and that wasn’t even the end. You had to stuff the bullet casing into each and every one of their throats.”

“I’m innocent until proven guilty.” I catch my orange and sit up in my bed. Her blonde hair falls down to her waist in a greasy mess.

She scoffs, “Innocent until proven guilty my ass, your DNA was found at almost every crime scene yet they don’t charge you with all at once.”

“My officer told me they’re using the victim with the most evidence and once they prove me guilty for that, they’ll try me for the rest.”

She carves letters into the wall and I watch as she does so,“The officer that got killed by a copycat?”

I narrow my eyes at her,“How do you know about all this?”

“Word travels fast,” She replies snapping her head up to look at me, “The name is Briah, people call me Bri.”

“Bo,” I introduce myself and throw my orange up one more time before deciding to peel it.

Briah blows on the wall and continues scratching the letters,“Right, your fake name. Why do you go by it? Your jig is up.”

“It’s my name. Gianna was given to me by strangers I don’t even know. So I decided to change my name, illegally, and make the most of it,” I shrug, popping a piece of orange into my mouth, “My name is Bo.”

“Why Bo? That sounds like a name for a monkey,” Briah snorts, biting her top lip when she looks at me.

“It’s a nice name, suits me,” She rolls her eyes and shrugs.

“I guess so,” Briah stands up from her bed and starts to climb the latter to sit on mine, “So Bo,” She crosses her legs and rests her hands on my thighs.

“What’re you doing?” I question her as her hands move slowly up my leg.

“Have you ever done things with a girl?” She licks her lips and I furrow my eyebrows.

“No, and I’m good, thanks,” I scoot back as far as I can go before my back touches the cool metal of the railing on my bed.

“You don’t have to be afraid, sometimes its good to try new things,” She crawls, little by little towards me and just before she gets an inch closer we hear the screaming voices of officers.

“Routine checks ladies! Out of bed now!” Briah scrambles to get off my bed and I do too. After two hours of countless drug busts, Briah, me, and four other inmates are left and the rest of them are gone.

“I’m switching rooms,” Briah says once we get back into our cell. She picks up her belongings and carries it all to a room upstairs with other girls.

I sigh quietly and get under my thin blanket. Nobody bothers me for hours as I lay in my bed. I’m not even thinking about anything, I’m just lying here, trying to do something.

The second I try to think, the thought pops out of my head like a cloud of dust. When it’s finally lights out, I can hear the girls giggling and moaning upstairs.

I cover my ears, trying to get rid of the sound but it doesn’t work. It gets louder and louder like they’re purposely trying to annoy the shit out of me.

It takes a few deep breaths for me to calm down and realize what Sandra had promised me. I’m not going to stay in here for long. If I can get through these next few days or weeks, I’ll be okay. I won’t let these girls bother me.

I won’t let them.

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