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Chapter 62


“Are you gonna go to the trial?” Avery asks as we stand at her locker. We’ve been avoiding talking about Bo since school’s been back but recently everyone’s been buzzing about the trial starting.

“I mean yeah. I just don’t think I can make it to today’s, maybe the next one,” I reply, watching her as she pulls out a textbook.

Avery tucks her hair behind her ear, “I understand. It must be hard huh? You know, watching her go through all that by herself.”

I shrug my shoulders, “I’d rather not talk about how I feel about it. Everyone’s being judgy about it all.”

“Right, blink twice if you feel bad for her,” She whispers, smiling slightly.

“Oh shut up,” I laugh, shutting her locker for her, “It’d be cool if you could come for like, moral support?”

“Of course, I’ll always be here for you Lukas,” She gives me a quick hug and then we go our separate ways. As I turn, I see Adrian down the hallway talking with Sage. Once he spots me, he practically darts away from her.

“Dude, you just saved my life,” He grabs my arm and forces me to go the opposite way, “She’s been bugging me nonstop for another date but I’ve been trying to get back together with Jess.”

“So get back together with Jess then,” I shrug, just throwing an option out there. An option he probably won’t take.

“But Lukas, you don’t understand. Sage looks so sexy in her cheerleading outfit, but seeing Jess in her volleyball shorts makes me want to take them off with my teeth. Like how can I choose between the two?”

“Why don’t you ask them if they’re alright with sharing you? Sage gets you Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Jess gets you Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and then have Sunday to yourself,” I say jokingly as we subconsciously make our way to fifth period.

Adrian claps his hands and smiles like a button simultaneously clicked in his head, “That’s a great idea!”

My smile drops as I watch Adrian start to walk away from me and toward Jess who’s standing at her locker, minding her own business, “No, Adrian, I was joking!”

Even with my protests, he continues walking down the hall, a confident look oozing from his smooth strides. That confident look is soon replaced with a face of pain.

After not even 10 seconds of talking to her, Jess’s hand flies up and smacks Adrian across the face.


That’s what he gets for being a complete idiot towards a volleyball player. Everyone in the hallway glance as they walk by, seeing the scene unfold in front of them. Jess yells and yells at Adrian until the late bell for class rings.

“So, if you think I’m some toy Adrian then you thought wrong! I have self-respect, unlike the other girls you seem to toy around with at this school. Screw you and your handsome face!” She grabs him by the collar of his shirt and the both of them begin to fiercely make out.

My mouth drops to the floor as the two of them make a break for the bathroom.

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me! He didn’t even say anything or apologize and she still threw herself at him! My History teacher stands next to me, a surprised look on his face also.

“Mr. Grayson, Adrian Hernandez is a magic man. I don’t know how he does it,” He nods slowly and looks back at me.

“Me either, kid. Me either,” I follow him into the classroom and sit down in my seat, nearly halfway through the class, Adrian and Jess walk into class looking like they just ran a marathon, “Sit down, get started on your work,” Is all Mr. Greyson says to them when he notices they’ve walked into class.

“Dude, she’s insane,” Adrian whispers as he takes out his textbook, “I love it,” He growls silently, looking back at Jess who’s twisting her brunette hair around her finger.

The class goes on and finally, the bell rings and Adrian and I go our separate ways. As I approach my Spanish class, I still have that small sliver of hope that she’ll be sitting in her seat wearing her Led Zeppelin shirt, waiting for me to walk into class. Of course, my hope is shattered when I do walk into class and see she isn’t sitting in her seat but the person who is makes me want to turn around and ditch last period.

Amelia’s copying down what our Spanish teacher’s writing on the board and looks in my direction when she hears the door shut. Her eyes immediately land on me and she smiles. Stephanie comes to class right behind me and spots Amelia.

“Mel? You’re back!” Steph practically runs over to Amelia and the two of them hug. I take this as my chance to sit in Stephanie’s normal seat when she sits in mine.

The class starts and the entire time I can feel Amelia’s gaze on me. Taking a glance once in a while, my thought is proven right as she stares in my direction.

Sooner or later the bell rings signaling the end of school and I practically jump up from my seat to race out of the classroom.

I meet with Adrian in the parking lot and he nods his head at me as if to ask ‘what’s wrong?’

“Amelia’s in my sixth period.”

“Well shit, I would’ve thought she’d leave after the major rejection she faced at your house,” Adrian furrows his eyebrows, “Why is she coming back now? I didn’t even see her at lunch today.”

“Her and Stephanie were catching up in Spanish so I wouldn’t doubt she’s gonna be with us tomorrow,” We get into his truck and the engine roars to life; scaring the shit out of some freshman girls that were walking by.

Adrian looks over at me as we stop at a red light, “Do you think there’s a frat party tonight? You know we haven’t been to one in a while,” I shrug in response and he glances down at his phone when it buzzes, “Never mind, I guess everyone’s going bowling tonight, if you’re down.”

“Yeah, that’s good,” I reply, watching as we pull up to my house. We both get out of the truck and greet my Mom as we walk inside.

We bet on World at War II and of course, Adrian continues betting more and more money until there isn’t any left in his wallet.

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