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Chapter 65

“The court is giving you a choice now, if you want to stay in prison until the trial is over or if you want to return to your apartment. I went by the other day and the apartment complex owners said that they will provide you with another apartment because of the situation,” Sandra says as she sets her leather briefcase on the steel table.

“I want the apartment. I can’t stay another day in here,” I grimace at the fresh memories of the girls in the woman’s block. Falling asleep every night to the constant sound of them doing things with each other is pretty unsettling.

“I’ll tell the judge and have her put you under house arrest. If you’d like, before your ankle monitor is activated we can go by your old apartment and collect your belongings.”

“I don’t think I’ll have enough time for that,” Last time I didn’t have much time before it manually activated.

Sandra folds her hands, “We can have your friends do it then,” She pulls out a document and slides it over to me, “You’re also going to be under protective custody of the FBI. Funny though, they’re the ones trying to prove you guilty. The local police are too chicken to stay with you so here we are. Just don’t do or say anything that could incriminate you in the presence of an agent. They’re sneaky little bastards.”

“Gotcha,” I tuck a curl behind my ear and bite my lip, “Is there a possibility that there’s gonna be a Dr. Reid? Cause I’m 18 years old and it’s completely legal.”

“You watch a lot of crime shows don’t you?” Sandra giggles, putting the document away, “I mean there’s some hot guys from the FBI but like I said, sneaky little bastards.”

“I was kidding but I’m gonna keep an eye out,” I wink goofily and smile a little. I’m ready to go home, I don’t want to be here anymore. I’m surprised that the court is allowing me to go in and out of the prison like this. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone be placed under house arrest so many times.

I sigh quietly as the guards unchain me from the table and walk me out of the room. They guide me to my cell block, allow me to collect my “belongings” and bring them back to the prison warden. She takes her supplies back and hands me a bag full of the stuff I came in here with.

I take my time to change into my clothes and tie my hair up into a loose bun. After, I meet Sandra on the other side of the gate and am finally released from the prison.

I am escorted to a van and sooner or later I’m home. They guide me to my new apartment which is on the floor above my old one. It’s directly over above Adam actually. I wonder how he’s doing right now, I sometimes even wonder how my rent is getting paid. God knows I don’t have any money in my bank account anymore and I definitely don’t have a job at Aqua.

Sandra passes me the key to my apartment and the second we walk in, I’m met by two FBI agents. They’re wearing their vests as clear as day and the big bold white letters give me the indication that they’re legit agents.

The two men turn to face us and both step forward to greet me, “We’re SSAs Wilkins and Kelly. We’re going to be taking shifts while you’re under house arrest. We also have a surveillance van set up across the street for extra protection,” I can tell Agent Kelly is a lot younger than Wilkins. The difference of age is in their faces. Agent Wilkins looks like he’s seen more crazy in this world than Kelly has. But Kelly has definitely seen some things.

“I’m Sandra Walker and this is my client, Gianna Bassett,” She and I shake hands with both of the agents, “I’m just here for a moment to advise you to not try and pull any fast ones while you’re in residency with my client. Anything she says within these walls are not to be shared with anyone outside of this apartment unless ordered by the courts.”

“Of course, we’re not apart of this investigation. We were just called in for protective custody,” Agent Wilkins promises as I sit down on the couch. It’s brand new, a plush cream color that suits the interior of the room.

“Alright,” Sandra turns to me, adjusting her coat on her arm, “They’re going to put your ankle monitor on and everything’s going to be the same. You’ll have visitations starting tomorrow, limited to two hours.”

“Okay, thank you,” I say, smiling slightly. Sandra nods happily and walks out of the apartment, closing the door behind her. I turn to face the agents and they both stand there, waiting for me to roll up my pant leg so one of them can secure my ankle monitor.

I reach down and cuff the bottom of my jeans so Kelly can put the monitor on. He kneels down in front of me and quickly puts it on.

The monitor makes a noise indicating that it’s been activated and all over again, I feel trapped in my own home.

I can’t complain though, at least I’m not in prison anymore. I’d take being locked in my apartment over prison any day. It’s just too emotionally riveting for me to sleep there for long.

I cuff the bottom of my other leg to match the one opposite of it and stand up from the couch. I haven’t had time to look at the apartment and I want to see if they’ve replaced all of my furniture.

The agents step back and do their own thing while I turn to the hallway. The apartment is certainly bigger than the one I had before. Instead of a one bedroom it’s two. The door that used to be my hallway closet extends into a bedroom and the hallway closet is now next to the bathroom. Everything else though, is the same.

As I approach the bedroom door, I see a slight crack and I slowly push it open. The room has most of my belongings in it except for my bed and my posters. I sigh as I sit on the brand new bed. I can even smell the newness of the mattress. It’s almost like that ‘new car smell’.

I lay back all the way and breathe in and out slowly. The scent stings my nostrils but I don’t care, I’d rather be here. I’d rather be here, with Lukas.

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