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Chapter 6

I sit on my couch, hair still wet from my shower. The television is silently playing a Lifetime movie as a soft knock sounds at my door. The clock reads 1AM and when I answer the door Adam stands there in all his Hawaiian night glory.

“Hey, Bo, just came to hangout.” He walks in and heads straight to the kitchen.

“You know you live right across the way!” I shout as I sit down on the couch, “Whatever you’re getting, you should get me some too!”

“Got it,” I hear him mumble as he does whatever he’s doing. I watch the movie and in no time Adam comes into the living room with two sandwiches and Doritos.

“Here you go,” he says, handing me the food, “You have like nothing inside your fridge.”

“You made a sandwich didn’t you?” I ask as I take a bite of the thing. The first thing I taste is the cheese and then everything else, “So, how was Hawaiian night?”

“It was good, I had a few drinks with the ladies, a few drinks with the co-workers, even a few drinks with Calvin,” Calvin is our boss. I nod, picking at the loose thread on my pajama pants.

“So I’m guessing you’re pretty wasted right now?”

“Yeah, a little,” Adam replies as he slides down on my couch until he’s laying down. He then proceeds to lay his head in my lap, “You know, I think you’re pretty-pretty.”

I smile at his drunkenness and shake my head, “Just shut up and watch the movie.” He sighs exasperatedly and then turns to obey my command. I play with his hair until I hear soft snores sound from him, he’s out like a light. My head rests on the cushion of the couch behind me and I slowly drift off into a quiet sleep.


I feel a knot in my neck as I lift it up off the couch. I groan as I stretch and doing that wakes up Adam.

He groans too but not for the same reasons, “Oh my god, why am I here?” He asks as he lazily rolls off the couch and onto the floor.

“You came knocking on my door at like one in the morning,” I look at the clock to see I’m late for school. Looks like today is gonna be a lazy day.

“One in the morning?” I feel complaints coming on as rubbing his eyes tiredly, “My head is throbbing,” His messed up hair and blue eyes give him the ‘even though I’m a pain in the ass, I’m still hot’ look.

“I think I have some Tylenol,” I say, opening up the medicine cabinet in my bathroom. I take the bottle from the shelf and drop two into my hand.

I walk back out into the living room and give him the two. He pops the pills in his mouth and swallows them with ease.

“Are you gonna go to school?” Adam stands up from the floor and I see his legs wobble a little bit.

“No, I’m already four hours late.” I say, pulling myself from the couch. Adam looks around for his shoes and jacket before running his fingers through his hair.

“I’m gonna stay home too,” He opens the front door and turns around to say, “I’m coming back over in like an hour,” Before leaving my apartment.

I take this as an opportunity to take a shower and at least get ready for the ‘day’ I’m going to have. The shower lasts for a good fifteen minutes before I dry off, brush my hair, and get dressed in a t-shirt and leggings.

With my teeth brushed, I approach my kitchen with my now clean tastebuds. When I open the refrigerator, there’s nothing but orange juice, sandwich contents, and water.

I retrieve the jelly from the top shelf and peanut butter from the pantry and combine them on sandwich bread. As I take a bite, I moan at how delicious two spreads can be together.

“Woah! Everyone decent?” Adam walks into the kitchen, hands over his eyes with the ever so slight crack in them.

“Are you insinuating that I need a second person to be pleased? I am a woman and I can do things by myself,” The confused look on Adam’s face is soon replaced with one of mischief.

“You weren’t supposed to eat yet, I was going to take you to breakfast,” He says, taking out his own car keys. Yes everyone, Adam does have a car but he hates driving it and it’s basically always in his garage. I swear, I’ve only seen the thing like twice and that was only for a split second.

“Who do you think I am? I don’t need a man to tell me when I can and can’t eat, I’ll eat what I please,” He rolls his eyes and walks out of the kitchen.

“I’ll be waiting in my car, don’t take too long,” Adam escapes the grasp of my over-talkative self and leaves the apartment.

I open the hallway closet and pull out my winter jacket along with a pair of converse. I throw my hair up in a messy bun and leave the house with only my phone on me.

The key way to force a guy to pay for my food. I smile to myself as I walk out to the parking lot where Adam’s black dodge sits, engine running.

I get in the car and he smiles as he rubs the steering wheel, “I’ve missed this car,” Adam himself would probably bang this car if it was a human.

“This is a pretty nice car,” I admit, the inside is spotless, like there’s not a spec of dust anywhere. This guy is an ultimate clean freak when it comes to his car.

“Of course it’s a nice car,” He revs the engine and I roll my eyes, “Anyway, we have to hurry. You get good discounts before 12 at the Breakfast Table.”

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