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Chapter 7


“Hey, Lukas!” Avery approaches me with a smile on her face, “I haven’t seen you in a while,” She says, patting my back lightly, “How’ve you been?”

“Better,” She smiles even bigger and then intertwined her arm with mine, “What about you?”

“I’m pretty good, Mason is being pretty annoying, though,” Avery look at me with her large eyes, “Can you please tell him to back-off before Levi sticks his foot up his ass?”

“Sure, anything for you,” I chuckle as we walk down the hall, “I have to get to Mrs. Halvorsen’s but I’ll see you tomorrow night,” I say, giving her a quick side hug before taking off to class.

The hour ends with an abrupt bell. I pack up my things and then make my way to the mess hall. Mason and Madeline both come out of nowhere and walk next to me.

“Hey dude, we’re going to a kick-back tonight if you want to come,” Mason lightly bumps into me, just to get my attention. I look up at him and try to find the words to say no, but I can’t.

“Yeah, sounds like fun,” Escapes my lips before I can even process his request fully.

“Awesome, I’ll text you the address later.” We all walk into the cafeteria where Sage’s sitting alone with Adrian. He’s clearly working his eye-color magic on her because their faces are two centimeters apart. Before they even get to kiss, Mason slams his hand on the table, causing them to jump.

“Fuck Mason, give me a heart attack next time why don’t you,” Adrian adjusts his hat and scoots away from Sage so Madeline can sit between them. Sage, though, her face is a deep red.

I sit across from her and before I can ask about Bo, Madeline does.

“So, where’s your bestie?” She puts her elbows on the table, waiting for an answer.

“She didn’t come today,” I’ve been meaning to ask Bo about if she works at Aqua or not. I swear I thought I saw her fall last night at the restaurant.

“What a shame, I kind of liked the girl,” Sage nods, tucking hair behind her ear before she glances over at Adrian.

“Have you ever hung out with Bo out of school?” Mason asks, crumbling up a piece of paper and throwing it at his sister. She glares at him but he ignores it.

“Only once, but we went to the mall.”

“You’ve never met her parents?” The question makes Sage look at me and she shakes her head.

“She doesn’t talk about them but it’s not like we’re the best of friends either. I don’t even have her number.” We all give each other weird looks. Bo is the definition of mysterious, nobody knows anything about her.

“Well, looks like your friend is a mystery,” Adrian says, practically reading my mind.

“A mystery indeed,” Mason comments, “Anyway, Sage, we’re all going to a kick-back tonight if you want to come?”

“Yeah, sounds like fun,” She says, biting into her grilled cheese.

“I’m gonna ditch out the rest of the day,” I say taking my backpack, “See you guys later.”

“I’m gonna come too, mind if we hang out at my house?” Adrian asks, picking up his backpack. I nod and we both walk to the front doors of the school.

The both of us get into our cars and I follow him to his house. Once we get there, we climb up the garden fence and go through his bedroom window.

“I’m gonna go check and see if my parents are home,” he says, silently opening his bedroom door. Out of our entire friend group, Adrian and I are the closest. He came to me when he was depressed so I guess that just made the bond between us a lot stronger than it was.

I look around his room and it’s a standard guy room. Bean bag chairs, an Xbox, flat screen, and a king-sized bed. Nothing of his is ever a mess, though, I personally think he keeps his room clean because of reasons like this. He used to skip school to bring girls back to his house.

Adrian returns after a couple of minutes with a bag of chips between his teeth, two drinks tucked under his arm, and an ice cream tub in each hand. He kicks the door closed with his foot and then says, “My parents aren’t home.”

He drops everything on his bed and then pulls spoons from his back pocket, “Feel special Luke, I never share.”

I nod and take the bag of chips from beside my head, “What’re we playing?” I question as he hands me a controller.

“Call of Duty, obviously,” He turns on the tv before plopping down next to me. I grab a chip, eat it and then wipe my hand on my pants; an unhealthy habit that needs to stop.

“I think we need some music,” Adrian stands from the bean bag and turns on his speaker before taking out his phone and scrolling through his music.

“Hey, that kick-back Mason and Madeline were talking about, what’s all that about?” I ask, taking a couple more chips.

“I don’t know dude, they kind of just make plans and then invite us. I think it’s a frat party, though,” He says, finally choosing a playlist and turning it up until it’s making my ear drums hurt. Adrian and I’s music taste are pretty much the same but the volume he listens to it at makes me dread my life.

He selects an option and we wait for the game to start, “Wanna bet?” Adrian yells, pulling out his wallet. I nod and pull a fifty dollar bill from my wallet, I throw it onto the floor between us. Adrian throws down a hundred and I groan, he knows he’s better at this game than me.

“I’m betting I’ll be at the top of the leaderboard with 30-6.” I don’t think he can do it, but I shake his hand to seal the deal.

“Good luck!” I shout as the match starts.

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