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My mind is a fairytale, at least, that’s what I make of it. They say I’m special because of this. This small thing. I don’t have any friends except for what friends my mind wants to make up. They keep me away from people because their scared of what I might do. I make my imagination a reality. Everything I ever think of, or imagine happening, all of it is real. But nobody knows how this works. And neither do I. The problem started when I was younger, about 6 years old when my father passed and needed to process it. I only had my mind. I imagined him being there and I’d see him too, but it was our secret. Now I have even more friends I want. But nobody knows them. Nobody can see them.

Mystery / Fantasy
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Gray-I laid awake in the middle of the night, terrified with nothing to feel except terror because the one thing i'm afraid of; appeared. And it even touched me. I wasn't the only one in that room and I knew it. I couldn't cry for help because if I did nobody would hear me. I've tried. Believe me. Nobody knows how it's like, I can't even attempt to make friends because my family wants me away from other people. I'm never able to leave my room because my family is scared of me as well. I hate that. They don't treat me normally. I'm special. And they can't respect that. At this point there was more than one. About 12. They had piercing red eyes and blood dripping down their lips, I closed my eyes and hoped they'd go away. My mom walked in and they all disappeared magically; they turned to dust, she asked

"why aren't you asleep" but all I could answer with was

"them." because I didn't know who they were but..they were there, and I knew. There was no denying that what I saw..that thing wasn't human. My lips quivered as tears rolled down my cheeks, I felt nothing though, I didn't even realize I was crying from being so terrified. I couldn't even move, my demons were holding me down. I couldn't scream. I was paralyzed. I closed my eyes slowly and then tried to imagine what it would be like to go to sleep normally again. This whole imagining thing can be a pain in the ass sometimes I don't even know how i'll survive. In this world full of sorrow, my mind never really seems to make me feel better, it's never on my side. Always playing tricks on me which I don't really find delightful. Paranoia always gets the best of me. Or the worst, you decide. I've only ever had one friend and that was Matthew. According to my mom he isn't real. But really, he's really real. I can feel this beautiful presence that makes me feel safe. He's always there when I need him the most. I imagine he's real all the time, so he's always there, except for right now. I just wanted to be alone. I wanted to have nothing in my mind and dream of everything getting better so I can be like the others my age. I can never be normal like i wished to be so much, whenever i imagine it, it never happens, that one thing. But why I wonder to myself frequently as the rest of my thoughts wander. I leave my room, walk down the stairs and to the kitchen, binge eating. I feel like i'm being followed- or watched. The strange figure comes over and taps my shoulder, I flinch and look him in the eyes, thank god, it was only Matthew. He seemed to have felt something was up again, and he was right, something is up again. I was thinking too much about what it would be like to be normal again, i then start seeing everything turning from color to black and white. BAM. I fell. I think the 12 men I saw caught me. They knew where I was. They must've taken Matthew too because I couldn't feel him. This can't be happening. The man in front came closer, his blood red eyes meeting my blue ones as I stand there quietly, not able to move; just stare. My heart was beating, in fact, it was the only thing that was moving. I wanted to scream. They held me tightly before I could, dragging me into my room and knocking the door. I hid underneath my sheets, terrified. Thinking to myself, what my mom would tell me

"they aren't real. Just ignore them." I closed my eyes. When I opened them they had disappeared. I let out a sigh and stared at my ceiling, hoping Matthew was okay. What if he wasn't? It would all have been my fault too. Oh no. All this worrying is making me anxious. How could I have let them take him. My mom walks in once more and holds me, making me take a sleeping pill and watch me fall asleep sadly.


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