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Shattered Coins of the Mind

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When you're young you want it all. You even work for it, by delivering newspapers! Yet you never get the reward! .A Jar of Coins from a newspapers boys route and how it affected his life and so many other things in it!

Mystery / Other
William McCurrach
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Some call it visions, other call them nightmares, I call them scattered coins of thoughts and times, in my past, as they go through my mind!

I still see the large pickling jar, full of coins out of reach to me, my brother and I worked to fill as newspaper boys, delivering papers, to neighbors and friends and strangers. I still see the two paper carrying bags filled to the rim on Sundays, I would strap on my shoulders and fill with fat Sunday papers. The walking I did, the miles, I put on my feet and my back, to earn a few dollars every week, still haunt me! This not about being a paper boy folks, this is about the coins, the jar and the Step-Father, who raised me. It is about a man called Abraham, two sons called Bill and Alex, and a life full of pain, anger, disappointment and rage! Whose rage am I speaking of, would be your question I am sure, if I were to tell you now at the beginning of this story, why would you even bother to look through the scattered coins to find out? You would probably just put the whole book aside, and never pick it up if I told it all in one sentence, one paragraph, or even one chapter. You would go, well that is a short story not worth reading, so why pay for the book, if it only covers, ten or twenty or thirty pages. No one pays for such a short story, or small book, for it, can’t really grab your attention, for the few coins you pay for it can it?

Besides folks, here is the question for you to think about before I even, begin to tell this tale. What do a Step-father, Two Sons and coins have to do with lessons in life, money, pain, and rage? Do you have the guts and the time to find out, and learn the answers to the Scattered Coins of a Family? What’s interesting about coins, why are there three males in this story, and what does it all really mean? Whose rages are we dealing with in the tale I am telling, and why would I tell it? Is it important for people to know, the Scattered Coins of time and memories and pains and rages? The only way, anyone will know is if they will read what I am writing, time shall tell, just like the scattered coins that came out and rolled through the family and times, of those living for the Coins! Come find what the Shattered Coins really are and what they meant and what they led to over time. If, you dare to laugh, to cry, to feel sorrow and pain, to admire and to learn, then come into the mind of my world and my being the mind of my scattered coins of memories!

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