Pon Pon☮Girl II

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After the incident of her mother being raped, and her father going missing, Pon Pon is forced to live as an orphan. She lives alone with a family maid and later, she starts going to a school for delinquents and meets the most interesting boy there. Leon searches to find out Pon Pons past, yet she remembers nothing of it, but when someone kisses her on the lips like how her mother did before she killed herself, Pon Pons agonizing memories come back to haunt her. Leon has to make a choice whether to accept Pon Pon for who she is, or simply ignore her and her long baggage of a past. Maybe they might start a nice relationship?

Mystery / Romance
Fébe (LadySra)
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Chapter 12: Battery

I unfortunately had to walk, but at least I’d meet up with Carlos along the way because that’s what he promised. And I hoped that he would meet me in the dark because I don’t like walking alone most of the time. I’d get too caught up in my thoughts. It was windy and I had my Ozzy shades on. But they were thick like Lady Gaga’s paparazzi glasses. Those round shades that could open on the lens. Although mines weren’t like that, they were just shades to protect my eyes from sun rays and wind that carried dust. They suffocated my eyes well. But mostly, I liked them because no one could really recognize me. I guess they would only recognize me if they really knew me, as in analyzing my whole body shape-someone who watched me constantly. Finally digging into my purse for the wine bottle, I took a long sip of it and let my eyes wander. Hopefully the old thoughts would leave me soon.

Muriel was changing and someone was making her change. My guess, I wouldn’t really have anyone to put the blame on but my family. She left all that talk about my dead mother with the old wine bottles as soon as she put it away. Someone was doing something behind the shadows, talking to her maybe, influencing her. As I took another long sip from the bottle of wine one more time, I thought-what if that happened to me. Someone who I thought I’d never see again could probably disturb my fresh start at this new delinquent school.

She suddenly came flooding into my mind: Kim-

My constant flows of thoughts were stopped as I was roughly pushed towards the concrete floor. The contents of the wine beginning to spill and roll around on the floor-I watched it in annoyance. I grunted while my attacker let out an excited shriek. I groaned as I tried to sit up a little bit and see my attacker. I took a small sharp intake of my breath as I came face to face with the nun who handed me the Star of David necklace. I grimaced towards her as I said, “Why is it that you always have to pop out of nowhere like a bad pimple on prom day.”

She smirked at me as she sat up on the floor. “Well that’s what the Star of David necklace is for, for you to not forget who you are and where you came from.” She bent down closer to me this time as she said, “Soon you’ll have a tattoo of the star on you. You’ll keep it to remember that you’re a Jew.”

I rolled my eyes, “Oh goodness, seriously you should step off right now,” I said. She grabbed onto my striped crop top- pulling me roughly closer, since the shirt was tightly fitted I only hoped that she wouldn’t rip it in the process.

“I came to warn you,” she breathed out and her voice sounded husky like a drug dealer was whispering in my face instead of my ear. I frowned and asked, “Warn me about?”

Her smile quivered, “Kim is coming back, and she’s coming to your school I mean.”

My frown deepened, “What, so I’m gone from Holic for what... two weeks and she’s already been kicked out?” I questioned but then I shrugged after without a care. The day when Kim called me corrupting was the same day I continually tried to cut her out of my life. She clearly didn’t care about me if she called me corrupting person. So I continued with, “Well at least she finally stood up to those bitch conflicting friends of yours. Your friends or nun companions-or whatever you call them, are corrupting girls for your own pieces of wicked pleasure.”

This nun’s smile only got wider this time as she said to me, “Well no, she actually never stood up to us. Her voice is still practically gone- meaning she talks when she can.”

“So she never stood up to you guys like I did, not even once?” I foolishly asked.

“Nope, never,” she taunted. I let out a frustrated breath in return, “So why is she coming to my school then? She isn’t a delinquent like me, or so you guys believe that I am because I knocked you out on that rainy day.”

She shook her head though, still smirking knowingly, so I continued on, “What then, you’re dragging her there because you want her to corrupt me and my surrounding friends?”

She nodded this time to my response with a closed smile and I quickly stood up off the floor, which I was sitting on for quite a while. With my left I knocked her forehead harshly-slamming my knuckles into it. She grabbed her own head in pain at the impact as I dragged her by the hair and took her to the ground again with me. We rolled around but she didn’t land one hand on me yet. I continued to slap her until she grabbed my right hand, motioning for me to stop, but instead I ripped the nun hat off of her head. Her hair was dark brown, but I bet in the sunlight it’ll probably be golden. She responded angrily this time as she roughly pushed me off her.

I rolled over quickly as I got to my feet, and when I saw her I smirked as she quickly covered the sides of her face. She didn’t want me to see her as she frantically looked for her nun head covering. But she wouldn’t find it because I had it held tightly close behind my back, and she continued to look for it somewhere on the floor. Her breathing hitched in anger as she tried not to look at me. “Maria where is it!” She cried. I bit my lip in enjoyment at her reactions, episodes I have never seen in her demeanor before.

“Where’s what,” I asked in a clueless manner.

“Where is my head covering? This is not the time to play around, I am a nun-give me my head covering!” She pestered about it on and on. I sighed as I quickly walked up to her-throwing her head covering somewhere onto the ground. When I reached her, I grabbed her hands from off her face.

“Why are you covering your damn face so much, you’re not ugly are-” I stopped talking, because when I saw her face I gaped and jumped back a quarter to an inch away from her.

“You! You’re that church girl I helped when I was out with my friends after school!” I helplessly cried as I backed up even more from her due to my sudden shock. She held her head up high at my response to seeing her whole face with her hair out. She was no longer scared to hide her face now that I had seen the truth of who she really was.

“Yes I am, that was me with my makeup on and my hair freely let down and not covered up like always at that damn catholic school,” she chuckled darkly. “It took you long enough to figure it out. You know your little act the other day actually turned out to be annoying and troublesome, because after you left I didn’t get any more fans because of you. The crowd wanted to see you instead of me.”

“Shut up,” I growled out. She chuckled again as she said, “You know you corrupt people too, yet you don’t even know it. You messed up my business.”

“Stop talking,” I screamed out the frustration planted in me.

“Your corrupt people Maria,” she let out the four words like an ugly whisper.

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