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I did 35 years research on god and found god. I done 35 years research on health and found the secrete of health. I invented s-formula.To bring peace in the world, s-formula is made. S-formula cures all diseases without medicine and without any physical exercise.S-formula is not a medicine but it is a meditation. S-formula is knowledge based training. Follow s-formula and make your life beautiful. Semen is like electrical current in our body. Semen keeps our body, hot in cold region, cold in hot region. The conservation of semen is very essential to strength of body and mind.

Rudramuni Swamy
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Strong man means the person who is having very strong muscles, strong nerves and strong body. This can be done by saving semen in the body.

Semen makes the muscles very strong, nerves very strong and entire body become very strong.

Food will be converted into blood. And blood will be converted into flesh. Flesh will be converted into bones and nerves. Bones will be converted into semen.

Again the semen goes to blood. Again blood into flesh, flesh into bone, bone into semen.

Again semen goes to blood again the same procedure repeat in the body as discussed above.

As number of cycles goes on in your body like this your muscles, bones, nerves become strong day by day.

Your body will become Strong body.

But if you waste semen this will not happens in your body. Due to loss of semen the entire body become weak and delicate. Your body become smooth day by day if you waste semen in your body.

I did 35 years research about Strong man and wrote this book. I am sharing my knowledge in this book. Read this book carefully and live happy life.

The duty of mind is take the semen out of body.

The duty of body is store semen inside the body.

Mind means loss of semen. Mind power means avoid loss of semen. Mind weak means wasting of semen.

Body means save semen. Body power means store semen. Body weak means wasting of semen.

Healthy mind is in healthy body.

Health means the body is having full of semen. The person one who not waste single drop of semen is called healthy man.

The man should not involve in the loss of semen activities. The man should always involve in semen protection activities. This is called happy life.

If you waste semen in your life, you will not be healthy throughout life.

Healthy comes from saving semen. Healthy goes from loss of semen.

Happy comes from healthy body. Health is wealth. Semen gives you healthy body.

Live healthy life by saving semen in your body. Use semen only when you need baby.

Do not waste semen in your life.

All diseases are coming due to loss of semen only.

Reason for loss of semen – how semen loss in our body.

The following are the reasons for the semen loss in our body

If you think about sex matter, masturbation, cause more loss of semen.

If you drink alcohol , too much loss of semen occurs

If you use tobacco , it kills semen in your body, too much loss of semen

If you eat more salt in food, more spicy in food, it kills semen in your body.

Bad food kills semen in your body.

Semen is in the form of saliva juice in mouth, if you put saliva outside mouth, it is waste of semen.

Semen is in the form of sweat, if you more sweat, it is the loss of semen.

Semen is in the form of tears, if you waste more tears, it is the symbol of loss of semen.

If you do more urine it is the loss of semen

If you do more latrine, it is the waste of semen

If you talk more, it is the loss of semen.

If you hear more noise it is loss of semen.

If you talk more it is the loss of semen.

If you sleep more it is the loss of semen

If you eat more and more, it will cause loss of semen, and so on...

The s-formula says that, you please store more and more semen in your body.


S.R.Swamy jyothi, (S.R.S),Kathrekenahalli

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