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Handle my fame.

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This book is about the adventures of a girl named Taylar, the mysteries regarding her adventures and her closest friends and family's.

Mystery / Romance
That one gworl
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An introduction to the family

"Sweetie it's time to go to school now, you're gonna be late." says mom. "I'm not ready yet mom." well sooner or later I got ready, packed my school bag and got into the car but my brother, Sky was still in the house. I looked at the time and I was getting really late now. My mom got out of the car and dragged him out the house with his ears. He got into the car very upset, and I was just giggling away because, why not. He heard me but we just stared at each other because we both knew that he couldn't do anything to me because mom was in the car.

After what felt like an eternity we finally got to school and of course he swore that he would get me back for giggling in the car.

Well, I was the type of girl that had the hottest brother in the school and I'm sure you already know that he has a lotta of girlfriends. I swear, I was really he's personal assistant because I was always the girl that was asked for his number and if he was dating someone. Of course, I didn't really care but I liked the idea of giving random people his number just to bully him. Mom on the other hand had a lot of problems with my dad because, I actually don't know but obviously they aren't married. I kinda was the quite girl just because everyone knew me for being the "hot schoolboy's " sister. I honestly didn't really care just because I didn't like attention anyway. So, I didn't really have a lot of friends. I had three friends that I would defiantly call my best friends. They're names are Violet, Jade and Lavander. obviously Lavander and Violet are girls and Jade is a boy. Jade is very dreamy, to be honest I kinda like him but I'm not sure if he would feel the same about me, and also if I were to confess my feelings for him our relationship as best friends would end and I don't want that. Violet and Lavander are the girls that I really relate to. I don't know they just understand me even better than my mom.

About my mom I have been feeling very distant from her, I feel like she doesn't pay attention to me and Sky that much anymore. Maybe it's because we are getting too much for her, it's not even the fact that I'm being paranoid, but I really feel like she has stopped caring for us like she used to. As for dad he honestly doesn't even care about us. In his mind he's only job is to pay child support and pay our school fees. It got to the point where I even stopped caring about him too. I don't want to sound mean or whatever but whether he dies or not I don't really care. Enough about that, Tomorrow we are going to go and visit our aunt. I adore my aunt. I love her SOOO much because she pays attention to me and Sky to the point where I really wanna be her child.

Sometimes it just gets too much for me to handle alone and I can go and talk to her about my feeling and my thoughts. My uncle is just a piece of rubbish. Sometimes I feel like he is just using his power too much just to overpower my aunt. On top of that he gets drunk all the time and I feel like he is not even embarrassed about the way he is behaving. My aunt, Cally and uncle Jacob, have 4 kids which are my cousins. I wouldn't say that I'm very close with them but yeah, we have a relationship going. Besides that, we do talk but we do that here and there you know. I'm also very close with my grandparents. They live in Chicago while the rest of the family live in New York. We go visit my grandparents most of the time at the end of the year.

Sometimes it just gets too much and having to remember everyone in this family is quite hectic. I do manage to remember everyone, but my mother is failing to do that, and I really feel for her because it is a lot of people to remember. My father on the other side, I don't know anyone in his family except for my stepmom and aunt. Her name is Aunt Rina, and she is actually quite nice. She is just like my Aunt Cally, and I love her very much. Aunt Rina is not married but I have heard her talking about starting a family with her dream husband, who's in the "mafia" and having her dream house and kids with him. Sometimes I get amazed that adults still have creativity and its quite nice to have an aunt like that. The rest of my family is just way too much, and I can't remember everyone of course but I can remember those that I'm close with. I'm most defiantly close with my mom's side obviously, not because I'm close with them but because I just vibe with them the best. I'm not trying to shame my dad's side of the family, but they are very boring to say the least. I also appear to be very famous in Chicago, where my grandparents live and I don't know how but everyone there knows my name and it's getting very annoying because every time I get there, people just start shouting Taylar! Taylar! Sometimes it gets way too embarrassing, and I can't handle the "fame" but sometimes I wish they could just breath.

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