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This F***ed Up Life

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Me, Me, Me.

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1

"Morning mom." I shoved a piece of toast in my mouth and scum-aged through the mail. I then pulled out a note from my friend that lived in Colorado, it wasn't very far from Texas but I doubt my mom would take me to go see her cause, her and my mom got in a big fight. I took the toast out of my mouth and put it down onto the plate next to me. I then opened the envelope and pulled out the paper.. It was decorated in flowers, I laughed. That was Izo's favorite thing to do when I went to their house. She had gotten better, and the flowers looked more realistic.

I smiled at the paper then opened it. At the top it had my name with a smiley face drawn next to it. I then scanned the paper to the end and folded it up. My mom looked at me.

"You're going to be late.", I mocked her. Her eyebrows were raised and she gave the look that every mom gives there kid when there misbehaving.

"What?" I asked strictly trying not to laugh.

"Don't "what" me. Do you wanna walk to school."

I grinned. "If it gets me away from you." She was getting mad and I was enjoying it.

"Its pouring outside."

"Oh really.." I opened the curtain and it looked like a flood.

"Even better." I smirked.

"Would you just give me a chance to prove to you I'm sorry?" I then sipped my orange juice and grabbed my back pack.

"Dad deserves the apology more than I do." She gulped. I then walked to the door and opened it.

"Have a horrible day mother!" I slammed the door while walking out. I could hear her scream then throw something glass at the wall. I laughed as a car pulled up. I hurried to it and got in.

The radio was on and playing a song by Katy Perry. I looked at her and turned it down. She laughed.

"Whatcha got against Katy Perry."

I grinned, "She sucks ass at singing." Marleny laughed. As we pulled up to hell, full of annoying ass adults that teach people. I wanted to go home when i saw Chris standing right by the door. He was waiting. For me. I looked at Marleny.

"Drop me off at the back." She looked confused. I looked out the window and Chris looked directly at the car I was in and started walking towards it. I looked at Marleny.

"Now." She started the car back up and drove to the back. I got out and looked around. Nobody was there or so I thought. As I started walking in Marleny drove away. I looked to the side and Chris was standing there with a cigarette hanging from his chapped lips. I rolled my eyes and he slowly walked over.

"Hey little bean.." I smiled meanly.

"Hey dick head." He pretended to be offended and crossed his arms.

"How rude of you." I mocked him with my hand.

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