The Lost Children

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Jackson, Nathaniel, and Kristina are all connected. How? Or, by whom? Lots of freaky things have been happening around them, will they live long enough to find out why?

Mystery / Drama
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Chapter 1

Kristina Flannigan

“Kristina! Let’s go!” My mother, Hilary yelled from the driveway, as I came out of the house juggling my book bag, two textbooks, my soccer bag, and a coffee. All while trying to close the front door. Luckily it was my dad, James’s ‘late’ day and he quickly wrapped me up in a hug kissed the top of my head and sent me off with a “Have a good day, sweetie.” He was your standard dad, tall, most times had a five o’clock shadow. His curly hair was shaggy and blonde. It paired well with his light green eyes. He could pass for a surfer dude if it wasn’t for the expensive suit and tie he had to wear to his office job. While Hilary did not look like your typical mom she was a thirty-five year old woman that still hasn’t grown out of her twenties. She had long straight brown hair, dark eyes. She always had some appointment with her physical trainer or her dermatologists or some other doctor to help prevent her body from aging.

“You’ve got soccer today?” Hilary asked as we came to a stop on account of a traffic light. I nodded as I sipped my coffee. “Practice, or Game?”

“Uhm… I have practice until four, but Brad’s got a game at seven tonight and I figured he’d want me there in the stands cheering him on.”

Hilary nodded as we sped off again, “Good idea… You know how guys have to have their ego boosted at least five times a day.” With a laugh I nodded, that pretty much described Brad for you. Brad was one of those guys who knows he is attractive, but has to have someone tell him so that he sure everyone else knows it. I was just lucky enough to land one of those guys for a boyfriend.

“Well, have a good day!” I heard Hilary yell as I raced out of the car as quick as I could considering I had all the stuff in my hands.

“Yeah! Thanks, you too.” As I watched my mother pull away. Hilary Flannigan. There’s no way to describe that woman. I jogged up the walkway and into school as I heard the first bell. I spotted Brad first seeing as how he and his group of guys were gathering around him taking up as much space as they possibly could.

“Hey, Babe!” I heard him holler. I redirected my steps so that I was walking towards him.

“Hey.” I answered with a kiss. Of course because his friends were around Brad began showing off, he slung his arm around my waist and pulled me tighter against him, causing some of his friends and quite honestly, myself to become slightly uncomfortable.

I’m not exactly in denial about my boyfriend; he’s a bit of an asshole. However, who isn’t an ass in high school? “You comin’ to the game tonight?” I heard him ask at my ear as his group began to dissipate.

“Of course, wouldn’t miss it for the world.” I replied with a grin. I knew it was fake, but I hoped he didn’t see through it.

“Good.” As he said this he leaned in again to kiss me, but luckily someone made their way through the crowd that remained and cleared their throat loudly. Brad groaned at that. “C’mon, is that really necessary? I mean, I know you hang out with her and all, but does she really have to ruin my day by showing up in my presence?”

“Trust me, it’s not just your day that’s being ruined.” Amy replied scathingly.

Glancing back and forth between the two I had my hand on my hip. “You children done?” I asked with a slight grin.

“Not quite sure yet, hang on.” Brad replied as he glanced to me then back down to Amy. I groaned grabbing Amy by the arm and pulling her away while Brad’s laughter echoed throughout the hall.

“I can’t believe you’re dating such a dick.” Amy said next to me as we walked towards my locker.

“He’s really not that bad once you get to know him.” I defended as I shoved my two textbooks in.

“Oh no. You’re right. He’s worse.” Amy agreed full heartedly. Giving her a look I knocked my sports bag into my locker as well.

“He’s- He’s sweet, really.” She raised one eye brow as if to say, I don’t believe you. I shrugged as I slammed the locker shut. “Suit Yourself, but he’s great to me.”

“Yeah, there’s a good reason for that, you want to know it?” She asked as we began walking off towards our first class, Two Dimensional Art design.

“Do I want to hear this?” I grumbled just loud enough for her to hear it.

“It’s a little thing called sex. Guys, will do anything for it.”

“How would you know? You don’t know if Brad and I have ever…” I trailed off as we got to the class room door.

“This is Brad Dawson, we’re talking about. I’m pretty sure he’s getting something.”

“Shut up.” I replied quickly as the door opened. Amy and I followed by the rest of the class entered slowly. The first day of senior year, it’s got the familiar feel of the first day of every year, but now, it was our time. We were the bosses. Amy and I. Perfect. There were four girls, two were juniors, and the other two were considered the losers of the senior class.

“So, I wonder who the new TA will be Ms.Fenty graduated from Stanford last year.”

“She’s not teaching here?” I asked absentmindedly. The girls looked somewhat shocked at me, but a junior girl recovered and said, “She found a job back at her home town in Colorado. It was easier for her, and closer to her friends and family.”

I nodded as I turned away from them back to Amy, “Hmm… I wonder who we’ll be getting.” She just shrugged at me.

A guy entered from the adjoining class room. He looked about 5’10, had brown hair, and bright blue eyes. He seemed like a bit of a book worm. He was attractive looking, but nothing spectacular. “Class this is the new TA. Nathaniel Murdoch. He’s an undergrad at Stanford this year. He’ll be majoring in Art and Graphic Design.” My eyes flicked over to the new TA, he seemed nervous, and wouldn’t look at the class. Then his eyes connected with mine, and our gazes locked. Mr. Morresette, the art teacher just stood there after that, “So, any questions?”

A senior in the front Rachel Addams- I think- raised her hand. She’s been into art since the 3rd grade after she ate one too many spoonful’s of paste.

“Yes, Rachel.” Mr. Morresette nodded to her. Amy rolled her eyes and slammed her head down on to the table her and I shared. “Shhh…” I said quietly. She just ignored me while Rachel’s high voice filled the room.

“Mr. Murdoch, I was wondering if you were from around here.”

The TA glanced over the crowd in the room, and shuffled his feet nervously. He was a tall skinny guy. His skin was tan, which only made his blue eyes brighter. With a glance to Mr. Morresette he took a step forwards and held his head up higher.

“No, actually. I was raised in Texas-.”

“You don’t have an accent.” A hefty kid from the far left pointed out.

“Well, no. I- I wasn’t born in Texas or anything. I was raised there from when I was 5. I’d mostly learned to talk by then, so…” Rachel nodded her head as if his little story captivated her, although I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the story.

“So where are you originally from?” The same kid asked. It was a boy sitting at the table next to the door leading to the hall he had his feet up and his hands behind his head. He was leaning back on to the chairs two back legs. I rolled my eyes annoyed at that.

“He’s going to fall. I know it.” I whispered to Amy. She looked to me wearing a smirk, “No he won’t. Olliver does that in like, every class. He’ll be fine.”

I just shook my head ignoring her.

“That’s a different story, for another time. Right now I should be introducing you guys to the basics of drawing on a two dimensional scale. Here’s your syllabus-.” The TA turned and snatched a stack of papers off Mr. Morresette’s desk and began distributing them to each table. He got to Oliver’s table and Ollie grabbed Mr. Murdoch’s wrist preventing him from walking away.

“C’mon man. Where you from? It can’t be that bad.”

“I’d prefer to not tell that story, thank you. You should be more focused on reading the syllabus if you’d like to graduate from high school.” Ollie was no longer on the two back legs of his chair, but he leaned back once he released Mr. Murdoch’s wrist.

“What? Were you raised by wolves or something? I don’t understand why you won’t tell us.”

“Oliver Kent. If you spent as much energy into your art projects as you are in trying to find out Mr. Murdoch’s past then you wouldn’t be taking this class again would you?” Mr. Morresette interrupted.

Oliver shrugged in a nonchalant way, but you could tell he was irked that the TA didn’t want to divulge his secrets to his Art design class. I was staring at the two back legs of the chair, I knew he was going to fall. He deserved it after the way he tried to practically bully the TA on his first day of classes. Suddenly Oliver’s chair tipped over backwards and he landed on his back rolling out of his chair. A few kids jumped from surprise while the kids sitting with Oliver just laughed at him. Mr. Murdoch moved on to our table ignoring the scene and handed out a paper to Amy, then to me. Once again our eyes locked, and something came over me. It was as if I knew him. Like we shared a secret or something. He moved away awkwardly after that.

“Hello student-teacher affair.” I heard Amy whisper to me. My eyes remained lock on Mr. Murdoch though.

“Ew. No. It’s just-. I-. I think I know him from somewhere.”

“Really? From where?” Amy whispered now more interested.

“I’m not sure…” Amy sighed heavily at that answer. “Then you don’t know him.” She played with the syllabus paper folding and unfolding the corner of it.

“No, I do. It- It’s like I know him, but I just can’t place it.”

“It’s called déjà vu, you freak.” Amy told me as she patted the back of my hand. I opened my mouth to argue with her but Mr. Murdoch called for the classes’ attention so that took up the remainder of the class.

“Well that was fun. I love having to come back to school and getting two essays the very first day of school. The very first day of school.” I heard Sandra complain. She’s the co-captain of the soccer team. Her and I were the ones that helped work on our summer practices with the help of our high spirited coach Lex. He used to go here some time ago. On his last season of soccer tore his ACL taking him out for the rest of the year. He was a star soccer player for the school then. Now he lives vicariously through the soccer athletes here.

“That’s better than what I have, try doing three essays and bookwork all the same night of watching you boyfriends football game.”

“That does suck. Wait, the boys have a game. On the first day of school? The pressures on for them isn’t it?”

“Yeah, well they started early this year. They actually started earlier than we did.” I responded as I shoved my leg into the shin guard that now encased my calf. Sandra was already tying up her cleats. “Don’t we have more girls than this?” She asked as she stood to her full 5’6 height. I shrugged as I looked around it was us and the other seniors; there were two or three groups of underclassmen.

“They know practice starts at three today, right?”

“Yep.” I nodded as I glanced up at her once I finished up tying my cleats, “It was posted on the big board in the main office, and it was taped right up next to the football posters.”

“Ohh… did Brad help you with those?” Sandra sassed as she raised her eyebrows. Rolling my eyes I shook my head with a laugh, “No, Brad got some freshmen on his football team to do both.”

“Oh, that’s cool too.”

I nodded standing now. “Does this mean we have to go grab the balls and the water cooler?”

Sandra nodded, “But, it also means everyone’s doing laps.” Her and I laughed all the way to the outdoor shed.

“Hey. What’s that?” I asked as we set the water cooler down on one of our benches. There was a gaggle of girls outside the school window. Sandra and I glanced at each other. We shrugged, but I got up and headed over behind the girls.

“He’s hot.” I heard one say. There was a rather big group of girls, like five or six, all looking in I quirked an eyebrow at that wondering who they could possibly be looking at.

“He goes to Standford he’s the new TA for Mr. Morresette this year.”

“Really?” I watched as the other girl nodded.

I let a little smirk grace my face as I slid my hands to my hips, feeling the fabric of my white tank top and green mesh shorts under them. I cleared my throat loudly. The three girls jumped and turned to face me guiltily. They saw me and I swear their faces turned white. “Care to share what the hell you guys are doing?”

None of them answered so I ignored them and changed the subject. “For being late I hope you girls are prepared to give us three laps on the track after practice ends.”

“Late?” One of them asked. She was a little girl, probably a sophomore. Her straight brown hair fell to the middle of her back and her dark eyes stared into mine.

“Uhh… yeah, you’re all about a half-hour late to soccer practice.”

“Damn, I didn’t even realize how long we’d been here.” One of the other girls spoke up as the three of them shuffled off towards the locker room. I chuckled shaking my head as I watched them go. Looking back into the window I saw Mr. Murdoch sitting at a table drawing, a take-out container open next to him. He looked up and saw me standing there. I moved my hands from my hips and crossed my arms suddenly feeling less in charge around him. He gave me a smirk and nodded his head. So he had noticed the group of girls he was just choosing to ignore them. I gave him a slight smile as I turned and jogged back to the soccer field.

“Was that them?” Sandra asked. I nodded as I grabbed a clipboard and began calling out names of the girls checking them off as I went.

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