The Midnight Scream

By demonus All Rights Reserved ©



Emily and Nathan are fighting over their father until they see something strange

The Midnight Scream (short story)

The Midnight Scream

In a small village of Castleplunket the village was all quiet but in the isolated area there was one house that had its light on in the O’Keeffe house. Within in the kitchen the family sitting in the chairs some were standing. Nathan stood by the counter beside the kettle that was producing steam and it stopped with the clicking of the boiling of the kettle. Nathan lifted the kettle and poured the boiled water in the cups. Nathan brought the cups to the kitchen table. At the table was Emily. “Well the doctors say it will not be long before it time” said Nathan “there always a chance Nathan dad lasted this long he could live through this” said Emily. “Let’s be realistic Emily dad lasted this long it would be best if he died today to save us the pain of dealing with his illness. If mom was here she would want him to pass away quickly” The mood in the kitchen full of anger Emily got up from the table to the window looking out at it. “It’s only matter of time Nathan all we can do is wait”. Emily noticed in the distance a figure in the darkness moving and called to Nathan. “Nathan look there is some woman outside the house” Nathan looked out. “That strange does not look like someone from the area from this view do you think we should go out or leave her” “I think we should go out and ask her to leave” said Emily. Nathan went to the door and went outside to the woman as he approached the woman he got a clear view of her. Nathan got closer to the woman as he got close to her she noticed was old, grey hair and old worn clothes. “Hello can I help you” the woman made mumbling sounds under here mouth. Nathan got closer to the woman and she raised her head up to Nathan and released as scream that deafened Nathan. He moved back to get away from the woman and the woman stopped screaming and ran off. Nathan looked around to see where she went and could not see her in the distance and Nathan went back to the house. Back in the house he went to call Emily but there was no answer. Emily came out to the kitchen and was crying “dad he passed away”.

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