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The Coastal Killings

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Matt Duncan was a devoted husband. His wife was his world. That was until he discovered the love of his life was having an affair with her personal trainer. The humiliation from her betrayal caused something inside Matt to snap. To Matt, she had crossed a line from which there was no going back. Using experiences gained from a long career in the FBI, he devised a foolproof plan to kill his unfaithful wife and frame her lover. With his vast knowledge of the criminal mind and crime scenes, he was certain he would literally get away with murder. It would be the perfect crime. Or would it…? He needed everything to go to plan, for it to succeed. But Matt would soon learn that even the most careful and thorough planning, could not account for everything.

Mystery / Thriller
Steve Gee
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Chapter 1

Alicia Duncan leaned her elbows on the balcony of her beach front home. Her brief, diamond-white bikini and shoulder length blonde hair conspired to accentuate her all-over golden tan; the result of regular west coast sun exposure, not sprays or bottles.

While patiently waiting for her husband, Matt, to return from the kitchen with their fresh drink refills, she watched the fiery sunset and the late afternoon beach activity on the sands below their two- story home.

Saturday had been scorching hot, so their elevated balcony overlooking La Jolla Shores beach was the perfect location to relax with a cold drink and enjoy the gentle sea-side breeze.

With a fresh drink in each hand Matt paused briefly before sliding open the glass patio door leading out to the rear balcony.

He took a moment to regard his beautiful wife, who faced away from him, watching the sunset. Despite his wife being the love of his life, his firm expression was one of questioning uncertainty.

Alicia was an incredibly beautiful woman with stunning model-like features that belied her thirty-two years. In the five years they had been married, he had never before had cause to question his wife’s trust. As far as he knew, they shared a mutual trust and infatuation of each other.

But to Matt, something changed in Alicia around the time her personal trainer, Calvin, resigned and was replaced by her new trainer, Jason.

Matt’s mouth straightened at his growing doubt. He took one last approving look at his alluring wife before sliding the patio door open with an elbow.

The rhythmic sounds of breaking waves and the warm late afternoon summer breeze welcomed him as he stepped out onto their elevated balcony.

‘Magnificent isn’t it?’ Matt said of the golden sunset over the vast expanse of ocean.

‘Glorious,’ Alicia said, scanning the fiery orange glow. ‘It’s so pretty. It’s such a shame it has to go away each night.’

She accepted her recharged glass of champagne from Matt. Her other hand hovered underneath the glass, as if to catch any spillage.

Matt offered his Corona’s long neck. ‘Cheers Hun,’ he said.

‘Cheers,’ she replied with a smile, accepting the toast with a clink of her champagne flute.

Following a sip of their drinks, they both leaned their elbows on the balcony handrail to take in the last of the fading sunset.

‘So…’ Matt said, then sneaked in a quick sip for courage. ‘Tell me about this new trainer of yours…this Jason character.’

‘What do you want to know?’

‘Who he is…? Where’s he from…? You know, that kind of stuff.’

Alicia glanced at Matt and smiled. She took a sip while holding her smiling eyes on Matt. ‘Don’t tell me you’re jealous of my new personal trainer…?’ She said with a teasing tone.

Matt shrugged. ‘No. It’s just that…Well, if he’s going to be holding one-on-one training sessions with you every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday…I think I should know a little more about him. I knew Calvin fairly well…but this guy…’ Matt shrugged, as his voice trailed off.

Alicia grinned at her husband. ‘I suppose I’d ask the same questions, if the situation was reversed.’ She took a sip before leaning back onto her elbows.

‘Well…’ she began. Her focus was out towards their darkening beachfront vista, as she spoke. ’He is twenty-five. African American. Single. He said he was born in Pittsburgh and went to Penn State University.

’He only recently moved to San Diego and lives alone in a rental in Pacific Beach. He has done some catwalk and magazine modelling in the past, but for the last three years he has worked full time as a personal trainer and gym instructor.

‘If I was to compare him to someone so you could get a visual…I’d say he reminds me a little bit of the guy who plays Derek Morgan in the Criminal Minds TV series.’

This comparison was particularly relevant to Matt given they both regularly tuned in to watch the weekly Criminal Minds episodes with interest, due to Matt’s line of work.

‘Shemar Moore…’ Matt said. ‘Shemar Moore plays Derek Morgan.’

Alicia nodded. ‘Not his doppelgänger…but a close look-a-like,’ she said. She grinned at Matt. ‘Enough information for you…?’

‘Bit of a contrast in personal trainers, wouldn’t you say…?’ Matt said.

‘How so…’

‘I mean, Calvin was forty, average looking, married and white. This new guy…from what you tell me…is single, African American and –’

‘Hot…’ Alicia quickly added, with an approving nod. ‘He’s hot…and he knows it too,’ she said. She grinned into her glass, as she took a sip.

Matt curiously watched Alicia sip her champagne. She knew way too much about this new trainer for his liking.

Alicia caught Matt staring at her. ‘What…?’ she said with a smirk. ‘He is…I can’t help it if he has rock-hard abs and a chiseled body to go with his cute looks…’

‘No. I suppose you can’t…’ Matt said. His eyes narrowed. ‘But being “Hot” is important in a trainer, is it?’ Matt said with a deliberate tone of cynicism.

‘Oh, don’t get me wrong, he’s a very good trainer,’ Alicia said. ‘But having a trainer who is easy on the eye is a bit of a bonus, isn’t it?’ Her question was rhetorical.

Matt flicked the stubble on the side of his face as his gazed out over at rolling waves. He had never met this Jason, yet he disliked him immensely.

Moving his extreme jealousy aside, something in his gut kept telling him this guy could not be trusted with his beautiful wife. But now after seeing how she lit up when she spoke of the trainer, he also questioned whether he could trust his beautiful wife with this guy?

Either way this whole personal training arrangement was not something he was happy with. He never had these concerns with Calvin.

Alicia’s “hot” comments particularly resonated with him. So much so he decided he would have to keep a close eye on this relationship.

Matt relaxed on his spacious rear balcony sipping on his coffee, while catching up on recent events from his Sunday morning newspaper. He lifted his eyes to Alicia when she stepped out onto the balcony, wearing her training workout clothes.

‘I’m heading out now, Hun,’ she said with a pleasant smile.

A smile of approval illuminated his face, as he regarded his wife. Matt loved how fit she looked, dressed in her body hugging active wear.

With the tight body tone of a professional dancer, her black ¾ length compression tights firmly hugged every inch of her shapely hips, butt and legs.

Her skin-tight fluorescent pink sports bra top contoured to her ample breasts and proudly exposed her flat, golden tanned stomach. White low cut ankle socks and runners completed the very sexy sporty ensemble.

Alicia moved over and stood between Matt’s legs. He responded by cupping his hands around her tight butt, while she kissed him good-bye.

‘Have a good time,’ he said, as she stepped away from him.

Alicia glanced back over her shoulder at Matt as she walked, probably to check he was still watching her; of course he was.

After all these years together he remained enamored by her beauty and alluring sex appeal.

Matt watched her disappear through the door and into the house. Once she was out of view his smile instantly wiped. He was not comfortable with her training with this new guy.

Being a trained investigator who made a living by reading people with something to hide, he was getting a read from Alicia.

Was it his jealousy, or was something going on between Alicia and her new younger trainer?

Whatever it was, his reliable gut instinct developed from over fifteen-years in the FBI told him something seemed amiss.

But how could he find out without offending her? Regardless, if there was something going on, he would find out.

The background checks he discreetly ran on Jason came up empty, except for one anomaly. Alicia said Jason rented in Pacific Beach. Matt’s checks discovered Jason actually had a mortgage on the property he lived in.

One thing was for certain, if this new trainer was having an affair with Matt’s wife, it was not going to end well - for the trainer, or Matt’s wife. Matt was a proud man with a huge ego and he would not be humiliated by anyone; not his wife and certainly not this Jason.

It was the end of a long week. The weather was perfect for a work out – not too hot and not too sunny.

Jason decided to hold Friday morning’s training session on the beach, just north of Alicia’s house, towards the optional clothing area of the beach.

Working as a registered nurse at the San Diego County Hospital, Alicia was on a 3pm afternoon shift, so she had the morning free for her one-on-one training with Jason.

The beach was relatively quiet for that time of the day. Despite the overcast sky, the temperature was still pleasantly warm. There were some swimmers, but mostly joggers and people walking along the sand. Some stopped to briefly watch Alicia workout.

It had been tiring for Alicia, but their hour-long training session was coming to the end. Jason put Alicia through a grueling, physical one-on-one workout on the sand.

While Alicia rested her hands on her knees, sucking in deep breaths, Jason slipped on some target mitts and held them up to Alicia. ‘Keep going…you’re nearly finished,’ he said.

When Alicia unfavorably glanced at Jason, he jabbed the mitts towards her. ‘Let’s go…alternating hands into the mitts…you know how it goes.’ Jason punctuated his request by slamming the mitts together twice, like oversized boxing gloves.

Alicia rolled her eyes. She slipped on a pair of target gloves. Jason raised the mitts and Alicia commenced punching them with alternating left and right jabs.

‘Good…good power…Keep going,’ Jason said.

The muscles in Alicia’s well-toned shoulders and back bulged as she pounded into the target mitts.

‘So…’ Jason began. ‘What are your plans for the weekend?’ he casually asked.

Alicia’s eyes flicked from the target mitts to Jason as she panted out her reply. ‘What…You mean…socially?’ she grunted, as she continued to punch the mitts.

‘Of course,’ Jason said. He pushed a mitt forward to meet each punch.

‘Nothing. Why…?’ She completed her last set.

‘Good job…’ Jason lowered the mitts. ‘No reason. Just curious,’ he said. ‘I don’t have any plans either at this stage.’

Alicia removed her water bottle from her sports bag and began rehydrating herself. She wiped her perspiring face with her towel before responding. ‘No, Matt’s away in Los Angeles this weekend. He’s on some sort of joint operation with their LA office.’

Jason nodded in response.

Alicia continued to wipe her face with her towel. Her face screwed up as she pulled at her damp sports top. ‘I am so wet...’ She lifted the skin tight top away from her sweaty skin and released it to snap back in place again.

Jason smirked at her comment. ‘It’s nice to know that I can make you wet,’ he said with a beaming smile that flashed his bright white teeth.

The obvious double entendre was not lost on Alicia. She smiled and placed a flirtatious palm on his chest. ‘Hun, you’ve been making me wet since the first time I saw you,’ she said, then wiped her face on her towel.

Jason flicked a finger at Alicia. ‘Maybe you should just… take it off,’ he said.

Alicia’s eyebrows lifted at his suggestive comment.

Jason gestured to her sports bag. ‘I mean…if you have a change of clothes in your bag, that is,’ he clarified. ‘You could, you know, change out of the sweaty…wet, clothes into something drier.’

Alicia’s eyes dropped to her breasts, in contemplation. ‘You know what…’ she nodded her approval. ‘That’s a good idea,’ she said.

Alicia slipped her fingers under her tight sports top and pulled it out away from her body. Her sizeable, unrestrained breasts fell free beneath the top, as she lifted it over her head.

Jason’s eyes widened. He gulped. He couldn’t take his eyes off the topless beauty before him. Her large nipples jutted out to greet him.

Alicia giggled to herself when she saw Jason staring at her breasts. Standing naked from the waist up, Alicia wrapped her damp sports top in her towel. She gestured to her sports bag. ‘Be a dear and get my white singlet top from my bag there.’

While Jason searched her bag for the top, Alicia peeled down her black ¾ length compression training pants, revealing her stunning body – topless and wearing only a brief, black thong that left little to the imagination.

‘You may as well get my shorts out as well while you’re there,’ she said. She stood with her hands on her hips, waiting.

Jason did a double take when his eyes moved from the bag to Alicia. He held his gaze on her near naked figure, probably for a little too long.

She smiled knowingly. ‘They’re the pink ones there.’ She flicked a finger at her gym bag.

Jason handed Alicia her shorts. A grin emerged when she noticed the bulge trying to poke through his little lemon yellow short-shorts. Jason returned, a slightly embarrassed grin, as he discreetly attempted to adjust himself.

Alicia put on a show. She seductively bent forward at the waist, intentionally causing her large breasts to dangle freely, as she slowly inched up her bright pink shorts, while Jason watched on.

She casually checked Jason was still watching; of course he was. She loved that he continued to favorably examine her body.

She held out her hand. ‘My singlet…’ She pointed to the white singlet top in his hand.

Jason handed her the top and he watched her slip it on.

Ever the consummate exhibitionist, Alicia had put on quite a show for her young trainer and she received the reaction she clearly wanted.

Once she was dressed in dry clothing, Alicia checked the time. She shouldered her sports bag. ‘I’ve got just enough time to shower and grab some lunch before leaving for work,’ she announced.

‘Need a hand…?’ Jason said, with his trade mark grin.

Alicia ignored his comment. She moved closer to Jason and lightly rested a palm flat on Jason’s muscular chest. She kissed him gently on his cheek then smiled at him. ‘I’ll see you for training on Sunday,’ she said.

Jason remained unmoved as he watched her walk away from him, towards her nearby beach front home. Tufts of loose sand kicked up as she trudged along the beach. She didn’t look back.

After watching her way too closely as she walked away from him, he collected his training equipment. Following a glance back in her direction for one last time, he made his way back to his vehicle in the nearby public parking lot.

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