The Coastal Killings

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Chapter 15

After claiming his second victim in the space of two weeks he searchingly moved through the kitchen, opening and closing cupboard doors, while his victim’s lifeless body lay on the floor. Clearly he searched for something in particular.

He moved to the laundry, returning a short time later with a bottle of bleach. He removed the rolled up cloth from his pocket and walked to the sink and liberally poured the bleach over the cloth.

He returned to his now deceased victim and using the bleach soaked cloth, he wiped down her body to effectively destroy any possible DNA evidence.

Once his clean-up was completed he removed a plastic bag from his hoodie pocket and shoved the bleach-soaked cloth into bag and tied it off. He returned the bag to his hoodie pocket and the bleach bottle back to the laundry. When he returned to stand over his victim he took the time to check that he hadn’t inadvertently dropped anything that could identify him. Everything appeared good.

Satisfied he had again outwitted any forensic examination, he moved to exit the house via the front door. He slowly opened the door and peeped out towards the street. It appeared safe to exit. His solid figure cautiously stepped out through the door before he quietly closed the door behind him, ensuring it locked.

He quickly moved to the security of the front yard’s deep shadows and hunched down against the side fence. He paused to check the street was clear. He began the process of removing his latex gloves and balaclava.

He flipped the hood back over his head and he moved to the street. As he stepped over the picket fence he scanned the surrounds before briskly walking down Dovetail Road. His head was deep within the hood and intentionally lowered as he walked.

Back at his car he scanned the darkness for anything that would indicate the presence of someone nearby. All was clear. He opened the front door. When he was satisfied the park was deserted he slid into the driver’s seat of his car and quietly closed the door.

While holding the steering wheel, he rested his head on his hands, taking a few moments to calm his racing pulse and ease the choking tension he felt.

A few deep breaths later he started his car and exited the park, driving himself far away from the vicinity.

He was mindful to obey all road laws to avoid being intercepted by any patrolling police. He did want to be detected anywhere near Hillcrest.

Alicia was sitting up in bed reading when Matt arrived home and made his way upstairs. He exhaled heavily as he walked into the bedroom. ‘Hi Hun,’ He said as he moved to kiss her hello. ‘I’m glad that is over.’ He sat on the bed to remove his shoes.

‘Tough day huh?’ She rubbed his back. ‘I got your message that you had to work back late. Everything go OK?’ she asked.

Matt lifted his shoes and socks and stood from the bed. ‘Yeah, it did actually. It took longer than we expected but it went well. Our UC was able set up a buy in a few days’ time. We had to monitor him to record the conversations and ensure he remained safe. If all goes well we will be waiting for them. It will be a huge bust,’ he said. He smiled then moved towards the en-suite to take a shower.

‘Good for you Hun,’ She watched him disappear from view into the bathroom before lowering her eyes back to her book.

After about fifteen minutes Matt emerged all refreshed from his shower, towel drying his hair as he walked back into the bedroom.

Alicia lifted her eyes from her book to her naked husband as he moved towards the bed. Her eyes lowered to his large appendage as he approached. She smiled to herself admiring his penis as it rocked from left to right as he walked.

Without taking her eyes off it, Alicia put her book down and slid across to his side of the bed where he now stood. She cupped her hand under the head of his flaccid penis and lifted it upwards, taking the weight in her hand.

‘I’ve been waiting for this all night,’ she said looking up as she started to massage him.

She cupped and caressed his balls and massaged his highly sensitive perineum as she took him in her mouth, working her fellatio prowess on his now fully engorged penis while he remained standing beside the bed.

While still pleasuring him orally she grabbed his hands and gently pulled him towards the bed. He responded by lowering himself onto the bed beside her where they embraced and kissed passionately.

Before long she straddled over him, with her hands resting on his powerful chest as her hips worked their magic. Thrusting against him, she plunged him deep inside her with every forward lunge.

Although Alicia still excited him, the passion he felt in his love making was fading. He knew he had to perpetrate this charade of being a happy gullible loving husband if he wanted to successfully carry out his plan to frame her stupid trainer.

He thought about it often. It would be very tough to kill her. The thought of it even sickened him a little. But she was the one who chose to screw around. She was the one who chose to humiliate him and abuse his trust. Leaving her was not an option — not to him.

Such was Alicia’s appetite for sex, and her lustful craving for the way her husband made her feel, she would ensure that there would be an encore performance before she would eventually allow him any chance of sleeping.

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