The Coastal Killings

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Chapter 2

It was the end of a long week. The weather was perfect for a work out – not too hot and not too sunny. Jason decided to hold Friday morning’s training session on the beach just north of Alicia’s house, towards the optional clothing area of the beach.

Working as a registered nurse at the San Diego County Hospital, Alicia was on a 3pm afternoon shift, so she had the morning free for her one-on-one training with Jason.

The beach was relatively quiet for that time of the day. Despite the overcast sky the temperature was still pleasantly warm. There were some swimmers, but mostly joggers and people walking along the sand. Some stopped to briefly watch Alicia workout.

It had been tiring for Alicia, but their hour-long training session was coming to the end. Jason put Alicia through a grueling, physical one-on-one workout on the sand.

While Alicia stood bent over at the waist sucking in deep breaths, Jason slipped on some target mitts and held them up to Alicia. ‘Keep going…you’re nearly finished,’ he said.

While resting her hands on her knees Alicia glanced at Jason. He jabbed the mitts towards her. ‘Let’s go…alternating hands into the mitts…you know how it goes.’ Jason punctuated his request by slamming the mitts together twice, like oversized boxing gloves.

Alicia rolled her eyes. She slipped on a pair of target gloves. Jason raised the mitts and Alicia commenced punching them with alternating left and right jabs.

‘Good…good power…Keep going,’ Jason said.

The muscles in Alicia’s well-toned shoulders and back bulged as she pounded into the target mitts.

‘So…’ Jason began. ‘What are your plans for the weekend?’ he casually asked.

Alicia’s eyes flicked from the target mitts to Jason as she panted out her reply. ‘What…You mean…socially?’ she grunted as she continued to punch the mitts.

‘Of course,’ Jason said pushing a mitt forward to meet each punch.

‘Nothing. Why…?’

She completed her last set.

‘Good job…’ Jason lowered the mitts. ‘No reason. Just curious,’ he said. ‘I don’t have any plans either at this stage.’

Alicia removed her water bottle from her sports bag and began rehydrating herself. She wiped her perspiring face with her towel before responding. ‘No, Matt’s away in Los Angeles this weekend. He’s on some sort of joint operation with their LA office.’

Jason nodded in response.

Alicia continued to wipe her face with her towel. Her face screwed up as she pulled at her sports top. ‘I am so wet...’ She lifted the skin tight top away from her sweaty skin and released it to snap back in place again.

Jason smirked at her comment. ‘It’s nice to know that I can make you wet,’ he said with a beaming smile that flashed his bright white teeth.

The obvious double entendre was not lost on Alicia. She smiled and placed a flirtatious palm on his chest. ‘Hun, you’ve been making me wet since the first time I saw you,’ she said then wiped her face on her towel.

Jason flicked a finger at Alicia. ‘Maybe you should just… take it off,’ he said.

Alicia’s eyebrows lifted at his suggestive comment.

Jason gestured to her sports bag. ‘I mean…if you have a change of clothes in your bag, that is,’ he clarified. ‘You could, you know, change out of the sweaty…wet clothes into something drier.’

Alicia thought for a moment. She glanced down at her breasts. ‘You know what…’ she nodded. ‘That’s a good idea,’ she said.

Alicia slipped her fingers under her tight sports top and pulled it out away from her body. Her sizeable, unrestrained breasts fell free beneath the top, as she lifted it over her head.

Jason’s eyes widened. He gulped as he stared at the topless beauty before him. Her large nipples jutted out to greet him.

Alicia giggled to herself when she saw Jason staring at her breasts. Now standing naked from the waist up, Alicia wrapped her damp sports top in her towel. She gestured to her sports bag. ‘Be a dear and get my white singlet top from my bag there.’

While Jason searched her bag for the top, Alicia peeled down her black ¾ length compression training pants revealing her stunning body – topless and wearing only a brief black thong that left little to the imagination.

‘You may as well get my shorts out as well while you’re there,’ she said, standing with her hands on her hips.

Jason did a double take when his eyes moved from the bag to Alicia. He held his gaze on her near naked figure, probably for a little too long.

She smiled knowingly. ‘They’re the pink ones there.’ She flicked a finger at her gym bag.

Jason handed Alicia her shorts. She smiled when she noticed the bulge trying to poke through his little lemon yellow short-shorts. Jason returned her smile as he discreetly attempted to adjust himself.

Alicia put on a show. She seductively bent forward at the waist, intentionally causing her large breasts to dangle freely as she slowly inched up her bright pink shorts, while Jason watched on. She looked at Jason, probably to check he was still watching; of course he was. She smiled as he continued to favorably examine her body.

She held out her hand. ‘My singlet…’ She pointed to the white singlet top in his hand.

Jason handed her the top and he watched her slip it on.

Ever the consummate exhibitionist, Alicia had put on quite a show for her young trainer and she received the reaction she clearly looked for.

Once she was dressed in dry clothing, Alicia checked the time. She shouldered her sports bag. ‘I’ve got just enough time to shower and grab some lunch before leaving for work,’ she announced.

‘Need a hand…?’ Jason said with his trade mark grin.

Alicia appeared to ignore his comment. She moved in and lightly rested her palm flat on Jason’s muscular chest. She kissed him gently on his cheek then smiled at him. ‘I’ll see you for training on Sunday,’ she said.

Jason stood unmoved as he watched her walk away from him, towards her nearby beach front home. Tufts of loose sand kicked up as she trudged along the beach. She didn’t look back.

After watching her walk away from him, he collected his training equipment. Following a glance back in her direction for one last time, he made his way back to his vehicle in the nearby public parking lot.

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