The Coastal Killings

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Chapter 22

During the return trip to the office Frank summarized what they knew about Felicity Chapman’s disappearance.

‘She wasn’t kidnapped, that is, grabbed kicking and screaming before arriving at the bus shelter. She willingly got into an unknown...’ Frank held up quotation mark fingers, ‘brown vehicle,’ he said. ‘The victim appeared to know the driver, but we don’t know the driver’s gender,’ Frank said.

‘But was this person the killer? Or did the killer strike after she was dropped off?’ Tom added. ‘We don’t know if the ride she accepted was all the way to her boyfriend’s front door, or part of the way.’

‘At the moment we are working on the driver of the car being the killer,’ Frank said. ‘So for a young woman to willingly get into that car, she had to know the driver very well and must have trusted him or her.’

They decided to check road safety cameras in the area in the hope that they would be able to obtain a license plate from the suspect vehicle.

Matt topped up Alicia’s drink, emptying the last of the red wine into her glass. He set the empty off to the side. He lifted his own glass and took a sip as he casually reclined back in his chair.

Alicia held her wine glass in both hands with her elbows resting on the table. She smiled lovingly at Matt across the table. ’Well, this was really lovely. I had a good time tonight, Hun,’ she said.

Matt smiled. ‘How good was the food?’

‘It was delicious,’ she said, after their multiple course Chinese dinner.

‘Did you have enough to eat?’ Matt asked.

Alicia puffed her cheeks and exhaled. ‘I couldn’t fit another thing in Hun,’ she said. ‘Everything was just perfect.’

Matt signaled to the waitress for the check.

When he looked back at Alicia her interest was on the floor beside her. She set her glass down and lifted her purse up from the floor and rested it on her lap. She had both hands inside the open bag. Matt suspected she had just received a text.

‘Everything OK…?’ he asked.

Alicia’s eyes lifted to Matt. She smiled reassuringly. ‘Everything’s great thanks Hun…I just need to go to the Ladies’ Room.’ She slid out from her chair. ‘Will you excuse me?’

Matt feigned a smile as she walked by him towards the toilets.

Once she was out of sight he retrieved his mobile phone. He rolled his eyes when he read the display on his screen. His suspicions were correct. She had just received a text message from Jason.

Matt watched on as his phone displayed the exchange of text messages between Jason and Alicia, while she was in the Ladies’ Room.

“I was hoping to see you tonight… any chance?????”

“I’m out to dinner with my husband!!!!”

“What about after dinner???”

“Are you kidding me!!!”

“Wait until he falls asleep then come over…?”

“You cannot be serious Jason.”

“I’m missing u that’s all.”

“Ur not missing ME ur missing FUCKING me! There’s a difference.”

Isn’t that a distinction without a difference?”

“Not to me!”

“So the answer is NO then?”

“I’ll C U Sunday at training!”

Matt threw his phone onto the table. His jaw was clenched in frustration. He dragged both hands across his short hair. What a dog. He can’t even allow me to have dinner with my wife.

He was incensed by Jason’s arrogance and insolence and his audacity at contacting Alicia while they were out to dinner. Such was his frustration, he banged his open hand onto the table in anger. Plates and cutlery bounced.

He wasn’t the slightest bit concerned that the sound he sent reverberating through the restaurant caused every head in the room to snap in his direction. He simply stared at the table in front of himself, trying to control his escalating rage.

All he could think of was driving over to Jason’s house and snapping his neck. He could feel his face reddening. Suddenly, his thoughts shifted to the pleasure he would derive from witnessing Jason being railroaded for multiple murders he didn’t commit. That would be payback enough. Matt sat back in his chair. Fuck with me at your peril.

His hate filled eyes narrowed as he sneered across the table. Such was his focus on what he hoped to achieve, he didn’t notice Alicia return from the Ladies’ Room.

Alicia froze when she noticed Matt’s determined stare across the table. She could see something had upset Matt. She knew his angry face.

‘Hun..?’ she lowered her head into the range of vision. ‘Hun…Are you alright…?’

Matt wakened from his trance. He lifted his eyes to Alicia. He hadn’t heard any of her questions.

Matt sat back in chair. ‘We right to go?’

Alicia remained standing as she regarded her husband. ‘What just happened? You looked like you wanted to kill someone there Hun. Is everything OK?’

Matt waved a hand as he pushed himself from his chair and stood. ‘It’s all good. Let’s go.’

He removed his money clip and peeled off some notes and dropped them into the check folder, before making their way to the exit.

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