The Coastal Killings

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Chapter 25

Twenty-one year old Harper Bourke, a psychology major at UCSD, anxiously glanced at her watch as she sped to her weekly girl’s night out in Clairemont Mesa. The time was 8.30pm and she was thirty minutes late. She had received three, “Where are you?” text messages from her friends during this time.

Her weekly Thursday night ritual was to meet with her girlfriends, Madison, Zoey, Leah and Elli at 8pm for social drinks at the Where the Action Is Sports Bar. Thursday night at the bar was known as University Night and with half price drinks for all University students, it was always a popular place to be.

She carefully maneuvered her car into the bar’s supermarket-style off road parking lot when her mobile phone rang. The smiling photo of her friend Zoey illuminated her mobile phone’s display. She answered the call.

‘Hi Zee…Just pulling into the parking lot now,’ she said. ‘Order me a Vodka and Cranberry and I’ll be about two minutes.’

‘Okie Dokie…We’re over in our usual spot,’ Zoey said before disconnecting the call.

Their usual spot was sitting on the four black leather two-seater sofas positioned in a square formation around a coffee table, out-of-the-way in the far left corner of the room, which was a little quieter for the girls to sit and chat.

With the night being so popular, and with her running so late, most of the off road parking spaces were already taken when she arrived. As she rolled her vehicle through the various car parking lanes, her eyes were peeled for that one elusive parking space.

After completing a circuit of the front parking bays she drove around the side of the bar. She quickly accelerated when saw one free space ahead on the left.

Once she had parked and secured her pride and joy – her light blue VW Passat, she made her way back to the front of the building and into the bar.

Stepping through the front doors into the bar was like stepping into an oversized modern day man-cave. Twelve 32 inch flat screen TVs arranged in three rows of four lined the entire wall to the left.

Replays and live games from most US sports played across all monitors to the raucous cheers of the many onlookers. NCAA men’s basketball, NCAA football and baseball, games from the National Football League, Major League Baseball and National Basketball Association were all available for the sports junkie to view simultaneously.

To the right of the front door was the bar area, the most popular place in the room. Patrons jostled and pushed one another from as many as four or five deep waiting to be served their choice of half-price alcoholic refreshment by the babes behind the bar, as they were known.

Beyond the bar, on the same side of the room, was the restaurant/café area, or as it was colloquially known, the “Breastaurant”, because of the sexy, cleavage revealing uniforms worn by the female staff who provided table service meals.

The barmaids and waitresses were all beautiful young women with tanned and fit figures. Their tiny white shirts tied off just below their ample breasts and purposely gaped wide open to expose their lacy black push up bras and bulging tanned cleavages.

Their golden brown, flat stomachs were exposed all the way down to their tight and very short black skirts, seductively worn well below the hips to complement their eye-catching ensemble.

The noise in the bar was loud and garbled but the atmosphere was fantastic. Everybody knew everybody as Thursday night regulars. Crammed full with drunken students representing each of San Diego’s Universities, the bar was a popular place to go to watch the college ball games on the multitude of TV screens, or just to soak up the atmosphere and chat socially with friends. The girls were there for all of the above – as well as the cheap drinks.

Harper smiled in acknowledgement to some, others she greeted with a standard “hi” as she edged her way through the crowded floor to their ‘usual spot’.

Although plain featured, there was something about her that was appealing. With long brown hair framing her face and with high cheek bones and a pleasant smile that displayed her perfect brilliant white teeth, you could say she was noticeably pretty, in an average girl-next-door sort of way.

Harper wore a spearmint colored button-up, cleavage bulging shirt with a plunging neckline, a short tight fitting black skirt and four inch heels. She cut a swathe through the area mostly populated by drunken males jostling for the best vantage point from which to watch the games and the alluring bar maids in their revealing scantily clad uniforms.

After finally arriving at their little haven in corner of the bar, Harper’s friends leaped up from their leather sofas and ran around the back of the chairs where they each greeted her with a welcoming kiss and a warming hug.

Zoey handed Harper a vodka and cranberry in a long glass, as requested. As the girls returned to their leather sofas Harper jabbed her thumb back over shoulder towards the heavily male populated floor space in the middle of the bar.

’I got pinched on the butt twice, proposed to, both of my breasts were grabbed — at different times, I was felt up, asked if I was wearing knickers and one guy even asked me to suck his dick…all in the short distance from the door to here…Do you believe that shit?’ she asked her friends collectively. Each friend showed a supporting look of disgust.

Suddenly a huge grin emerged across her face. ’God bless ‘em…I think I might go back and walk through there again.’ She smiled as she lifted her glass in toast and took a sip.

Throughout the course of the night each girl took turns at fighting the hordes of revelers gathered around the bar for their turn to purchase the next round of drinks. By the time the girls had bought two rounds of drinks each, Madison and Elli had separately attracted some male attention and were busy with close talking conversation and physical flirting.

Harper checked the time on her watch. She caught Zoey’s eye and smiled as she tapped her watch. She then jabbed her thumb towards the door.

Zoey shook her head at Harper. ‘No…you can’t go yet…it’s only 11.30.’ Zoey flicked her finger towards Madison and Elli. ‘What am I supposed to do if you go…Those two are busy?’

Harper smiled as she approached Zoey and kissed her on the cheek. ‘I’m the only one who has class tomorrow morning…you guys can sleep in…Besides, it doesn’t look like I’m getting lucky tonight,’ she said with a beaming smile as she removed her car keys from her purse.

After separately catching the attention of Maddie and Elli, she blew each one a kiss, followed by a wave. Each girl instinctively looked at their watches in response. An understanding smile emerged on their faces before each girl responded by blowing a kiss back to their friend.

With keys in hand Harper made her way to the front door on her way home, while her friends reluctantly watched her leave. The drunken revelers on the main floor appeared to part open and accept her as she approached the crowded floor area, before closing right back up behind her again, swallowing her up from view.

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