The Coastal Killings

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Chapter 3

For her Saturday morning workout Alicia chose a ten mile run, taking in the scenic vistas on offer from the beach, roads and cliff tops.

Her model-like features and athletic physique attracted regular attention from the many surfboard riders and other beach users, as she jogged along the wet sand on her return leg home.

When she arrived at the rear, unfenced beach entrance to her home, she continued running across their small back yard, finishing with a quick sprint up their external stairs leading to their second floor balcony.

Alicia pressed a button on her watch and noted the time. With hands on her hips and with deep breaths, she paced the balcony for the next few minutes to lower her pulse rate.

Once she caught her breath she removed her wet, sandy runners and banged the soles together over the side of balcony. With the excess sand removed she sat the runners on the hand rail to dry out.

By now her pulse rate had suitably lowered so she moved inside for a shower.

Matt was away in LA this weekend for his joint operation so the house was quiet when she slid open the rear sliding door and moved inside.

Revitalized from her morning run and invigorating hot shower, Alicia toweled herself dry then stood naked in front of her mirror brushing her long wet hair.

Once it was knot-free she blow dried her hair before following her post-shower ritual of applying body lotion and her daily makeup.
With the house to herself she decided to stay naked; a practice she did regularly, even when Matt was home with her. Matt often said in his approving manner that it was a shame to cover up something so beautiful.

After returning downstairs she inserted a DVD of Alicia Keys Live in Concert and cranked up the volume. The music boomed at elevated decibels through their surround sound stereo speakers.

Alicia stood in the kitchen singing, dancing and jigging along to her favorite tunes while she prepared some lunch.

As she prepared her sandwich she stopped when she heard something over the blaring music. Her eyes darted like directional radars. After a brief pause where nothing else was heard, she shrugged it off and returned to finishing her lunch preparation.

This time she heard it. The front door bell sounded in contrast to the music. She moved to glance down the long polished timber floorboards of the hallway to the front door. The silhouette of someone standing at the front door was visible through the opaque glass panel inserts.

Alicia wiped her hands on a tea towel and lobbed it onto the kitchen bench. She lifted a beach towel from the back of a kitchen stool and moved to the front door.

Her right arm pinned the towel against her breasts while the rest of the towel hung loose in front of her.

Alicia opened the front door slightly to peep around at the unexpected visitor. The smiling face of Jason greeted her.

‘Oh, Hi…’ she said. ‘I wasn’t expecting you...’ She stepped back and opened the door fully for him to enter.

Jason moved inside. ‘I sent you a text...’ he said. ‘Obviously you didn’t get it.’

‘No, I didn’t hear anything,’ she said as she closed the door.

‘I’m not surprised with that music blaring,’ Jason said. He favorably eyed Alicia as she closed the front door. Her entire naked back was exposed to him.

Still clutching the towel to her front, she brushed passed Jason to move down the hall to return to the kitchen. ‘Come through,’ she said while providing him with a complete view of her shapely and tanned naked rear as she walked ahead of him.

Jason’s eyes were fixed on her toned butt as he followed. Her alluring body was evenly tanned, completely devoid of tan lines.

On the way, Alicia detoured via the lounge to adjust the volume.

After arriving at the kitchen she asked, ‘Can I get you anything...a cold drink…?’

While waiting for Jason to answer, Alicia opened out the towel, passed it around her back then wrapped it tightly around her body and rolled it into itself. In doing so, she briefly, but also deliberately, exposed her full frontal nudity to a captivated Jason.

Jason’s eyes fell to her brief nudity. ‘Ah…Maybe a cold shower…,’ he said with an approving grin.

‘Well…I usually walk around naked when I’m at home and I wasn’t expecting visitors today…,’ she said with a suggestive grin.

Jason raised his hands. ‘Hey…I’m not complaining…really,’ he smiled. ‘In fact…I’m all for the naked-walking-around thing myself. Should be more of it I say.’ He held out his hand towards her. ‘So….don’t let me stop you…’ His suggestive smile illuminated his face, highlighted by his bright white teeth.

Alicia smiled back. ‘I’m good at the moment,’ she said.

While wrapped tightly in her beach towel Alicia returned to the kitchen preparation bench. ‘Have you had any lunch?’ She gestured to her sandwich. ‘I was just making myself a sandwich when you rang the doorbell.’

Jason leaned his elbows on the back of a stool. ‘No, I’m good, but please continue…’

Alicia finished preparing her chicken salad sandwich. She cut it into halves and placed it onto a small plate. She held up her sandwich plate towards Jason. ‘Are you sure I can’t interest you in any…?’ she asked.

'You definitely can…’ Jason smiled. ‘But I’ll wait until you’ve finished your lunch first...’

‘You are bad,’ she said, smiling at him.

As she walked past Jason on her way to the rear balcony, she gently rested her hand flat on his chest. ‘Coming outside?’ she asked.

She took hold of Jason’s hand and led him out onto their rear, under cover balcony.

Jason stepped onto the balcony and moved to the handrail to take in the magnificent elevated coastal vista on offer. 'Fantastic view,' he said.

His focus shifted to the Jacuzzi at the north end of the balcony. ‘Wow…you even got a Jacuzzi...’ He made his way over to the hot tub.

Alicia took a bite of her sandwich and nodded as she watched Jason.

Matt and Alicia’s six-person Jacuzzi was cleverly in-built into the balcony deck at floor level, so they could step down into it, rather than climb up onto it. Being installed this way was not only practical, but it was also aesthetically pleasing, sitting at the end of the balcony. In many ways it was a feature of the balcony.

Jason stared down at the spa water churning from the filtration system. He reached down to test the temperature. He nodded slightly. He shook the water from his hand as he returned to Alicia. ‘I bet you’ve had some fun it that…’ he said with a knowing grin.

Alicia leaned back against the balcony hand rail, with her back to the rolling surf, while she ate her sandwich. Jason stood in front of her with his arms crossed as they casually chatted.

Jason’s hungry eyes regularly moved up and down her sensual towel-covered body as they chatted.

It eventually got the better of him. ‘Do you know how distracting it is talking to you when you are standing there wearing nothing but a towel…? It is so sexy…’ Jason said.

Alicia kept eating her sandwich, but her eyes said tell me more.

Jason eased the plate from her hands and placed it on the table beside him. She didn’t offer any resistance. He grabbed the top of the towel at the side of her breast. She offered no resistance. She even slightly lifted her arms to the side while she looked down at his hand. Her eyes, full of expectation lifted back to him.

'Do you know what would be much better….? Jason said.

Alicia smiled and raised her eyebrows at him.

‘If we lose this.’ He tugged at the towel. It slowly unwrapped from her body and fell loosely to a heap on the floor.

Jason’s approving eyes passed over her naked body.

‘That’s what I’m talking about,’ he said. He moved in and gently kissed her neck and shoulders. Alicia’s eyes closed and her head rocked back welcoming his soft lips on her skin.

Jason’s lips moved to meet hers. He kissed her quickly once on her lips before pulling back and looking into her eyes. He then moved in and his next kiss was deep and passionate. He moved in closer towards her and pressed his now swollen groin against her while they continued to share a passionate embrace.

He pushed himself back slightly. His eyes fell down to her breasts. Her rosebud, thimble sized nipples were fully engorged pleading to be touched. He cupped and gently stoked each breast like he was savoring the moment.

Alicia’s head rolled back. She moaned with approving delight at his touch. Jason slowly lowered his head and nibbled on her erect nipples. The sensation seemed to heighten her pleasure.

She grabbed his singlet and quickly dragged it up over his head. Jason obliged by raising his arms. She cupped her hand over his erect penis, gently squeezing and caressing it through his shorts.

Alicia sensually held his gaze while she eased down his shorts, until they fell freely to the floor. She regarded his naked body then took hold of him and stroked him gently.

She slowly lowered herself to kneel in front of him. Jason watched her take him fully in her mouth. She cupped and fondled his manhood as she continued to pleasure him orally.

It wasn't long before Jason gently assisted Alicia to her feet. He lowered himself onto a chair and Alicia moved to straddle him. Right there on her outdoor balcony they shared each other in a fast paced, physical, and at times aggressive lovemaking session.

The rest of the afternoon was spent swimming at the beach, before returning home for more sex – this time in the Jacuzzi. After that, they shared some leisurely sun-baking on the beach — Alicia topless of course — before returning home for more sex.

Alicia was an incredibly beautiful woman, in every way with an insatiable sexual appetite and prowess to match. Her incredibly arousing techniques had the younger Jason continually rising for more.

By the time they retired for the night they had made love five times that afternoon.

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