The Coastal Killings

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Chapter 4

When Alicia woke early the next morning she had every intention of participating in her usual Sunday morning one-on-one training with Jason, as planned.

She bounded out of bed and stood in all her nakedness with her hands on her hips as she regarded Jason. He was still tucked up under the duvet.

She playfully nudged him with her foot. ‘Come on coach…’ she said. ‘We’ve got a training session this morning.’

Jason stirred. He glanced up at her through eyes that were narrow slits. ‘Really…? You still want to train…?’ Jason mumbled.

Alicia grabbed the duvet. ‘Sure do,’ she said. She aggressively dragged the covers completely off him, leaving him lying naked on the bed.

While admiring his young athletic naked body she must’ve momentarily forgotten about training. A smile emerged across her face. She seductively moved to brace herself over him. While resting on all fours she moved her mouth lightly and sensually over his naked body, working her way to his groin where she stopped and took him in her mouth.

It didn’t take long for Jason to fully awaken. He lay flat on his back, his eyes were closed and his head was back taking in the enjoyment from her touch.

With everything fully ready Alicia adjusted herself. She threw her leg over Jason, climbing on top as she guided him into her. Jason could only hang on as she thrust down on him devouring him underneath her. This morning she was in total control.

Once they were done, Alicia suggested Jason take a shower while she went down to put the coffee on. Alicia maintained she didn't function well in the mornings without her first coffee, although Jason would probably have thought otherwise.

While the coffee percolated Alicia gathered Jason’s clothes from the rear balcony, and tidied up around the Jacuzzi. When she returned back upstairs she walked into the en-suite. The room was steamy and warm like a Turkish bath.

The sight of Jason through the glass shower screen soaping his naked body excited her all the more. She opened the shower door to investigate further. She stood regarding him with an approving smile of her face.

Jason beckoned her in. ‘Why don’t you join me…’

Alicia smiled as she accepted his offer. She stepped in and they showered together. Before long they were passionately embracing, kissing and licking at each other while the caressing sensation of the hot shower rained down on them.

She pushed Jason back against the tiled wall and slowly lowered herself down in front of him.

‘Shit…I don’t think I’ve got anything left…’ Jason said.

Alicia was not to be denied. She proved him wrong as she pleasured him orally once more, taking everything he had to offer in her mouth.

Matt’s yawn was long and deep as he cruised along the San Diego freeway. He was so exhausted, his yawns were occurring every two or three minutes.

He aggressively rubbed at the side of his face, which was more of an action to help him stay awake. The dark rings under his red eyes corroborated the fatigue he felt from being awake for over thirty hours.

The joint operation with their LA office had Matt and his team working through the night, with the expectation to continue late into Sunday afternoon. In fact, Matt had already told Alicia not to expect him home before 6pm tonight.

That was until the operation was called off earlier than expected, due to unforeseen circumstances. Had the operation continued he would have taken the opportunity through the day to grab a power nap or two, but that never eventuated. Instead, he had to drive home on what little sleep he had.

He won’t mention to Alicia how he unwittingly closed his eyes twice during the drive back home to La Jolla Shores. And he certainly won’t mention how lucky he was the Sunday morning freeway traffic was light when he drifted out of his lane each time, in a semi-conscious state.

The Voigt Drive overpass into San Diego University was a welcoming sight and signaled his 120 mile drive from LA was almost over. Next came the fast approaching overhead sign informing his exit to La Jolla Village was one mile ahead.

Matt checked his watch. He was on time to catch Alicia and share some breakfast with her before she left for her Sunday morning training session.

As Matt turned into his long drive, his face tightened at the dark red colored Mustang parked up by the front door of his house. He frowned as his eyes fell to the dashboard clock. Who is visiting this early on a Sunday morning?

Rather than drive around and park in their rear garage, Matt parked beside the Mustang. His eyes never left the mystery vehicle as he alighted from his car.

After peering inside the locked car for hints as to the owner, Matt checked the engine. It was stone cold. His frowning eyes moved to their front door. He rubbed a hand across the stubble on his chin. I bet it’s that Jason’s vehicle.

He made his way inside. Matt slowly opened the front door and peered in before stepping inside. Everything was silent. He quietly closed the front door and made his way down the hall towards the back of the house.

As he passed the foot of the staircase he stopped to glance upstairs, listening for any tell-tale signs his suspicions were correct. All was quiet. The smell of toast quickly diverted his attention and pulled him towards the kitchen.

The kitchen was empty when he arrived, but he could hear voices coming from outside on the balcony.

Matt paused at the back patio door. His face tightened when he saw Alicia sitting on the outdoor setting with a person he assumed to be Jason. They sat beside each other with their backs to him, enjoying a coffee and the view. Alicia was dressed in her usual body hugging workout clothes.

The empty plates and cutlery in front of them suggested he missed the opportunity to share breakfast with his wife; someone already beat him to it.

Matt slowly slid the patio door open. Alicia glanced over her shoulder at the sound of the opening door. Her eyes widened to Matt exiting out onto the balcony.

‘Oh, Hi Hun… you’re home early.’ Alicia slid out from her chair to greet him.

Matt kissed her on the lips and embraced her warmly. ‘Yeah, it was called off early this morning, so they sent us home.’

He moved to stand at the end of the table while he regarded the unknown man sitting on the balcony with his wife.

Alicia must have recognized his questioning expression. ‘Oh, this is Jason, Hun, you know, my new trainer…the one who replaced Calvin.’

Jason smiled up at Matt. His smile was welcoming, but Matt wasn’t fooled.

Matt’s eyes narrowed a little at Jason. His silent glare bordered on awkward. All he could think of was, did you fuck my wife?

‘Jason is here for my Sunday morning training session,’ Alicia said, probably to break the silence.

Matt’s eyes flicked to Alicia. Bullshit. But what he actually said was, ‘I see…’ He again eyed Jason.

Hearing those words come from her mouth cut deep. Jason hadn’t just arrived, his car’s engine was cold. More than ever the elephant in the room was becoming obvious to Matt – Jason must’ve stayed the night while he was away in LA.

Jason stood from his chair and extended his hand to Matt. ‘Pleased to meet you Matt…’ Jason said, sounding genuine, in a salesman-like way. ‘Alicia has told me so much about you…’ His beaming smile displayed his bright white teeth.

Matt’s six feet eight frame towered over the much shorter Jason by around one foot. His eyes dropped to Jason’s extended hand. He looked Jason in the eye and shook his hand.

‘Jason…’ He nodded once.

Each man exchanged a bone crunching hand shake in a macho display of strength.

While Matt and Jason stared each other down, Alicia interjected. ‘Would you like a coffee Hun…?’ She placed a hand on Matt’s shoulder.

Matt released his grip, but before he could reply Alicia continued. ‘I’ll go get you one. Have you eaten yet?’ She moved towards the back door, but stopped before entering the house. ‘Actually what time is it..?’ She checked her watch. ‘I probably won’t have time to make you something to eat…’ She gestured towards Jason.

Matt raised a hand. ‘That’s OK…I’m capable of getting my own breakfast,’ he said to Alicia’s back as she disappeared from view.

What Matt didn’t know was Alicia quickly ran upstairs and collected the towels and any other incriminating evidence from their iniquitous night of forbidden passion.

She quickly adjusted the bed so it appeared as though only her side was slept in before returning down stairs to pour Matt a coffee.

While she was gone the conversation was strained, with long moments of awkward silence. It was Jason who tried to keep the conversation going. Matt on the other hand, wasn’t interested in small talk with the man he suspected was sleeping with his wife.

Once Alicia and Jason left for their training session Matt ducked upstairs to investigate. He paused at their bedroom door and stared at their bed. It appeared ruffled, but only on Alicia’s side.

He dragged off the duvet and examined the disturbed sheets. Again, they appeared ruffled only on Alicia’s side, with no tell-tale signs on the sheets. Matt rubbed a hand across his mouth as he glanced around the bedroom.

He moved into the en-suite and flicked on the light. Nothing in there to confirm his suspicions. Matt retreated back into the bedroom. His eyes scanned the room.

Before returning down stairs Matt checked the spare bedrooms, on the off chance Jason may have crashed in one of those beds. Each bed was neatly made.

While he quietly celebrated not finding any incriminating evidence to confirm his wife was fooling around behind his back, he still felt something was not right. Plus, why was Jason’s car engine so cold, if he didn’t stay the night? If he did stay the night, where did he stay? The obvious was not so obvious. Their bed didn't look like two people had slept in it. Also, Jason had never had breakfast here on a Sunday morning before their workout.

All this thinking and analyzing was taxing. He realized he was still tired from pulling an all-nighter, followed by the long drive home.

With the house to himself for the next hour or two he decided to lay back on the balcony deck lounge and grab some much needed sleep in the warm, but refreshing outdoor air.

Matt and Alicia savored the opportunity to share a weekday breakfast together, which they took out on the rear balcony. It was not often their work commencement times were similarly aligned. But on this particular Tuesday, both were due to commence work at 8am.

Rather than run two cars into the city, Matt suggested he drive Alicia to work and then pick her up afterwards. He drove right past the hospital on his way and he would love to have her company on the twenty minute commute each-way. Alicia accepted his offer.

The usually vibrant Alicia was noticeably quiet during the trip to work, maybe even a little distant. She spent most of the journey silently looking out her window. She reassured Matt it was because she was tired and craved a much needed vacation. But Matt wasn’t so sure. He started to worry she was looking elsewhere.

'So how was training with Jason yesterday…?' Matt asked, to try and create conversation.

Alicia kept gazing out the window. ‘It’s going really well. He knows his stuff, which is is to me, anyway…’

‘How long has he been training you now… three months?’

‘Almost,’ Alicia said. ‘About ten – maybe eleven weeks, so close to three months.’ Alicia eyed Matt. ‘Why all the questions about Jason?’

‘Just making conversation Hun…’ He hated how defensive she sounded.

During the drive the conversation seemed a little strained. Alicia was distant for some reason, which was completely out of character for her. She was usually vibrant; full of life and cheek. Her mood only further fueled his growing concerns about the two of them.

After arriving at the Hospital they exchanged a brief good-bye kiss, nothing too passionate, more of a peck. Matt watched with furrowed brow as Alicia exited the vehicle. He continued to watch her as she closed the car door and peered back at him though the closed window. She smiled and waved before making her way into the hospital.

Matt didn’t drive off right away. He opted to watch her until she was out of sight. Even once she was gone he still paused while he contemplated the possible causes to her apparent worries. This was the first time he had noticed her like this towards him.

He checked his watch before merging into the flowing traffic on his way to work.

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