The Coastal Killings

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Chapter 9

Having successfully – and illegally loaded the surreptitious Roving bug into Alicia’s mobile phone, Matt returned to his vehicle.

He struggled to accept it had come to this. Whether he realized it or not, his anger had transformed him into one of those possessive jealous husbands continually obsessed with their wives whereabouts. But he had sufficient cause…didn’t he?

His mood was somber as he accessed Alicia’s phone and used its inbuilt GPS to pin point her current location, or more appropriately, if his suspicions were correct, where the trainer lived. After all, the trainer was the main focus of his fuming hatred.

Within seconds he had what he wanted. The indicator pin identified her mobile phone was at 1825 Lawson Avenue in Pacific Beach - Jason’s house.

Matt thought for a moment before remotely activating her phone to listen to any conversation she was having. Did he really want to hear what was going on? Was he fully prepared for what he might hear?

He knew he had no choice. The not knowing ate at him. He activated the roving bug on her phone. The silence was deafening. Matt checked his phone and confirmed the two cell phones were connected. They were. He continued to listen in.


The growing frustration he felt compounded his suffocating anger. His marriage, as he knew it, was now over if she was with the trainer.

He wanted to hurt this trainer and hurt him bad. At six feet eight and 285 pounds of muscle, Matt was a behemoth. And a pissed off Matt was not a person you wanted to mess with. He had learned how to make people disappear and get away with it.

The tires squealed as he exited from the office parking lot and accelerated to merge with the flowing traffic on his way to the nearby suburb of Pacific Beach.

Matt looked to his left, out over the expanse of ocean as he traveled along the freeway. The setting sun melting into the watery horizon reassured him that darkness would soon provide adequate cover for his seek-and-find mission.

Within fifteen minutes Matt slowly rolled along Lawson Avenue. He took in his surroundings as he conducted a neighborhood reconnaissance.

Lawson Avenue was a long, wide picturesque residential street with tall palm trees in front of each property. The houses in the area ranged from large affluent properties, to small, single fronted shacks on narrow blocks.

Number 1825 was located on his right. As he approached he shook his head when he noticed Alicia’s car parked three doors up on the opposite side of the road. At number 1825 he slowed to a stop to examine the house.

The small single fronted white weatherboard home appeared to be in darkness, except for evidence of an internal light seeping around the sides of a closed blind on a side window. Jason’s Mustang was parked in the drive.

After conducting a slow drive around the entire neighborhood block Matt returned to Lawson Avenue. As he arrived his attention was drawn to the sound of voices emanating through his phone. Matt parked his vehicle in Lawson Avenue about 100 yards down from number 1825 to listen more intently. He lifted his phone to his ear.

The sound was clear and sharp. He could hear everything. Flirtatious and suggestive comments were being exchanged. He could then discern the distinctive sound of kissing – passionate kissing and lots of groaning and moaning.

Matt pounded his fist on the steering wheel when he recognized Alicia’s familiar lovemaking pleasure screams. Matt’s broad shoulders slumped. His suspicions were confirmed. He had heard what no man wanted to hear. He was sitting there listening while his wife was being screwed by another man.

He dropped his mobile phone onto the passenger seat and buried his face into his hands. He couldn’t listen anymore. His mind was a melting pot of so many emotions. All he wanted to do was kill them both. He started to think about discreet ways he could accomplish that. He could burn the house down with them still in it. Or maybe he could burst inside and club them both to death. If he had his throw away gun, he could simply put a bullet in their heads.

Fortunately, he didn’t have it with him.

Instead, common sense prevailed. Matt opted to leave the area before he did anything he would regret.

During the short drive home Matt was at an emotional low. He was devastated by his wife’s betrayal of his trust. To him, it was as though someone had died. She was after all dead to him - now. He had no intentions of trying to work through this, or forgiving her.

He felt humiliated and betrayed. As far as he was concerned she was now damaged goods. Once excited by her lustful desires, it was these same uncontrollable urges that precipitated the end of their marriage.

Something inside Matt snapped. A Machiavellian side of the once devoted and loving, even infatuated husband, began to surface. His mind plotted the various scenarios that would result in the demise of them both. He literally planned how to get away with murder.

After garaging his car Matt made his way inside. He went straight for the alcohol. He needed something strong to calm his anger. He drank straight from the Jack Daniels bottle. He found himself pacing the floor while his mind continued to work overtime. He noticed the message from earlier was still on the answering machine. He quickly deleted it.

By the time the bottle was empty, he had calmed a little.

He was still wide awake when he heard Alicia’s car entering their drive. He didn’t want to confront her, or for that matter, speak to her. He wanted nothing to do with her. He quickly raced upstairs, undressed and slid into bed where he feigned deep sleep.

Normally following an afternoon shift she would suggestively grab and stroke his penis seeking sex before bed - but interestingly, not this night. She was happy to let him sleep.

Matt rose after a sleep in and enjoyed a leisurely Sunday mid-morning breakfast on his balcony when his mobile phone vibrated. He glanced at the display.

It was a text message, but it wasn’t for him. The message he received was a text message from the roving bug in Alicia’s phone. She had just received the text.

Matt read the incoming message which made his blood boil. It was from her trainer. He was infuriated at what he read.

“Hi gorgeous. thnx for a great day. I can’t stop thinking about you. Four times in one day and I still want u more. Will I C U 2day?”

Matt’s head slumped. He dropped his phone onto the table in disgust. He buried his face into his hands. How could she do that to him?

His phone vibrated again. Matt snatched up the phone and read the message. It was Alicia’s reply.

“Had fun too. Finish at 3. Will C if I can call in on way home.”

Matt dropped his phone back onto the table like it burned his hand. He rubbed a hand across forehead. She is happy to ruin what we had for a stray fuck. He slowly shook his head.

The phone vibrated again interrupting his thoughts. He picked up the phone and read the message, this time from Jason.

“I watched the video of us from yesterday it is soooo hot. It will keep me going until you call in later. XXXX”

Matt rolled his eyes. His head dropped. They even recorded it. Alicia loved to video record their adventurous lovemaking and how watching it back later excited her.

Reading those text messages only fueled his already escalating anger and hatred towards his wife and her new lover. With the house to himself he found himself continually devising ways he could get rid of them both.

He recalled an FBI case from out east involving a husband who wanted to kill his wife and made it appear like she was the random victim of a serial killer. The husband went on a shooting spree killing many people, before he killed his wife.

Matt steepled his hands in front of his face. That might just work. What he wasn’t realizing was, his feelings of betrayal had manifested into an irrational hatred so severe, he was becoming the type of person he was sworn to protect against. He callously thought like the very people he despised with a passion.

An evil smile filled his face as he sat alone on his balcony. He had devised what he thought to be the perfect panacea; a way to get rid of both of them. He could kill his slut of a wife and make it look like she was the random victim of a serial killer – and frame her boyfriend as the serial killer. It was perfect.

But it would require meticulous planning. He needed to know more about this Jason; his interests and movements. He had to make sure Jason didn’t have airtight alibis if he was to successfully implicate him in the crimes.

It was perfect. All he had to do was set the wheels in motion.

Matt stood at the open fridge door pouring himself a cold drink when Alicia emerged from the internal garage staircase.

‘Hi Hun,’ she said as she entered the kitchen and moved directly towards him for a kiss. He silently scoffed to himself when he noticed she was dressed in her work uniform.

Matt didn’t want her touching him. He wanted to jam his hand in her face and shove her away, but he couldn’t. If his plan was going to work, he needed her to think she had him fooled. He needed to play the gullible, unsuspecting husband. It was difficult for someone like Matt, but he had to do it.

‘How was work?’ he asked as she approached. He tried to act interested, despite his skin crawling at the sight of her. He glanced sideways at the kitchen clock. It was 4.30pm.

Alicia noticed him look at the time. ‘Oh, I got held up at work,’ she said. ‘Had an emergency come in…you know…Had to stay back for an hour or so.’

Matt forced a smile as he nodded in understanding, knowing full well she had been screwing the trainer for the past hour.

Alicia hovered over the blank answering machine. She gestured over her shoulder at the machine. ‘Did you happen to see if I ah…received a message yesterday?’

Matt raised his eyebrows. ‘What…’ he moved to the answering machine display. ‘You mean on that…’ He pointed to the machine on the kitchen bench.

‘Yeah,’ she said with a puzzled expression. ‘One of the girls from work, Lucy… said she left me a message on my machine yesterday…’

‘OK.’ Matt enjoyed watching her squirm.

‘Oh it was nothing really…’ she said. ‘She just wanted a shift change or something…’

Matt shook his head. ‘Oh, OK…No I didn’t see anything there.’

‘It doesn’t look like the message was saved.’ Alicia stared down at the darkened display on the answering machine. ‘Oh well…’ she shrugged. ‘Doesn’t matter. She caught up with me, so we’re all good.’

Matt casually leaned back against the kitchen bench as he watched Alicia fill the coffee machine with water. He took a sip from his drink before asking, ‘How long have you been training with Jason now?’

‘I don’t know…why do you ask?’ She filled the coffee beans canister.

‘Well,’ Matt began. ‘When Calvin was your trainer we had him up here for drinks…we had barbecues with him and we went out for dinner. We haven’t had this new guy over yet.’

Alicia paused from preparing her coffee. ’Do you want him to come over?’ she asked.

‘Sure, why not.’ Matt pushed himself away from the bench and opened the dishwasher door. ‘I think I should at least get to know the guy who spends as much time with my wife as I do…wouldn’t you agree?’ He loaded his empty glass into the top tray of the dishwasher.

Matt checked Alicia’s duty roster held up by magnets on their fridge. ‘What about asking him over for drinks on Saturday night?’ Matt tapped her roster. ‘Works in well…You have this weekend off.’

Alicia shrugged. ‘If you want…I’ll see if he has it free.’

Matt had one stipulation. If Jason chose to accept their invitation, the night was not to end up with them all being naked in the Jacuzzi on their balcony. like most of their casual drinking sessions do.

Alicia agreed to his terms.

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