A Shade of Halloween

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Chapter Twelve

I woke up the next morning to find myself sandwiched between Trina Bayle and her roommate, Jason Summers. It was weird for a couple of minutes before the holes in my memory filled themselves up and I remembered the events from last night. I was restless shortly after falling asleep, causing Jason and Trina to join me on the bed. It surely helped with the anxiety I was feeling because I didn’t wake up again until morning.

“The ogre princess rises.” Jason mumbled and sat up on the bed.

He fell off the edge because the bed was too small to hold two lying girls and one sitting boy. Trina and I didn’t spare him the laughter as his body landed on the floor with a thud.

“Ouch.” He screamed, rubbing his butt which hit the hard floor.

“That’s what you get for being so insensitive.” Trina laughed.

As if on a timer, both of them looked at each other in a funny way and ran off their spots. I was still trying to figure out what was going on when I saw them run into the bathroom and heard the sound of brushing teeth. It was such a funny event to watch and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Thanks for putting up with me.” I yelled, so they could hear me from the bathroom.

“It’s fine. We’re always here to help.” Trina mumbled, her toothbrush and paste mixture stopping the sound from coming out clearly.

Jason mumbled something I didn’t hear at all, causing me to laugh one more time.

“You guys are the best.” I yelled back, opening the door and stepping into the hallway.

I opened the door of my room and walked in. Everything looked just like it was when I left. I knew I couldn’t let the terrible incident that happened in the room stop me from living my life so I mustered the courage to go in. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. There was no fast-moving shadow or dead body hiding anywhere.

I gave myself a small smile and stepped into the bathroom. After my shower, I slipped into my black tank top and black skin tight jeans. I straightened my hair with a flat iron and held it into a ponytail. I felt the need to look different today. I was having a brand new start and didn’t want to leave my hair parted in the middle and falling past my shoulders. I picked up my eyebrow pencil and started with my makeup. This was the first time I was wearing makeup since the incident and it felt great. Eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush, highlighter, foundation, primer… they all came together on my face and I absolutely loved the result. I must have forgotten how beautiful I was because even I was impressed by what I saw in the mirror.

After staring at my reflection for another one minute, I slipped on my red and black oversized Burberry shirt and folded both sleeves to the elbow. I added my black string necklace with a shiny silver cross pendant to complete my look. It was just 7 am, which meant I still had time to go to the housing office and request for a change of room. Trina would have gone with me but she had to prep for a test and I completely understood. She spent a lot of time catering to me last night instead of studying. I got to the office and met a friendly looking lady who gave me a form to fill out.

“Just put in your hall name, current room number and your reason for requesting a change. Then sign here and here.” She said, pointing to two blank lines on the paper.

I nodded and filled out the form. When I returned it to her, she smiled at me.

“It takes one day for requests to be processed but I’ll put yours in today. You can come back tomorrow morning for your new assignment. How are you holding up?” She asked.

“Um… fine. Thanks.” I replied.

For a few moments, I was surprised. Then I realized why she was being so sweet to me. Everyone had heard about the incident with Alex – thanks to the local news. I walked to class, wishing I had put some sunglasses in my bag. That would have helped me avoid the direct gaze of students staring at me.

Sometimes, people don’t know that all you need is for them to act normal.

A couple of people stopped me to ask how I was holding up and while I appreciated their concern, I really needed them to stop talking about it.

I got to class and memories from my dream came back to me. Thankfully, I had English for my first class. That gave me some time to compose myself before seeing Mr. Ross in History class.

What if he had the same dream too?

I shook my head in a bid to dispel the thought.

For the sake of my sanity, I sincerely hoped he didn’t.

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