A Shade of Halloween

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Chapter Thirteen

I got into History class and placed my textbooks on the table, switched my cell phone to silent mode and waited for Mr. Ross to come in.

“You look great, Selena. It’s so good to see you’re doing well.” Erin Butterfield said, flashing me a smile.

“Thanks.” I smiled back.

“Are you holding up good?” Peyton Roland asked.

“Yeah, thanks.”

I didn’t feel like listening to the condolences coming in from my classmates. I understood their good intentions but they reminded me of the incident. I felt it was better to block them out, so I plugged my headphones into my ears and put my favorite playlist on repeat. At exactly 10 am, Mr. Ross began his lecture. I managed to remain invisible, following all his stipulated rules to avoid his verbal attack.

“Hey, Selena. Have you heard about Harper’s party? Everyone’s going.” Tim Ropes whispered, halfway through the lecture.

I froze in my seat.

Tim ropes just asked me the exact question he asked in my dream! If anybody else had asked me if I was going to Harper’s party, I would have passed it off as coincidental. Everything was just too similar for me to ignore. I felt like I was living a part of my life all over again. That was when everything started to creep me out. The condolences from my other classmates, the playlist I put on repeat… they were all the same as the ones in my dream.

Oh, please no. Let this be a coincidence.

“You should come. It’ll be good for you.” Tim continued.

I glared at him and signaled for him to shut it. Thankfully, Mr. Ross didn’t notice and the class went on. I really didn’t grasp anything that was taught because my mind was all over the place. I was looking for something… anything to tell me that the events unfolding right now were different from the one in my dream. So far, there was nothing different and I was freaking out like crazy. Somehow, I managed to maintain my ‘focused’ demeanor which looked like I was concentrating. All I saw was Mr. Ross’s lips opening and closing – and that was when I wasn’t completely zoned out. I scanned Mr. Ross’s face to see if he was staring at me. He wasn’t. It was either he was putting up a great act of pretense, or he really had no idea what my dream was.

How can he? It was just a dream.

Mr. Ross concluded the day’s topic and wrote the assignment for the next class on the board. It was about America’s productivity in medieval times – something that required me to go to the library again. I hadn’t been to the library since the incident but now, I had no choice. I had to go. I made a mental note to leave before dark because I didn’t want to creep myself out with scary thoughts.

“This class is over, make sure to pick your graded papers on your way out.” Mr. Ross said, forcing my attention back to the class.

I remembered my paper which I never turned in but it was way too similar to my dream. I knew I couldn’t consciously do the same things and expect a different result, so I decided to let this one slide. Failing to turn one paper in was not going to cost me the course. Besides, I couldn’t risk trying to turn it in only for things to turn out the way they did in my dreams. That would be horrible.

“Miss. Ryder, please stay back after the class. I’ll like to have a word with you.” Mr. Ross said as students began to walk out.

He glanced at me only briefly before going back to the arrangement of his teaching materials.

Oh, no. Please, no.

This couldn’t be happening. I had no idea what I was going to do if I stayed back and he came on to me like he did in my dream. My brain was working overtime, trying to find an excuse to give him. I couldn’t stay back alone with him in the classroom.

It was way too risky.

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