A Shade of Halloween

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Chapter Fourteen

I sat there confused, watching other students as they made their way out of the class. They picked up their graded papers from the front desk and Mr. Ross supervised to make sure no one was picking a paper up for anyone else. I was going crazy. My throat felt dry and my heart was beating at a thousand beats per second. The dreaded moment came when the last student walked out of class and Mr. Ross locked the door after the student. I wasn’t just left alone with him in the classroom, it was locked!

“Selena…” He started.

I didn’t realize it, but I held my breath from fear. I sat there like a statue, watching him as more words came out of his mouth.

“I wanted to offer my condolences over the loss of your friend and roommate. I know how tough it can be when a student experiences something so horrific. You can take the time you need and turn your papers in whenever you’re up to it.” He stated, calmly.

That’s it? No surprise attacks or surprise naughty advances?

I forcefully expelled the breath I was holding, albeit silently.

“Um… thank you… Mr. Ross.” I replied, looking down. “I… um… have my paper ready.”

I didn’t know how or what I felt. It certainly couldn’t be disappointment. There was no way I would want him to do the nasties to me now, was there? I searched my backpack for the paper and brought it out. I walked down the steps and handed the paper to him. Mr. Ross looked gave me a slightly surprised look.

“I love the fact that you’re not letting your experiences beat you down.” He smiled, accepting the paper from me and adding it to the stack he had.

“Thank you.” I replied, walking briskly out of the class to hide the blush in my cheeks.

I went straight to the bathroom and locked myself in a booth. I didn’t know what was going on but my mind was certainly twisted. A few hours ago I was scared out of my mind that Mr. Ross was going to do the nasties to me, just like he did in my dreams. Now, I was hiding in the bathroom because of an uncontrollable blush… a direct result of Mr. Ross’s charming smile.

Yeah. I’m crazy.” Okay, maybe it was unexpected. I had never seen Mr. Ross smile before today and to be honest, he had a beautiful smile. One that softened up his tough features.

Is that why he doesn’t like smiling?” I could only wonder.

All through the time we were alone in the classroom, Mr. Ross didn’t as much as look at me in a way that could be considered inappropriate. I began to question myself. What if I was the one with a secret crush on Mr. Ross? I was the one who had the dream about him in the first place. I wanted to let it go at that point, but I couldn’t. If I was the one having naughty thoughts about him, what about the other aspects of my dream? Why did things happen exactly the same way? Something was definitely up. I could feel it. I just couldn’t place my finger on what it was. When the color of my cheeks returned to normal, I came out of the booth I was hiding and made my way to my next class.

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