A Shade of Halloween

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Chapter Seventeen

My heart raced as my eyes went over the lines. I was now reading the part which detailed something I hoped… wished… prayed was not going to be true.

“Selena was transfixed once again, losing control of her own movement, perhaps from shock. Ros did not look like the type of instructor to pick such an unhealthy interest in a student.

“Why is he trying to seduce me?”

She swallowed hard as his hand traveled through her body, feeling her in all her special places. Bolts of lightning traveled through her skin as he moved through her side until he got to her knee. Then he traced the path up her thigh, underneath her skirt. She wanted him to stop but at the same time, she did not want him to. It was not like anyone else could see them. They were in the woods at Oakland, secluded from everyone else.

He held the back of her neck firmly and looked into her eyes. For a brief moment, she thought his eyes conveyed anger. The expression was gone before she could make sure. He smiled for the first time since their encounter, completely shocking her. She wondered if Ros was capable of a kind expression.

“Be mine.” He whispered.

She barely heard him but she understood what he meant. For some strange reason, she yearned for him – in an unholy way. She wanted him to do things she couldn’t admit even to herself. He closed his eyes for a brief moment and opened them again. This time, they burned fiercely. He pushed her against a tree trunk and turned her around so that he held her from behind.

Then, he took her.

It was a slow, sensual exchange, one that felt very familiar. That was because they had danced the blissful dance of pleasure before – in an unforgettable way. What he did was wrong, but it felt right. It was explosive, but it felt so calm. It was crazy but most welcome. She felt a burning inside her. An explosion that erupted deep within. She opened her mouth and screamed, just as her body shuddered back to reality.”

I closed the book from a combination of fear and shock.

How could she have had the same dream as me? How could she have had the same thoughts within her dream?

The questions sounded crazy but they needed to be asked. Everything in the book screamed impossible, yet they happened. It was unexplainable. Mr. Ross and I had never been together before. I had never been with anyone before.

Does that make the book different from my reality?

I didn’t know what to think. As scared as I was, I was determined to continue. I needed to know more, so I flipped the pages again. I went right back to the part I stopped and continued.

When Selena met Ros in reality, she was too nervous to look into his eyes. Something told her he knew her dream. He knew the passion they shared and how much she longed for his warmth. It did not make much sense but she believed it. Ros asked her to wait behind at the end of his tutorship. She managed to look at him then but he appeared oblivious to her thoughts. Unknown to her, he knew it all. He was going to take her again, just like he did in her dream but something stopped him. A piece of silver in the shape of a cross, which hung off the necklace on her neck…

Wait a minute. I wore my silver cross pendant to class the last time Mr. Ross asked me to wait behind. Is that why he didn’t attempt the nasties? Why the hell is everyone around the 1870s Selena named similarly to everyone around me?

The questions were beginning to make my head spin. I didn’t know what to make of them. They were too similar to my experiences for me to ignore, yet too ludicrous to actually believe.

I caught the movement of a fast-moving shadow behind me and jumped, hitting the book off my desk. A startled scream left my mouth before I could do anything to stop it.

“Is everything okay?”

I heaved a sigh of relief as I turned around. It was the new librarian who was standing behind me, and not a fast-moving shadow.

“Yeah.” I replied, picking the Selena Ryder book up and placing it back on the desk.

“Good. I’ll like you to know that the library will be closing in thirty minutes.” She said, giving me a professional smile.

“Um… Can I borrow this?” I asked, lifting the book off the table.

“I’m so sorry, you can’t. That’s the only copy this library has. You can come back and read it at any convenient time.” She replied.

“Okay, thanks.” I replied, watching her walk away.

I was disappointed but there was nothing I could do about it. I took note of the page I stopped, determined to continue the next day. I mindlessly flipped the pages I hadn’t read - a habit I’d had since high school. I was going to simply flip the pages to get an idea of how many pages I had left to read before closing and returning the book to the bookshelf but something caught my eye. It was a passage that mentioned my mom.

Selena was making her way through the hallway when she spotted a drop of blood on the railing used to design the walls. She looked around to see if there was any other blood stain but there was none. Her scan of the ceiling produced the same results – Nothing out of the ordinary. When she got to the door of her mother’s chambers, she saw another blood stain. This one was on the floor, and it was much bigger than the one on the railing. She did not waste any time before running towards her mother’s room and flinging the door open. To her horror, her mother’s frame was covered in blood, held in the arms of a mysterious looking, albeit terrifying man. The area around his lips was covered in blood – Her mother’s blood.

The monster sank his sharp teeth into her mother’s neck, drinking from the pool of blood which flowed continuously...


I screamed and lifted my hands off the book like it had suddenly caught fire. I grabbed my bag off the floor and raced out of the library, not bothering to return the book to the bookshelf. I could pass off anything else as coincidental, but not this. There was no way I was going to risk my mom’s life. I had to warn her at least, tell her the things I had discovered – as crazy as they sounded. I called my mom’s cell phone all the way from the library back to my dorm. There was no response. I got increasingly worried as each second passed. Morbid thoughts flowed around in my head, regardless of how hard I tried to stop them.

Don’t worry about it. It’s just one big coincidence.

I tried to console myself with the thought, but it didn’t help much. I needed to know for sure.

Why don’t you check for the note to see if it’s where the book said it would be?

It was a thought I had in my head but I could have sworn someone said it – inside my head. I had completely forgotten about the note, my mind washed blank from the horror of knowing my mom might be in danger. Since it was the only rational thing I could do in that moment, I decided to check for the note once I reached my dorm room.

For the sake of my sanity, I hoped not to find it there.

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