A Shade of Halloween

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Chapter Twenty-Eight

Selena’s POV

I sank back into the sofa, completely shocked by the breaking news on TV.

“How can they think I killed her?” I asked.

My mind was going into overdrive, trying to process a million thoughts at the same time.

“I’ll never hurt my mum!”

“They don’t know that. Besides, you were the only one in the house at the time of her murder... after which you mysteriously disappeared.” Ryan replied, making a face and flicking his fingers to describe the disappearing action.

“...Because you literally kidnapped me!” I yelled.

“They don’t know that either. Take a chill pill.” He grinned.

“How is any of this funny?” I asked, looking at him in disbelief.

“You’re all the same. Fussing over the unnecessary, when the real danger stares you in the face.”

“...and what do you mean by that?” I fumed, placing both hands on my hips.

“My brother is probably out there right now, trying to find you and you’re bothered about whether or not the police think you killed your mum. What would it matter when you’re dead?”

“That’s the most insensitive thing to say right now!” I snapped.

“You think? How are you any different from the police? You were warning them the entire time and instead of considering your warning at the very least, they chose to focus on the state of your mental health...”

“How did you know that?” I cut him off.

I got up from the sofa and backed away from him.

“I never told you I warned them.”


“Who the hell are you, really?” I yelled, turning to face the door completely.

I had barely moved two steps when I saw him in front of me, stopping me from moving any further.

Stupid Vampire bully!

“I’m the only one who’s trying to keep you safe in all of this... and I’m far from being a bully. You’ll see!” He said in a stern tone.

I could tell he was beginning to get irritated.

“You can hear my thoughts?” I asked, shaking my head and backing away from him some more.

“You really don’t pay attention, do you? I’m a Vam-pi-re!” He said, dragging his words out. “Of course I can hear your thoughts if I want to.”

“How did I get myself entangled in this mess? Why did your brother pick me? What does he want from me? I’ve never even met him and he’s killed everyone around me!” I sank to the floor, letting the tears flow freely down my cheeks.

Ryan walked up to me and sat beside me. He pulled me into his arms and just cuddled me. He didn’t say anything, he just ran his fingers through my hair and held me close.

I felt safe in his arms and even though I wasn’t going to admit it to him, I was happy he was there. I had no idea what I would have done by now, if left all by myself. Perhaps I’d be in the police station being questioned, while the real killer walked free.

My sobs eventually quietened and Ryan cupped my face in his hands. My eyes lifted up to meet his and I could see he was hurt by my grief.

He wiped my cheeks with his thumbs while holding my face and staring straight into my eyes.

I blinked a few times, sniffing and looking back into his deep... very deep green eyes. They represented hope for me and I knew that I could trust him.

He held my face like that for a while longer, as if he was frozen in time. Something in his eyes made me feel like he knew me... like really knew me.

I didn’t have the time to think about much else because he lowered his face towards me and brushed his lips against mine.

I was frozen for a few seconds, not reacting to his kiss. He must have misinterpreted my reaction as me not wanting to kiss him because he pulled back immediately.

In reality, not wanting to kiss him was very far from the truth. I just froze because I didn’t know what reaction would pass off as too much or too little.

Even though he had pulled away, his kiss lingered on my lips. It was like everything was fine in those few seconds. I wanted him to kiss me again, but he didn’t. He pulled me into his arms instead and cuddled me some more.

After a few seconds of silence, he finally spoke.

“Halloween’s day is special to my brother because it’s the day we got married.”

“We what?” I pulled away from his arms so I could look straight at his face. If he was kidding, I wanted to know.

“This is the exact reason I didn’t tell you at first. There are a number of things I’ll have to explain to you. Only then will you completely understand.” He said.

“I get it... But what do you mean we got married? Like actually tied the knot kind of married? When?” I couldn’t mask my shock.

“It was a very long time ago, my Selena.”

“It doesn’t make any sense. We got married on Halloween’s day in some alternate universe and now your brother wants me dead for it? You actually expect me to buy that bull? What does it say on my forehead? Moron?”

Ryan gave a sad smile before replying. I saw the anger flash in his eyes again, but it disappeared as soon as it came.

“Before we got married, you were engaged to Ros. You met me and we fell in love. You chose to be with me, and ended things with him. Everything went ugly after that.” He said.

I could tell each word hurt as he managed to let them free. He looked like he went back in time to relive painful memories he would have preferred not to have. I didn’t know what to make of the situation but with my recent experiences, nothing seemed impossible anymore.

I stopped talking for a few seconds, totally stunned by the last sentence he made.

“You should probably read about it before I explain.” He said, pointing to the book on the coffee table.

“Wait... Is this the same...”

“Yes, it is.” He replied. “The Selena Ryder book... your history.”

“How is it here?” I asked.

“It was in your room when I went to pack your stuff.” He replied. “I’m sure you’re wondering how it got there. It’s part of the reasons I had to take you out of that house. Either Ros or one of his goons must have dropped it there which means he’s only bidding his time.” Ryan replied.

The things Ryan said would have made no sense to me on a normal day but the past few months of my life have been nothing close to normal. I remembered that book predicting pretty much everything that had happened so far.

Ryan was right. I needed to read more. I needed to know what Ros had planned for me.

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