A Shade of Halloween

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Chapter Thirty

Ryan sat on the passenger seat of Trina’s car as she drove towards Duck-Ville. His full dark hair swayed about in the wind, and his dark green eyes were focused on the road ahead. If he wasn’t such a monster, Trina would have found him cute... or rather, admitted it to herself. There was no denying the fact that he was one of the most handsome men she had ever set her eyes upon.

Ryan turned to her and smiled.

It was a very charming smile. One that made him look sweet and nice. She was about to tell herself he wasn’t such a monster when he spoke.

“The road is in front of you, you know? You should concentrate of driving instead of gawking.”

Nope, definitely a monster!” She thought.

Ryan laughed and traced a line on her neck with his index finger.

“A monster would have snapped your neck by now.” He teased.

She gave him a curious glance before turning her head back to the road. Inside, her body tensed. The slight brush of his finger had evoked a pleasurable tingle that was now spreading through her spine.

“I didn’t know Vampires could hear our thoughts.” She said, a small smirk playing on her lips.

It was Ryan’s turn to give her a curious look.

“You know I’m a Vampire?” He asked.

“Duh! I’m not stupid. Don’t judge the color of my hair.” She said, giving him a sarcastic smile. “I saw you move with super speed, and compel that man in the hallway.”

Ryan looked at her blonde locks and laughed.

“I’m not one of those people who think blondes are stupid... if you consider me a person.”

“Not exactly.” Trina couldn’t help but laugh.

“Fair enough. Why aren’t you scared of me?”

“How can you tell I’m not?” She asked.

“I can sense human emotions. Fear is right under the skin... like a bright red grid. I don’t see it in you.” He replied.

“Well, I was scared at first but then I stopped. Maybe you compelled me to.”

“No, I didn’t!” He protested.

“How would I know?” She asked.

“...because of the way compulsion works. You’ll want to do what you’ve been compelled not to do. You’ll just not be able to do it.” He replied.

“Wait... Is it like I wanted to scream back at the dorm? Did you compel me not to scream?”

“What choice did I have? You were going to bring the entire hostel in there!” He threw his hands in the air in a dramatic way.

“What else have you compelled me not to do?” Trina asked, glaring at him.

“Run away.” He smiled.

The car came to an instant halt with a screeching sound, causing them to both lurch forward in their seats. Trina’s leg was right on the brake pedal, pushing it to its limit.

“Woah! Are you trying to get us killed?” Ryan frowned in confusion.

“It’s not like you can die!” She taunted.

“Yeah, but you can! Besides, someone could have run into us from behind. They can die too!” He scolded.

“Well, no one did.” She pouted, crossing her arms across her chest.

“Are you always a brat?”

“Are you always a monster?” She retorted.

“Well... Technically.” He grinned. “Come on. I need to get to Selena. You want to help her too, so don’t waste any more time.”

“You could compel me to shut up and drive.”

“True, but I don’t want to. I’d be bored stiff.” He pursed his lips, appearing even cuter.

Trina wanted to laugh but she rolled her eyes and started the car instead. This was the opportunity she’d been looking for. Ryan was going to save Selena somehow, and she could help.

“You’re not going to find anything at her house. The police should have taped it off by now.” Trina said after a few seconds. “If your brother has her, shouldn’t we be looking for him?”

“Never say never.” He smiled. “Besides, Selena will be a lot easier to find than Ros. Vampires can shut other Vampires out of their thoughts. Especially when they’re of equal strength... and my brother and I aren’t exactly on speaking terms at the moment.”

“So why not just search Selena’s thoughts. Why drive all the way to Duck-Ville?” She asked.

“She’s been shutting me out... painfully so. Ros must be making her do it.”

“Hmm. What’s the deal with your brother, anyway? Why does he want to hurt Selena?”

“Ros is an over grown baby who can’t let go of a grudge. He can’t even accept the fact that I’m the older twin.” Ryan smirked.

“He’s your twin?” Trina asked, wide-eyed.


“So we have an evil twin problem. Fantastic!” Trina grabbed the wheel even tighter, stepping on the gas.

“Do you know how dramatic you are?” Ryan asked in a false sweet voice.

“Like everyone isn’t.” Trina smiled sarcastically.

“Just find Selena before your brother hurts her.”

“...If you can manage to get to Duck-Ville in this century.” He rolled his eyes.

“Hey!” Trina yelled.

“Just kidding.” Ryan put his hands in the air defensively.

Trina pouted for a few seconds before speaking again.

“So how did you guys meet Selena?”

Ryan smiled. It was a painful smile that failed to mask the hurt he felt. He quickly got back to his normal playful demeanor.

“I met her at an engagement party.” He replied. “Why don’t we make this more fun. Would you like to see how we met?”

“Like actually see it? How? Didn’t it already happen?”

“Um-hum. Vampires have a lot more mind control than humans. I can project thoughts into your dreams, such that they appear like you’re there.” He replied. “Cool, yeah?”

“More like awesome!” She grinned. “Will you show me tonight?”

“Sure.” Ryan smiled.

Trina pulled the car over to the side of the road and turned the engine off.

“I can’t show you now... You have to be asleep.” Ryan rolled his eyes.

“I know... we’re here.” Trina replied.


“Yeah... Who’s the dramatic one now?” She asked.

“You’re a very funny one, you know?” Ryan laughed.

“Stay here. I’ll be back.” He said, stepping out of the car.

In a split second, she saw him getting into Selena’s house from the kitchen door at the side. How he managed to go through the yellow tapes around the house at that speed was something she couldn’t comprehend.

Yeah, Vampire speed is creepy in real life.” She thought to herself.

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