A Shade of Halloween

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Chapter Thirty-Five

Selena’s POV

I stepped out of the bathroom, wearing a pink Hello Kitty nightie Ryan had picked out for me.

I didn’t want to dress suggestively since we were spending the night on the same bed but I couldn’t help it. The fabric was so soft and smooth, I knew I had to wear it tonight - At least this way if things got ugly tomorrow, I’d know I had a comfortable night sleep on my last day alive.

I brushed my hair and held it up in a sleep bun. I realized I was paying attention to every little detail about my appearance. I guessed that was what happened when one realized they literally might be dead the next day.

As soon as Ryan saw me, his eyes grew hungry - so hungry that his stare made my cheeks heat up.

They got into a really deep shade of green I hadn’t seen before and I could feel them burning holes into my skin.

“Um... I was... um... trying to sleep... um... comfortably.” My weak explanation stumbled out of my mouth like the words were colliding with each other on the way out.

Ryan didn’t say anything. He was in front of me before I could blink. I really hadn’t seen him move that fast for some time, and it startled me. I wanted to scream and jump back but he swept me into his arms and held me on the spot.

The way he looked at me was different. It was like he knew something he wasn’t telling me. It was deep, sexy and inviting... so inviting that I was having a hard time remaining on my feet.

He picked me up and I instinctively wrapped my legs around him. I knew my actions were definitely going to put ideas in his head but I couldn’t help it.

I couldn’t fight it anymore.

My body wanted him... I wanted him.

He pushed me a little higher up his frame, so that I was now looking down at his green... very green eyes. He slowly turned around, spinning me in the air like a father would to his little girl when he was dancing with her. There was no music in the room but I didn’t care. I had since drowned in the beautiful green oceans of his eyes.

He held me up with one hand and slowly slid the other up my back, all the way to my neck. He pulled my neck down and I obeyed, brushing my lips against his.

At first, it was a soft kiss. It quickly became a hungry one as I pushed my lips further into his. I closed my eyes and wrapped my hands around his neck, while allowing him drown me in his lips... over and over again.

He moved me over to the bed and laid me down gently on the sheets. His hand traveled down my side to the exposed skin on my legs and everywhere his hand touched exploded in pleasure. I knew this was it - the special time I had been waiting for my entire teenage life.

He kissed my neck all the way to my shoulders before coming back up to my lips. I welcomed his lips happily... hungrily too. I wanted more of him, so much more than I wanted to admit.

As if reading my mind, he broke the kiss and looked deep into my eyes.

“I want you.”

His voice was so deep and husky that I had to curl my fingers and toes to stop myself from ripping his clothes off.

I tried to reply but the words choked at the back of my neck. All I could do was nod my consent.

I knew he would do everything in his power to protect me but if somehow he couldn’t, at least I’d know he gave me a beautiful farewell.

Ryan gave a small smile when he saw me nod. I was so lost in his eyes that I didn’t notice when he took his clothes off. He held himself up with his elbows, so he wouldn’t put the weight of his frame on top my slim body. It was a sweet thing to do, and in that moment, I confirmed I wanted him to have me.

...and he did.

He wrapped his arms tightly around me and I closed my eyes as he took me on a journey of passion.

Our bodies rose and fell as one, gliding passionately to the music only we produced. He kissed and bit lightly on my lips as he took me to a crescendo of heights and even higher heights.

My lips moaned, and my body shivered as his explosion overtook me... over and over again.

Then it fell silent. All that could be heard was panting... my panting.

Ryan was as calm as the sea. He looked down at me and smiled.

“I love you.” I whispered.

The words had left my lips before I could stop them. What followed them was fear. What if he didn’t say he loved me back? But we were married in the past. He must love me, right? It’s why he went through all the trouble to save me from his brother, right?

Ryan placed his index finger on my chest and kissed my lips one more time.

“Tell me again when tomorrow ends.” He said.

It wasn’t the reply I was expecting but it was still a very sweet thing to say. I kissed him on his cheek and rested my head on his chest. I could feel his body rise and fall as he wrapped his arms tightly around me.

“Goodnight.” I heard him whisper into my hair.

“Goodnight.” I replied, closing my eyes to sleep.

I opened my eyes and found myself in a garden of beautiful growing flowers. They were on either side of the cobblestone path on which I stood. I could smell them in the chilly night air - roses, daises, lavenders and Jasmines. Together, they combined with the chilly air outside to put an enchanting fragrance around my surroundings, and a pure smile on my face.

I was excited, I could tell... and it had nothing to do with the flowers.

I felt strong arms wrap around my waist. I seemed to know who they belonged to because I smiled before I turned around to face him.

It was Ryan Soille, the one for which my heart beat... the one who made me believe not all monsters were truly monsters.

His soft lips pressed against my neck and the pleasure they brought was undeniable.

I turned around and met dark green eyes. The bright smile on his face lit his eyes up, making them appear softer than they did at first.

“How’s my favorite lady doing this evening?” He asked.

“I thought I was your ONLY lady.” I replied, laughing.

He joined my laughter and pulled me into his arms. It was a rich, deep laughter - one that came right out of the soul. It delighted me and made me feel like I didn’t have a care in the world.

“My brother’s with the council.” He said, smiling.

I rolled my eyes.

“Like you have to bring him up in a perfect moment.”

“I only said that so you’ll be comfortable enough for me to do this.” He said, looking deep into my eyes.

I was going to ask what this was when his lips met mine in our very first kiss.

It felt like fireworks, waterfalls and butterflies - a combination of explosion, serene calm and pure bliss.

I closed my eyes and pressed my lips harder against his, feeling his hands grab my waist even tighter.

“Selena!” I heard someone growl my name.

It wasn’t from anywhere around me.

I turned around in shock and confusion, wondering where such a harsh tone had come from.

My eyelids flung open and I found myself in bed, staring at the very angry face of Ryan Soille.

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