A Shade of Halloween

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Chapter Thirty-Seven

“Trina?” Ryan whispered, tapping her lightly on the shoulder.

Trina stretched and yawned, shifting into a more comfortable position as her body stirred awake.

“Hey, buddy.” Ryan said, giving her a sad smile.

“Good morning.” She whispered, smiling back at him. “What’s with the half smile?”

“My trip down Selena’s memory didn’t go so well.” He replied.

Trina immediately sat up on the bed as realization set in.

“Holy crap! It’s Halloween’s day.” She exclaimed. “How bad was it?”

“Well, it was pretty good in the beginning, but then I felt Ros trying to get in her head. He must have sensed me there too and snapped her out of it because she shut me out right after.” He replied.

“He’s with her! What the hell is he doing in her head?” Trina let out a frustrated sigh.

“I don’t know... but I know Ros. He’ll most likely be enraged to sense me in her head, which means he might have set out with his plan already.” Ryan replied.

“What?!” Trina yelled. “Why didn’t you wake me up earlier?”

“It just happened. I couldn’t get any information on where he plans to take her and I’m still trying to figure it out.”

“And?” She asked.

Ryan paused and rubbed his palms on his face.

“Please... tell me it’s the morning of Halloween, the day when your evil twin brother plans to kill my friend and the love of your life as you claim, and you have no idea where to find them.” Trina threw her hands into the air dramatically and gave Ryan a shocked look.

“It’s the morning of Halloween, the day when...”

“Ryan!” Trina cut him off. “Now’s not the time for...”

“Hey, relax. I can’t think when you’re acting like that.” He interjected. “There are three possible places he can take her. I just need to go with my gut on the exact one he’ll choose in this lifetime - but my gut isn’t telling me anything.”

“What are the three options?” She asked.

“The Soille mansion where the affair happened, the Cathedral where Selena and I exchanged our vows, and Sophia’s temple where the reincarnation spell was cast to send Selena off in 1889.” He replied. “He picks one at random every lifetime.”

“...and these three places are in this city?” Trina asked, bewildered.

“Yeah, more like at the three ends of the city. Ros alternates between these places to kill her because he knows they’re special to me. He does it to throw me off. It’s like his own little real life chess game. I have to guess which one he plans on taking her, and show up at the time he brings her there. If I miss, she dies. If I don’t, I get to save her.” Ryan closed his eyes and squeezed his temples.

“Um... just out of curiosity, how many lifetimes have you figured out the right one?” Trina asked.

“Zero.” Ryan replied, casting his gaze to the floor like a dejected puppy.

“That’s encouraging!” Trina said sarcastically. “We might as well pick out our funeral clothes.”

“Damn it. I was so close this time. Why didn’t I just find her first?” Ryan punched the wall in frustration.

“What if we check all three?” Trina asked, causing him to stop and look at her.


“Yeah, like actually check all three. You can move faster than my car so we can start from Sophia’s temple and if she’s not there we go to the Cathedral and finally the Soille mansion. If we’re lucky, we might find her in Sophia’s temple and not have to go to the other two.” Trina replied.

“...and if we’re not, we’ll find her dead when we finally arrive. Besides, using my enhanced speed takes its toll on me. If I go to Sophia’s temple and she’s not there, by the time I get to the Cathedral, I’ll be too weak to beat Ros. He’ll end up killing her and I’ll be forced to watch. No thanks. It’s too painful.” Ryan looked away.

“Is it less painful to do nothing and wait for her to die?” She asked.

“I’m not going to do nothing. I’ll just try to figure out the right one.”

“How? You know what? Never mind. How fast do you get energy after feeding?” Trina asked him.

“Immediately. Blood is like a hyper active energy drink. Why?”

“You can feed once we locate her. You’ll get the energy you need and then you can fight Ros.” She replied.

“These three places are abandoned now, Trina. I know it’s Halloween’s day, but it’s still too early for people to be roaming the streets in their costumes. Chances are, there won’t be anyone around to feed on.” Ryan stated.

“There will. You’ll be feeding on me.” Trina looked straight at him.

“Hell no!” Ryan frowned. “I’m not going to feed on you.”

“Ryan, I know how much you care about Selena... and I know you can’t live with yourself if she dies in yet another lifetime - especially since you know my suggestion can save her. We don’t have a better plan right now so why not use this one?”

“Feeding hurts. I’m actually going to bite you and drain you...”

“I know how it works. It’s for a good cause.” Trina encouraged him. “It’ll be just like donating blood to an injured patient in a hospital.”

“Let’s just hope we find her in the temple.” Ryan replied, clearly uncomfortable with the idea of feeding on her. “Get dressed as fast as you can.”

Trina and Ryan arrived at Sophia’s temple, only to find it empty. There was no trace of anyone being there, at least not in recent times.

“Do you sense anyone around?” Trina asked.

“Nope.” He replied.

“Okay, wrong pick. I’m sorry. Let’s go to the Cathedral.” Trina said.

Ryan picked Trina up and raced as fast as he could. By the time he got to the Cathedral, he had begun to pant.

“I see tire marks.” Trina said. “It looks like they’re here.”

Ryan activated his enhanced hearing to pick the sounds coming from inside the Cathedral.

“I can hear Ros. He’s hurting her!”

Ryan made to rush inside the building when Trina pulled him back.

“You need to feed, Ryan. I can see you panting. You can’t face Ros when you’re weak. He’ll beat you and hurt Selena. You don’t want that so please, just feed first. Trust me, it’s okay.” She said.

Ryan held her hand and looked deep into her eyes.

“Thank you.” He said.

“It’s fine.” She smiled at him.

“Don’t remember the pain.” He looked into her eyes again but this time, he compelled her.

Ryan lowered his head to her neck and sank his fangs in.

Trina shuddered and held on to him as tight as she could, suppressing the tears that were threatening to make their way out of her eyes. She knew she was doing this for Selena. She couldn’t stand back and do nothing when there was something she could do to save her friend’s life. She also knew Selena was not her only reason for doing this... she was doing it for Ryan too.

Whether or not she admitted it, the past two days she had spent with him were memorable and in that time, she had managed to develop feelings for him. While she still couldn’t place what those feelings were, she knew she cared for him deeply. She understood and respected his feelings for Selena but that didn’t take away the flutters in her heart every time he smiled.

Ryan eventually raised his head and gasped, releasing his grip on her. His eyes momentarily turned blood shot red before clearing out to their normal color again.

“I’m going in.” He said. “I’ll try to keep Ros occupied. Get Selena out of there as fast as you can… and please, be careful.”

Trina nodded and ran towards the side of the building. Cathedrals always had multiple entrances and if Ryan was taking the main entrance, Ros was most likely going to engage him there. She knew her best chance of getting Selena out would be through a different entrance.

As she ran, she hoped above all things that their plan would work.

By the time Trina peered in through the side entrance, Ryan and Ros were engaged in a face-off. She couldn’t really see what was going on clearly because they were moving way too fast for her eyes to capture. She turned her focus from them and tried to locate Selena. Once she did, she called out to her in a whisper.

Selena did not respond.

Trina noticed the blood dripping out the side of Selena’s head and could tell she was badly hurt. The only way to get her out of there was to go inside and pull her out - and that was exactly what she did.

Trina succeeded in pulling Selena away from the brawling brothers and had almost made it out of the Cathedral when she felt someone pull her from behind. Before she could register the pull, she felt the searing pain of fangs sinking into her neck with a clearly different intent than the one Ryan had used when he fed on her.

Ros had gotten to her somehow, and buried his fangs deep inside her flesh.

She let out a blood curdling scream as her legs gave way beneath her, causing her body to fall to the ground with a thud.

Everything around her suddenly became blurry, disappearing from her vision, one detail after another. She felt her body weakening and her breath getting shallower. She tried to move but realized she had lost control of her body. It no longer responded to her. Instead, it remained on the ground in a motionless pile.

Though the sound she heard was faint and sounded like it was coming from afar, Trina could tell it was Ryan. He was screaming... no, he was roaring at Ros.

Trina lost consciousness as her eyelids finally slid shut. Everything around her went blank... as with every other thought Ryan had.

With one final scream of rage, he plunged a sharp silver stake straight through Ros’s heart.

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