A Shade of Halloween

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Chapter Thirty-Nine

Ryan got off the bed in the middle of the night and turned to look at Selena who was fast asleep. He took in a deep breath and exhaled with a sigh. It felt surreal to have her with him again and he was so happy he got to her in time.

He had waited lifetime after lifetime just to be with her again. Every time he failed to save her, it felt like a part of his heart got ripped out from his chest and he had to live with that feeling until the next lifetime when the feeling got replaced with his determination to save her.

He smiled softly to himself and kissed her on her forehead before walking out of the room.

He had to check on Trina, who he had laid to rest in the other room. Ros had dealt her a fatal blow at the Cathedral and while he had fed both her and Selena his blood to heal them, he knew there was a difference with her.

Trina had been too badly injured by a Vampire with an intent to kill. As a result, his blood had served a different purpose than what it did in Selena’s case. It was going to awaken her... but no longer as the human girl she was before. Her mortal body had died from the injury.

Trina was going to awaken as a Vampire.

He felt bad about the fact that he had to turn her without her consent... but he had no choice. If he hadn’t fed her his blood at the time he did, she would have been dead for good and he couldn’t let that happen. Not after the sacrifice she made for Selena. If Trina hadn’t been there with him, chances are, he might not have been able to save Selena. The least he could do to show her his gratitude was to give her a form of life when she needed it... at least he believed so.

He entered the room Trina was, and saw her sleeping on the bed. Her body was still dead but he knew she would wake up any moment now. It had been fifteen hours since the incident at the Cathedral - which was long enough for a new Vampire to wake up from the sleep of death.

He got a blood bag ready and took a seat beside her bed. Trina was going to need it. New Vampires always felt terribly hungry, with an uncontrollable need for blood when they woke up. The hunger was usually numbing because they hadn’t adjusted to the heightened feelings of Vampires yet.

He had barely been there five minutes when Trina gasped and jolted up in bed. She looked so enraged at first but when her eyes settled on Ryan, her facial features relaxed into a smile.

“Hey there, buddy.” Ryan smiled back at her.

“Hey there.” She whispered. “Did we save her?”

Ryan pursed his lips as he choked back the urge to cry. Yeah they saved Selena, but he couldn’t save her... at least not in the way she would have wanted.

“Yes... Yes, we did.” He replied.

“Really? Where is she?” Trina asked.

Ryan could see the excitement in her eyes but she couldn’t react physically because her body was still too weak. She needed to feed to gain the strength level required for most activities.

“She’s sleeping in the other room.” He replied.

“So what’s with the sad smile?” She asked. “... and why am I so tired?... and so hungry?”

“Um... Trina?” Ryan started.

“What? Can I get something to eat? I feel like my stomach is going to melt in on itself.” She cut him off.

“Yeah... about that. Something happened at the Cathedral...”

“Ros got to me. I know. He sank those sharp fangs of his into my neck and I felt like I was going to die. I passed out from the pain, right?” She asked.

“Um... you actually died.” He replied.

“Ha-ha! You’re on with the jokes again.” Trina laughed.

“No, Trina. It’s not a joke.”

“So, how am I here talking to you? Can Vampires see ghosts?” She asked, giving him a quizzical look.

“You’re not a ghost, Trina. I tried to heal you with my blood but you were too badly injured.” He replied.

“So what does that mean?”

“You turned.”

“Like turned into a... Vampire?” She asked.

“Yeah.” He replied.

“No!” Trina snapped. “No! No! No! No! No!... I can’t be a Vampire.”

She was going to get up from the bed but realized her body was too weak to stand. She collapsed back on the bed and looked at Ryan with wide eyes.

“I’m really sorry, Trina. There was nothing else I could do.” He apologized

“Then you should have let me die.” She shook her head as tears started to well up in her eyes.

“I couldn’t do that. I’m sorry... but I couldn’t just let you die. Not after what you did for Selena.”

Ryan wanted to hug and console her when she jerked up in bed. Her tears had streamed out of her eyes and fallen on the exposed skin of her hand, completely shocking her.

“It’s blood!” She exclaimed. “I’m crying blood tears!”

“Trina, please calm down. Your emotions are heightened right now, which is why you’re feeling as bad as you are. We’ll get through this. I promise. You won’t always feel this way.” Ryan consoled her.

Trina looked up at him in shock but the growl in her stomach caused her to clutch her midsection.

“I’m so freaking hungry!” She screamed.

“Here, drink this.” Ryan said, passing her a blood bag.

“Hell no!” She pushed his hand away from her.

“Trina, please. You need to feed. I could give you regular food but it won’t do anything to help the way you’re feeling. You need to drink this. Trust me.” He passed her the blood bag again and this time she took it.

Trina tasted just a little drop of the blood at first and was shocked at how delicious the liquid felt in her mouth. She pushed a gulp down her throat... and another... and another. She couldn’t stop and she didn’t bother to. She closed her eyes and squeezed the blood bag with both hands until it was completely drained. Then, she opened her eyes and tossed the crumpled bag aside.

Her eyes turned bloodshot red for a moment, before clearing out and assuming their normal blue color again.

“That was... amazing!” She exclaimed.

Ryan smiled.

“I told you!”

“Can you be any less proud to be right?” She asked with a pout, turning her body suggestively towards him.

Ryan understood what was going on with her but needed to explain it to her subtly. He got off the chair he was sitting and sat beside her on the bed.

“You remember what I told you about your emotions being heightened?” He asked.

“Yeah.” She replied, looking straight into his eyes.

They were so green and so deep she could hardly keep herself from drowning in them.

“Well, it’s not just with hunger. It’s everything. Try not to act on anything you feel right now, at least until you learn how to control the intensity. I’ll be here to help, so you’ll get a hang of things soon. I promise.” He said.

“You don’t understand. How can I keep it in control?” She asked, placing her palm on his face. “I’m crazy about you.”

Ryan placed his palm over hers but only because he wanted to take it off his face subtly. He was going to explain that she was only feeling that way because of her unresolved feelings from when she was alive - but he didn’t get a chance to do so.

He sensed someone at the door and turned to face it, with his hand still holding Trina’s on his face.

A clearly upset Selena stood at the doorway, looking at them in shock.

“Selena!” He called out to her but she turned around and stormed off.

He dashed out after her, leaving Trina sitting there both confused and remorseful.

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