A Shade of Halloween

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Chapter Four

I opened my eyes and found myself in a dark room. Memories from my last conscious moment slowly drifted back into my mind, causing me to sit up sharply. Tears flowed down my cheeks as I walked away from the bed I was, feeling my surroundings for anything solid to grasp. I couldn’t believe Alex was gone and in such a despicable manner. It just wasn’t fair. I thought about all the times I teased him. It was just a joke then but now I felt different. I blamed myself for assuming he was fine when I couldn’t reach him. Maybe I would have been able to save him if I had just raised an alarm when he stopped taking his calls and replying to his messages.

My grief shook my being for all of five minutes, as I wandered around the dark and lonely room. My rationality kicked in soon after, reminding me of the inconsistencies in my reality.

Where am I?

The last thing I remembered was screaming in terror at the sight of Alex’s lifeless body on my bed. How I moved from my dorm to this dark room remained a mystery. I had no clue where to begin with deciphering the technicalities of my movement to my current location. I continued walking blindly and soon, my outstretched hand hit something solid. I quickly realized what it was – A wall. I felt my pockets for my cell phone to provide some light in the darkness, but it wasn’t there. I remembered I had slipped it into my backpack at the library and that was the reason I couldn’t find it on me. I did the next rational thing which was to feel the walls for a light switch. I proceeded with that task, my tears slowing down with the distraction.

I felt frustrated and helpless, not knowing whether to call out for help or not. Who would keep me in a dark room all by myself?

Have I been kidnapped?

I remembered the fast-moving shadow I thought I saw at the library.

Was that actually someone stalking me?” I wondered.

I immediately went into panic mode, as fear formed a slow-moving stream under my skin.

Don’t scream. Keep it together.” I mentally consoled myself.

If I had been kidnapped, screaming would not be in my best interest. I had to get a good view of my current location, noting the possible escape routes – if any. The first step to achieving that was getting some form of lighting and that became my number one priority. The more I searched, the more frustrated I got. There was no light switch anywhere. My tears had run dry at this point because it was clear I had more pressing issues to deal with.

What if I’ve been kidnapped by the same person that killed Alex?

The thought made my blood freeze within my veins. Fear was slipping into every available cell in my body, numbing and paralyzing me in the process.

Focus, Selena. If whoever kidnapped you isn’t here yet, it means there’s still time to plan an escape. Besides if this is a bedroom, there should be bedside lamps.

I quickly retraced my steps back to the bed I woke up on. After bumping into the stand a couple of times, I finally made my way to the part I believe was the headboard. I felt around the headboard for a few minutes before disappointment sank my heart to my feet. I found nothing. No lamps, no switches. There was absolutely nothing to provide light in the room.

All of a sudden, the scenery around me changed. I was no longer in a dark bedroom but in a dimly lit bedroom that looked like something from a movie shot in the 1870s. It had plain white pillars and black satin drapes which were blown about by the wind. I was still in my state of confusion when he showed up.

“My Selena.”

His voice was deep and scary. It sent instant chills down my spine. What made my blood run cold was the terrifying and unnatural speed with which he approached me.

I didn’t see him come in through a door or window but he was upon me in an instant. The only expression of how startled and afraid I was, was the guttural scream of terror that escaped my trembling lips.

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