A Shade of Halloween

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Chapter Eight

I woke up in the middle of the night and found my mom sleeping in the corner. It was the perfect opportunity to confirm my suspicions because I was feeling much stronger than the last time I woke up. I placed my feet gently on the tiled floor and lifted my frame off the bed. I had to make as little noise as possible because I didn’t want to wake her up. If I did, she would insist on going to the bathroom with me and I didn’t want that. I looked back at her to confirm she was still asleep before slipping my feet into the plain white slippers beside my bed.

How I miss the fluffy pink slippers in my room.”

When I got into the bathroom, I locked the door in case my mom woke up when I was still in there. It would be too embarrassing for her to walk in and see me checking my personals. I lifted my hospital gown and slipped down my panties. I was about to sit on the toilet after dropping the seat when a silly thought crossed my mind.

What if you check and see it’s true. What if you’re no longer a virgin?

The thought was ridiculous but scary. Everything in that dream felt so real. It felt like I was there and everything happened to me. I don’t normally feel anything in dreams but the dreams I’ve been having since the incident have been different.

There’s only one way to know for sure. Just check!” I mentally rolled my eyes at myself.

It was the moment of truth and my heart was threatening to push itself out of my ribcage in a series of forceful beats. I steadied my shaking hands and looked down. Everything looked normal. Just to be double sure, I felt the area around my personals for signs of hurting or swelling – any indication of an entry. There was nothing.

Okay… See? There’s nothing to worry about.

I couldn’t help the sigh of relief that escaped my lips. I could go back to bed and not worry about hot instructors ravishing me in my dreams.

I slipped back into my bed as silently as I could manage. After a few short minutes, I was welcomed into the warm embrace of sleep.

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